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World War Z

World War Z PC Download

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World War Z from Saber Interactive is a third person shooter game similar to Left 4 Dead series. Focus Home Interactive have published it for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in April of 2019. It has been adapted from a book and also set up in the same world that we saw in the World War Z movie released in 2013. If you loved Left 4 Dead, then you can use the following link to full version of World War Z free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

World War Z PC Download Free Full Version

Are you looking for another zombie shooter? Then look no further than full version of State of Decay 2 download for PC.

It features similar co-op gameplay that we saw in Left 4 Dead as we already mentioned. You can play online with three players but online only works on bought version, so if you want to play online, then your only option is to buy it. If you are not looking for online co-op play, then you can play the campaign mission offline with three AI teammates. They are a liability or a boon depending on how good you are. But there is no way to play it solo, the teammates will always be there either human or AI. Get World War Z download for PC for free and see how you like it.

If you have been waiting for a sequel for Left 4 Dead 2, then you are going to come closest with World War Z release. There is also a new title announced by the name of Back 4 Blood by the same creators who created L4D series. Get your hands on World War Z download for free and enjoy the visually appealing zombie shooter on PC. We may have to wait for that spiritual successor for some years yet.

World War Z PC Download Free

In the campaign, you will get to play in four cities namely, Moscow, Tokyo, Jerusalem and New York. There are four survivors in each city and you pick one of them to play as and battle through three levels. Once you select a player, the other three companions are controlled by AI. You will be given only limited and very basic weapons to choose from. But you will find a lot of upgraded weapons soon in the campaign, so no worries about it. Download World War Z free for PC and see if you like the setting and let us know which one you like better, the older L4D linked above or this new visually improved successor.

The missions given to you are simple and the objective most of the times is to move from one point to the next. Along the way, you will have to kill hordes of zombies. You are also required to find supplies and set traps to keep the horde away from you. Adding a little something extra to the simple mechanics is the class system. Unlock new upgrades for your chosen class and keep fighting the zombie horde. You get extra health benefits, attack points, explosives depending on the class you select. Get World War Z PC download for free and decide which class you want.


We have seen similar titles to World War Z in the past and even in recent times, but World War Z doesn’t bring anything new. Whatever it brings, it doesn’t adhere to it proudly, it discards whatever aspects it asks you to focus on earlier. It squanders all the potential it has and also some of the good ideas. World War Z free download for PC is everything we have seen before, and it’s not that even fun in familiarity.

Even though it’s not as good as Left 4 Dead, it definitely is fun to shoot hordes of zombies and find different ways to kill them. There are not many glitches of technical problems with World War Z which along with the visually stunning environments make for some good play time for zombie shooter fans.

You can get the aforementioned Left 4 Dead 2 download for PC from the link given and see how it looks in 2019. Also, another similar title that was released recently called Strange Brigade download for free is also given on our website, use the link to get it and play.

Downloading and Installing

Get uTorrent from the link given on this page and use only one link from links page and get the ISO file from it. Once you have it, double click the ISO file to get the DVD of World War Z. Open that DVD and start installation using the setup. Finish installation and copy everything from CODEX folder of DVD and paste it in the folder where you installed this World War Z PC download for free. Then you are ready to play. Read the complete install instructions given in the first comment below if you need any further information about the installation process.

If you are looking for help about any steps mentioned above, then ask us in the comments section below and we will try to help as soon as possible. Also, make sure you share this on Facebook, Twitter, so that others can also get it.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    World War Z Install Instructions

  2. cost69er says:

    Dude i knew codex would do it thank u man!!!!!!!!!!

  3. atom069 says:

    Looks somewhat interesting, be a good do for people wanting to try it SP.
    Cheers Uploader

  4. fellixBG says:

    The is a copycat of the L4D series, but in third-person view. Single-player mode is quickly wearing out since it’s primary geared to online co-op, just like L4D.

  5. Th1uLv2H8 says:

    Ahhh you are a legend, thanks dude.

  6. TheDarkElement says:

    Totally worked for me..

  7. Puma911 says:

    You need to give it Local Access in your Firewall. Source/Destination

  8. nemhook says:

    Codex folder is empty, nothing included in it.

    • TheDarkElement says:

      Why are you looking for that, its not needed. As said in the instructions, just install and play.

  9. Jevan says:

    this work or no pls answer me and thx for upload

  10. stormlee says:

    crack folder is empty

    • mmm73 says:

      no need for crack on this one just press esc when it tries to connect to servers and then play singleplayer mode Offline. working like a charm

  11. Thunder99 says:

    we can play it online without buy it ?

  12. trezz says:

    my controller does not work with this game,but it works with the rest . why?

  13. jesss says:

    how to fix this crash dump sending utility?? it’s always like that after I open the App