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The Surge 2

The Surge 2 PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Update: We have updated the download links to include the updated version now. This new version now includes everything till the new Kraken DLC, meaning it also have all the previous DLC content as well as updates. You can find a list of all the DLCs that this new release includes given below. This is your best choice if you want to get The Surge 2 Complete Collection version. Following link gives you full version of The Surge 2 Free Download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

The Surge 2 PC Download Free Full Version

(Complete Collection Includes All DLCs and Updates Till The Kraken)

If you want to play the first title, then you can find full version of The Surge download for free on our website.

Here is a list of all the DLCs that this new release given on this page includes.

  • The Kraken Expansion
  • URBN Gear Pack
  • Public Enemy Weapon Pack
  • Future Shock Weapon Pack
  • JCPD Gear Pack
  • Jericho’s Legacy Gear Pack

OLD: The Surge 2 is a sequel to The Surge that came in 2017. It is created by Deck13 Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. This is an action RPG, which was released for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 24, 2019. After the moderate success the original Surge received, the developers announced in 2018 that a sequel was in the works. Following link gives you full version of The Surge 2 Free Download for PC.

Deck13, the developers of this title have tried their hand at creating an RPG in the past when they created Lords of the Fallen, which was highly inspired by Dark Souls series, which did not garner much success. Nevertheless, they were determined to try again, that is when they created The Surge in 2017 and found a formula to create a series out of it. With The Surge 2 download for PC, Deck13 have improved all aspects that people like from the predecessor.

The story is set in Jericho City, where nanites have caused havoc because humans failed to utilize it properly. You are an unknown character who is pulled to this area by the way of a plane crash. There is a story, which is all you need to know about it, because once you start chopping enemies you will not care about anything else. Like the predecessor, combat is the focus, which you will need to master in order to defeat different enemies. Watch how each enemy attacks and how it behaves in The Surge 2 download for free and then adopt to their style to defeat them. Once you are through, you can dismember parts of them and use them to make stuff for your character.

The Surge 2 PC Download Free

The amount of customization option available make it a unique experience for any type of player. You can design your character for the way you like to play. You can be a brute and take all attacks standing up and then attack with might or you can be an agile, a dodger who can wade through the enemy territory using his agility. The XP you get during the fights can be used to craft new equipment or upgrade your existing items. You can also use the XP to increase the health and other abilities of your character. What will you do when you download The Surge 2 free for PC.

Even though it is an RPG, you do not have to worry about stats. You can redistribute your XP any time you want by assigning or removing points that you have already used. This gives you the flexibility of experimenting with different build types for your character. The weapons themselves are so different that you would want to play with them all. In fact, the different enemy types will force you to use different weapons because some enemies will be easier to deal with a weapon you already have but are not using. So, go ahead with The Surge 2 PC download for free and decide how you would play.

The implant system allows you to use different abilities to the ones you already have. Extra implant slots will be unlocked as your character level increases. There are plenty of ways you can use these implants, so don’t forget to experiment with those. The target system is also retained from the original, which lets you target limbs of enemies, either the armored one or unarmored one depending on what you want to do. An armored limb will give you extra part and an unarmored one will let you finish the enemy quickly. Decide on your strategy depending on what you are looking for at the time when you are playing The Surge 2 free download.


There is plenty of stuff to talk about in this The Surge 2 review, but we are going to let you discover all the hidden gems when you actually start playing. There are issues with level design where you are going to be searching for a path to the next mission. The side quests are not interesting but rather time-fillers. Even then, you will happily spend about twenty hours into the campaign, which is how long it will take you to finish it. The new Game + mode will keep you even longer. You can definitely ignore the shortcoming and focus one the good things. Get your hands on The Surge 2 PC download and play it, then wait and see if the developers can come up with the perfect sequel that fixes all the issues that have plagued this version. The Surge 2 gives you more of the same as the original, which is great, but we were expecting more from it.

Downloading and Installing

You will need a torrent program for The Surge 2 download free PC game. You can search for qBittorrent in Google and install it. Once done, go to the links page using the green link given on this page. From there, choose the first link and open it in the torrent program. Save the files on your hard disk and finish downloading. Once done, go to the folder you chose and double click the ISO file to get a DVD of The Surge 2. You can use WinCDEmu if you are using Windows 7 to get the same DVD. Open that DVD and use the setup file to start the installation. Once you finish the installation, go back to the DVD and in the CODEX folder. Copy everything from there and paste it in the folder where you installed it on hard disk. You can play after that.

Let us know if you have any feedback about it in the comments section or if you need any help. Also, make sure to share this page with your friends and followers who are fans of The Surge series on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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