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The Sims 4 Seasons

The Sims 4 Seasons PC Download

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When Sims 4 was first released all the players were hesitant to leave their Sims 3 homes that were improved with all the addon released over the years for it. They had invested heavily to customize their Sims to their liking. But one thing that the Simmers wanted was the Seasons pack. They literally begged for Sims 4 Seasons to be released sooner, but EA didn’t. We finally have Sims 4 Seasons free download on our site here. Following link will give you the complete collection of Sims 4 including the Seasons Expansion.

Use This Link for Downloading

Sims 4 Complete Collection Free Download for PC

(Includes  all previous addons and updates)

If you want to play just the base game, then we also have full version of Sims 4 free download on our website.


Sims 4 Complete Collection Download for Free

Seasons was one of the most popular addons for Sims 3. It introduced the four seasons and various activities and items surrounding those seasons. It became massively popular among the Simmers. Since the release of Sims 4 over four years ago, people have been asking for a Seasons expansion right from the start. But the prayers and begging went unheard till now. Finally, EA announced that Sims 4 Seasons PC download was coming out on 22 June of 2018. So here we are with the links to get it.

Seasons is going to introduce the four seasons and not only that there is going to be transition period between those seasons. Meaning, you will see one season ending and blending nicely into the next one till that season takes over the Sims world completely. In summer you will be seeing blisteringly hot days. Winter is going to be filled with snow and don’t forget the storms that rain brings. This is what we have being waiting for so many years now. Finally, we can get our hands on Sims 4 Seasons download for free for PC, use the links from this page to get it.

The Sims 4 Seasons not only brings the weather changes but it also brings with it the seasonal activities that you can do in that particular season. In summer you can go on those long pending summer holidays. In Winter you can play in snow, create snow mans and other stuff. This is all so exciting and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it as well. So grab the full version of Sims 4 Seasons download for PC for free from the links given on this page.

Sims 4 Seasons Free Download for PC

One more thing that you are going to love about Sims 4 Seasons addon is, now you can pursue a career as a gardener. It was possible to learn the gardening skill before but there was no further expansion on that skill. With this expansion now the gardening skill can be put to use either by going the scientific way and becoming a botanist or expand your traditional gardening and sell your produce. There is a lot of stuff like this included in this new pack and we are only just discovering all the new stuff. Get Sims 4 Seasons free download and start playing and see what else you can find.

You can also enjoy the holidays and festivals for all the seasons. There is the harvest festival included and so is the Love Day. You can now create your own traditions and your own holidays. This is big.  This was not possible before.


For many people, the missing Seasons expansion was the only reason not to jump ship from Sims 3 to Sims 4, they had been waiting and waiting and finally they can jump in and enjoy the new game like it was supposed to be. The Sims 4 Seasons should have been released earlier, not after four years of waiting. But the wait has been worth it. The developers have done full justice to the wait. There is so much you can do now that you will never go back to playing Sims 4 without this addon.

If you have held on till now from playing Sims 4 because your favorite part i.e. Seasons was missing, then there is no reason now to wait as Sims 4 Seasons free download is now available on our site. Get the Sims 4 complete collection from this page which includes the Seasons expansions as well as all the other previous addons.

Downloading and Installing

First get uTorrent and Daemon Tools Lite from the links given in the sidebar. Then install them both. Now click the above link or the bottom button to visit the links page. Click Link 1 and open it with uTorrent (any other link will work as well). Complete the Sims 4 Seasons free download and stop the torrent. Go to the save folder and double click the ISO file and daemon tools will mount it into a virtual DVD drive to give you the DVD of Sims 4 Seasons. Run setup from there to install the complete collection of Sims 4 Seasons and all its addons. Follow the rest of the instructions given below to play.

If you already have installed the previous complete collection version, then we have also added individual Sims 4 Seasons only pack on the links page at the bottom. You can get only that pack and install it. If you have Cats and Dogs version then you will need to install Laundry Day pack, Jungle Adventure pack and My First Pet Stuff pack and after that install the Seasons addon. If you have the new complete collection with y First Pet Stuff pack, then you can directly install the Seasons Pack as told at the bottom of links page.

Don’t forget to share our site and this page with all your Simmer friends so that they can enjoy this new Sims 4 Seasons PC download as well. Also share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites by using the buttons below so that more and more people can play it. Don’t forget to enjoy!

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    I’m having some problems once I followed all the steps. The last step on copying and paste I did that, but the problem is it wont replace the file because it have supposedly contain a virus or a unwanted software. I have download the sims 3 with no problems so I know it couldn’t be a virus…. right??

    • admin says:

      You need to disable antivirus and copy the files, THe alert you are getting is called a false positive and you get that will all the games.

      • Lilly says:

        Oky thank you that did work but now its saying that the code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP120.dll was not found. what does that mean??

        • admin says:

          Go to The Sims 4 Seasons\__Installer\vc there you will find 2 folders vc2010sp1 and vc2013. In both of those folders you will find a folder named Redist. Open it and install all 4 setups you find in those two folders. If you are asked repair them, then repair them and restart your PC.

        • Lilly says:

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    1- the household are not load
    2- i cant place any objects
    3- the game went save
    If you know how to fix this please tell me.

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