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WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

If you are into pro wrestling, then you definitely know about the WWE franchise from 2K Sports. Today we bring you the 2019 edition of that franchise on our trusted and safe website. Created by Visual Concepts with Yuke’s and published by 2K Sports, WWE 2K19 was released for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One in October of 2018. This series is nearly two decades old and we are happy to bring you this latest installment in the series. Following link gives you full version of WWE 2K19 free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

WWE 2K19 PC Download Free Full Version

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WWE 2K19 Download for Free, Install and Play

There is no competition for this wrestling series but the developers are not sitting on their laurels waiting for it. They are improving a lot of the stuff each year, this year is no different. Simply put, WWE 2K19 is the best compared to the predecessors and one ay fan would like after playing. It gives you lots of choices and options to create your own unique identity and doesn’t skimp on any of the creation tools. For that reason, we had a lot pf fun playing, just like the real life wrestlers. Get WWE 2K19 download for free from this page and you can enjoy as well.

Everything that we said above is true in a lot of the previous installments of this series, but some things that need fixing are still not working the way they are supposed to. Don’t get us wrong, WWE 2K19 is a lot better than WWE 2K18 but some glaring issues still remain. If you have been an avid fan of the series and have played all the previous titles, then you will know what we are talking about, download WWE 2K19 free for PC and see what we mean.

The story mode that has been present since WWE 2K15 is for the first time feels like a worthy mention and something that we can recommend people to play the campaign for. The voice acting and the story with cutscenes and likable characters is fleshed out and gives you the much needed dose of personal story. The main character’s acting is great and so are some of the other characters who are voiced by their real counterparts. Though, some of them feel like they are reading from a script. Get WWE 2K19 free download and enjoy a good campaign for the first time in this series.

WWE 2K19 PC Download Free

One the gripes with the releases of four or five years is that, the developers improved a lot of stuff but in the process degraded some of the already good stuff to mediocre level. That changed with WWE 2K19, we see improvements all across the board and there is no degradation in any department. That is the reason we say, WWE 2K19 PC download is the best entry in the series and one everyone should play. The graphics are a lot better and so are the animations and lighting, which looked horrendous at times in the predecessors.

Ever since 2K Sports took over the franchise, they had been treating WWE 2K series at a sub-par level. For the first time though, with WWE 2K19, the developers are treating this franchise like a AAA series, which they should have done when they took over. The fans are happy with this turnaround and so are the critics. Everyone gave favorable reviews for this release. You can get your hands on this WWE 2K19 free download from the link given on this page. If you have any questions about it, then we are happy to help with it, post your feedback below.


WWE 2K19 is not perfect, there are some bugs and most of the things we see, we have already experienced them in the previous iterations. Its built by the same developers and so it focuses on the same concepts that they did all these years, some will like it and some will hate it but we are stuck with what they give us. But with the inclusion a new modes and drastic improvements in some of the already present modes make WWE 2K19 PC download one of the best things to play right now if you are a wrestling fan.

WWE 2K19 is something that we can recommend wholeheartedly to people who have been on the fence because of all the trials that this franchise has seen in the past. All the good things don’t mean we can forgive the bugs and lootboxes that they have introduced but one thing we can do is enjoy what good thing they have added. Use the link from this page to get WWE 2K19 free download for PC. If you don’t have a PC powerful to run this new title, then we also have older titles as well, which you can find using the search function above. Here is a link for the last year’s game, WWE 2K18 download for PC.

Downloading and Installing

Use uTorrent to open one of the links on the links page and save the ISO file on your hard disk. Open that ISO using Daemon Tools to get a DVD of WWE 2K19 and install it from there. Copy files from the CODEX folder to the folder where you installed the game. After that you can play WWE 2K19. If you need help with any of the steps mentioned in install instructions below then you can ask us below and we will do our utmost to help you with anything.

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    Install Instructions

    WWE 2K19 Install Instructions

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      We do not have such issues on any of our systems. I think you should restart PC and see. Also, look in Google to see if you meet the system requirements to play this. If you do, then again check in Google for solutions for your issue.

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