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WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15 PC Download

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Finally 2K sports bring a PC version of WWE in the form of WWE 2K15 which is available for free from this page. Developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts, WWE 2K15 was released last year for XBOX 360 and PS3 and later in the same year for PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE. There was no PC version though, so we were really happy to see the PC version being released finally. WWE 2K15 is the first title from the 2K series to be released for PC. The PC version was released a couple of months ago i.e. April 2015. So go ahead and find full version of WWE 2K15 free download for PC on this page using the following link to get.

Use This Link for Downloading

WWE 2K15 PC Download Free Full Version

Here is WWE 2K19 download for free for PC, you can get the full version of this new title in the WWE 2K series.


Follow same steps as shown below to download WWE 2K15 for Free

One thing that we have to criticize is the fact that even after taking almost 8-9 months to bring this to PC the developers failed to take the initiative to introduce new things to the roster. The port of WWE 2K15 is just that, a port.

Nothing new has been added here which was the biggest disappointment. A lot has changed in the past year when the game was first released for the console and we hoped to get an updated version which will give us the updated events as well. Alas we don’t see any of that. Find WWE 2K15 PC download and see if you find something new if you have already played it on the consoles.

If you have not played it yet and were waiting to find a PC version of WWE 2K15 free download for PC then you are in luck as for the first time the developers have decided to introduce this series to the Windows PCs.

If you are completely unaware or one of those people who don’t take notice of WWE then let us tell you what it is. WWE is a professional wrestling sport. It features some over-the-top action, some great stories, great rivalries & some theater mixed in there. All these aspects come together to make a great spectacle in the arena. Want to see how this goes, then there is no better way than to know how to or where to download full version of WWE 2K15 free for PC & see for yourself by playing it.

WWE 2K15 PC Download

If you are not up-to-date on the events of WWE in real life then you won’t feel something is missing here. But if you are a fan and watch the events as soon as they are broadcasted then you will know that the events here are stale. Though the actual action happening in the ring is by far the best we have seen the series. Find WWE 2K15 download for PC on this page and install by following the instructions given below. We have added a tutorial video which will show you how you can download, install and play WWE 2K15 free on your PC.

The animations and the controls that are introduced to you are as fluid as you can get anywhere. Your button mashing is depicted fluidly and effective immediately as soon as you do them. This brings forth a great realistic feel to all the action. Different signature moves are executed perfectly and the moves change depending on where in the arena you are, like near the rope or near to the center. This attention to detail is what made WWE 2K15 one of the most liked games. This is the case with the WWE 2K15 PC download that we are offering here. Go ahead and grab WWE 2K15 download for PC and enjoy this great action on your systems.

Each character has his own traits set out for them & using any one of them will give you different moves. The handling changes accordingly to match their style, it’s true in case of the famous wrestlers at least.

If you have a relatively new system then you will see this running smoothly but if you are on a system older than say 3-4 years then you will have to lower the details from settings to get good frame rates. So make sure you are covered in this department before you get your hands on WWE 2K15 download for free given here. Oh, and you will find some bugs here and there. One particularly noticeable one is in the replays. We will let you find it on your own and enjoy the comical nature of it.


As great as the action in the ring is spectacular things outside it are a miss. WWE 2K15 should have been WWE 2K14 and the 15 doesn’t justify the title as the action is a year late in terms of details. Still it’s better to have WWE 2K15 free game then to have nothing to play on PC.

In our opinion WWE 2K15 is a worthy entry for PC only let down by the fact the developers didn’t think of updating any aspects for the delayed PC release. That said, we have added full version of WWE 2K16 download for PC on our website which improves on all aspects of this title. If you would like to play a title from the fighting genre but which is not WWE then we suggest you to take a look at full version of Street Fighter V download for PC given here.

Downloading and Installing

You will be using torrents to get full version of WWE 2K15 PC download for free. The size almost 20Gb so direct links are a trade of as they will take a lot longer get and a take a lot of effort on our end to keep alive. So use the link on the left side to get μTorrent, install it. Open the first link, it will open in μTorrent. From there start the download and complete it to get an ISO file. Again use the link on the left sidebar to get Daemon Tools Lite and install it. You will find a new drive next to your DVD drive. Next double click the ISO file and the DVD of WWE 2K15 will show up in that new drive. Open that DVD and run setup to start installation. Finish the installation and copy the files as told in the instructions below and start playing. This is how you get WWE 2K15 free download for PC.

If you have any questions or problems then we are here to help. Just post your problems or feedback in the comments section below. Use a working email address so that you will be notified when we answer your questions regarding WWE 2K15 PC download for free. Use the link given above or this one to get full version of WWE 2K15 free download.

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