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Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Have you heard about Kickstarter? This site is a dream for crowd funding anything and everything and why are we talking about it? Because Wasteland 2 PC download that we are bringing here was the result of that crowd funding project. The developers inXile Entertainment had their project rejected by almost all the publishers. But with the rise of this crowd funding website they had a platform to directly interact with the people who wanted to play another Wasteland game after the epic success the first one had in 1987-88. So here we are with full version of Wasteland 2 free download for PC.

Wasteland 2 belongs to the RPG genre and is based in the same post-apocalyptic world seen in the first game. Developers inXile Entertainment with help from Obsidian Entertainment created this and Deep Silver published it for Windows PC as well as Linux and Mac OS X. Following link gives you the full version of Wasteland 2 free download for PC.


Use This Link for Downloading

Wasteland 2 PC Download Free Full Version


To create a sequel for a game nearly after 25 years and still be relevant to the people who played the first one as well as appeal to the people who have only played the billion dollar production of modern days is a challenge. Wasteland 2 does a very good job of it. Don’t get us wrong, it has all the old-school mechanics; some of which are still good but others have become redundant in today’s gaming scene. But they remain true to their origins. Get Wasteland 2 PC download and find out if you like this old-school approach of the developers. Or if you prefer the more modern way of combat then you can have this new game, XCOM Enemy Unknown free download.

Let’s learn a bit about the story itself. You are still set in the post-apocalyptic world of USA. There is no law enforcement except for a group of rangers, formerly military engineers. They work from their base, The Citadel. You will be playing with a group of four characters. The initial mission of the group is to find a murdered of one of their own and they are looking for clues. But in the process they uncover a new enemy. I suggest you get Wasteland 2 free download immediately from here and start enjoying this great role playing game to the fullest as the developers intended you to. If you want a more traditional game in this genre then look at Divinity Original Sin PC download available here.

Wasteland 2 PC Download

At the start you are given the choice to choose from a number of pre-set characters. Each character has his own skills and weaknesses as well. You can select a sniper or a healer or any other member depending upon what you think you will need. If you want to manage all the skills that your team has then there is a custom option where you can create e team from scratch with all the abilities you need. Find out how great it works; download Wasteland 2 free for PC. Being an RPG you are bound to have plenty of stats, skills and attributes to look at if you want to succeed. As a result if you choose something awful you will face the harsh reality after a couple of hours and you would want to start a new game instead of trying to fix the one you already messed up. This is the kind of thing that makes it a great experience to get Wasteland 2 download for PC and start playing.

The missions keep falling into one another. Committing some mistake in earlier mission can lead you to make a drastic decision of starting over entirely during next mission. There are no clear indicators to where the most important stuff is happening and you miss them entirely. This will lead the mission log to show incomplete entries without you even knowing they were incomplete. Completing every mission will not be possible with a single playthrough, so a second playthrough is warranted. Go ahead and grab Wasteland 2 download for free to play this full version on your PC.


Though Wasteland 2 has problems they are not deal breakers. If you are into RPGs then you are going to love this. Some of the problems hold it back to being the best RPG of recent times with old-school play. But it is worth your time all the way. Find Wasteland 2 free download for PC and enjoy this sequel to the much appreciated first title from the 1980’s. Get it from us; it does justify the long wait of 26 years. Wasteland 2 doesn’t bring you the pretty visuals that we are used to these days but it does bring gameplay and possibilities with it. We hope you enjoy the full version of Wasteland 2 PC download offered on this page.

Download and Installing

You get two choices; use either torrents or direct links. You need µtorrent to use torrents and jDownloader to use direct links. Choose one option, if it’s the torrents then use only one link from there and if its direct links then choose links from one box only. Both these choices will give you full version of Wasteland 2 free download for PC. You will get an ISO file with torrent and an ISO file split into parts using the direct links. You need to use WinRAR software to join these parts together using the ‘Extract Here’ option to get the ISO file. Install Daemon Tools Lite to mount the ISO file. After installing you just need to double click on the ISO file and you will find a DVD of Wasteland 2 full version in your PC. Run setup to start installing and complete the installation as told in the instructions below.

If you have trouble understanding any part then you can post a comment below or watch the videos given under tutorial section above. Now click on the following button to get full version of Wasteland 2 free download for PC and enjoy :)

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    Wasteland 2 Install Instructions

    PS: Use a firewall to block it from connecting to internet.

  2. Melamedy says:

    Thanks for the quick upload

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  4. Abominable says:

    It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.

    Thx for the upload!

  5. makasfx says:

    it´s the full or just another beta?

  6. Larara says:

    thanks upper!!!!

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  8. nightspydk says:

    Apparently working and looking darn cool.

    Cheers. :)

  9. Ranko says:

    Downloading now

  10. thehealing says:

    Thank you! Finally a good game… it’s going so slow last half a year. Can’t blame them of course, they are huge projects.

  11. Bloody says:

    Works great.

  12. Maniacski says:

    Just out of a matter of curiosity, I have unzipped the file and have 1 ISO that is 21.5GB big. Being unable to burn to a DVD (of any size), don’t have a blueray burner, how or what did people use to install it with?

    • Atheuz says:

      You don’t have to burn it onto DVD’s or Blurays, you can just mount the .iso with Daemon Tools.

      This will give you a DVD just like the real one/ :D

    • agerun says:


      its pretty much basic knowledge and necessary tool for every game.

      basically you take the file, load it in daemon tools, and then access it as a DRIVE to run installation from.
      its just like you would with a DISC.
      but instead… the disc is the file, and the drive is virtual.

  13. DeepBlueSky says:

    This Is Great!

    If there’s one game that’s been released in the last year that deserves a buy, this is it. Not only is it a great, but it was financed and produced outside of the normal means, thumbing it’s nose at big publishers like EA, Bethesda, etc. So for all of us out there who don’t like the direction the current gaming industry has gone overall in the last decade or so, spend your money here and support those doing it another and better way.

    Thanks for the upload. This tided me over until I was able to buy a boxed copy.

  14. nightspydk says:

    Quite honestly the game has felt more frustrating than anything remotely rewarding so far. Been a bit on/off but in LA and no serious bugs. I have been and are torn as to continue this weird experience. Its a no buy for me. Definitely have been enjoying similar titles far more like Jagged Alliance.

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