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Sims 4 Get to Work

Sims 4 Get to Work PC Download

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Update: With the release of the new expansion, Cats and Dogs we have changed the link for you guys, now the link below takes you to the complete version of Sims 4. It includes all the expansions and addons and updates that have been released so for for the game. It is updated to the latest version that is available in 2017 and new ones will be added in 2018 as and when they are released.. You do not need to download anything else, just use the following link to get the full version of Sims 4 free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Sims 4 Complete Free Download for PC Full Version

(Includes all previous addons and updates)

If you want to only play only the vanilla game without any addons, then you can go here, Sims 4 free download for PC.


Sims 4 Complete Collection Download for Free

Old: We have seen many expansion packs over the years for Sims but none of them are as entertaining as the career mode expansions. Obviously Sims 4 was going to get it as well. We are glad that EA have decided to release it as the very first expansion pack. Hope you guys are already playing Sims 4 and ready to add some spice to the restricted areas of your career. Remember you need Sims 4 installed as this is an expansion pack and not a standalone title. SO assuming you already have everything in place for installing this, here we bring you Sims 4 Get to Work free download for PC, following link has everything you need.

To play Sims 4: Get to Work you will obviously need to get Sims 4 first, which is available here. So go ahead and first download Sims 4 free for PC from here. Follow the instructions given on that page or follow the steps shown in the video to install it. Then come back here to install this new expansion on top of it. We are giving you the chance to get full version of Sims 4 Get to Work PC download here, just make sure you follow the steps mentioned to play it without any problems.

We have seen Sims 2 Open for Business and Sims 3 Ambitions which you can find here. Both of them had something different from each other. Sims 4: Get to Work has done something different as well. You either will love it or hate it. There is stuff that we have seen previously which has been dumbed down and stripped. And there is stuff which has seen some elaborate details making them the greatest way to experience the career mode in Sims 4.Grab Sims 4 Get to Work download for PC from our safe website and star playing.

There are three careers that have seen the elaborate treatment those are, Detective, Scientist and Doctor. There are special work places with all the details needed for that particular career. You will be enjoying exploring these areas greatly. Go ahead and find them with Sims 4 Get to Work download for free given in this page. The experience is much better than anything we have seen previously. As usual as your performance improves so will your incoming money. So keep working hard and you will get top dollars for all your needs.

Sims 4 Get to Work Free Download

In any career mode, you will start from the bottom. Take the case of the doctor career. You will be an orderly as the start doing mundane stuff like changing sheets and stuff like that. But as you gain experience you will climb the ladder to becoming a surgeon. The more promotions you get the more objects get unlocked for you to interact with. This new gameplay has been fine-tuned and gives you some great playing time. Go ahead and check it out by getting Sims 4 Get to Work PC download from the link gives above or the at the bottom.

Same thing is true for the other two career modes, the detective and the scientist. We are not going to elaborate on what you can do being a detective or a scientist and we leave it to you to find out. Leave a comment about what you think about these careers if you are playing them. Finally we need to tell you that full version of Sims 4 Get to Work free download for PC is online now on this page. Get the files from either the direct links or torrents and install them to start playing.

Sims 4 Get to Work provides plenty of things to explore no matter which career path you choose. There is some overlapping with the doctor and scientist careers but with the amount stuff to look at there is not going to be a lot of boring stuff. You can enjoy the realistic nature of these jobs. You even have the option of building your own workplace from scratch, how cool is that? So are you excited yet to play? Get Sims 4 Get to Work free download from the link given above and start playing.

Oh and we forgot to talk about the retails shops. Yes you can open retail shops and sell stuff. The reason we forgot it was because it is an underwhelming experience. There is no real thought put into it. You get 4 lots which are fitted to serve as retail store spots. Though you get the option of making any residential plot into a retail store spot, which is a really great idea for those who are looking to create something special. This all sounds good on paper but in reality it doesn’t work out as well as we would have liked and it lacks the thoroughness that we have seen in the expansions seen previously. Still we recommend you to get Sims 4 Get to Work PC download for free and start enjoying. Let us know how you feel about all these new options using the comment form below.


Once you have Sims 4 Get to Work download for PC you are set to play the whole game as you were supposed to. Finally Sims 4 has something that should have been a part of the original game from the beginning. Nonetheless it’s better late than never. Finally we get to enjoy playing both the home and work parts of our Sims life. There is plenty of new stuff that warrants this expansion to be installed on everyone’s PC who has Sims 4 installed already. So go ahead and get full version of Sims 4 Get to Work free download for PC and get to work :).

Downloading and Installing

Let us make it clear; this is an expansion so you will need to install Sims 4 first, which you can find on this page. Follow the video on that page to download and install it. Once you have it installed come back to this page.

Now you can use either torrents or direct links for downloading. Use µtorrent for torrents and jDownloader for direct links. Once you have all the parts in case of direct links, use WinRAR to extract them and join them into a single ISO file. In case of torrents, you directly get the ISO file. Once you have the ISO file use daemon Tools lite to mount the ISO file that you just got. Daemon Tools will create a virtual DVD drive in your PC. In this drive you will see the DVD of Sims 4 Get to Work game when you double click on the ISO file after installing Daemon Tools Lite. After that you need to copy the files as told in the instructions below in order to play. What are you waiting for? We present to you Sims 4 Get to Work PC download for free.

Oh and don’t forget to block the game from connecting to internet using a firewall or you can just bock the online features from the menu from the game itself. Do not try to go online at all whatever you do. Now use the following button to download Sims 4 Get to Work full version free for PC.

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52 Responses to “Sims 4 Get to Work”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    Remember this is an expansion, so you will first need to get the main Sims 4 game which you can find on our site.

    Sims 4 Get to Work Install Instructions

    PS: Make sure you do not connect to internet from the game or just disable the online features from the in-game menu or just use a firewall to block it.

    Layton Bowling’s New YouTube Channel for Sims Downloads

  2. Lara says:

    I was waiting for this one, thanks upper.
    I was expecting a bigger size hehe

  3. diablo says:

    it worked no problem… Downloaded the original base Sims 4 from here first, then this, applied crack… everything works fine, without origin, including all new professions and stuff

  4. apm says:

    works properly :)

  5. Martinski says:

    Wow a lot of new stuff to do… Detective career here I come.

  6. tornadog says:

    Does this also include the other DLC?

  7. L00n3y says:

    It worked perfectly.. No problems, No crashes or anything.. Smooth sailing :D

  8. flexy says:

    Anyone having problems clearly doesn’t know what they’re doing. This release works 100%.

    1) Install The.Sims.4 available from this site
    2) Install from this page
    3) Copy the cracked content from Crack folder to your game folder
    4) Play. Works perfectly. The end.

  9. Teeny says:

    works just fine for me.

    Blocked it in firewall + disabled online options just to be sure. Everything is great.

  10. greenEyE says:

    The game Works perfectly , for the ppl who couldn’t play, please copy the crack from CRACK folder of this game and not Sims 4 itself. and launch using the TS4.exe which you already copied it over the main directory :)

  11. domxito says:

    Thanks brother!!

  12. gabriel says:

    it working now

  13. Kẹo Chanh Là Tớ says:


  14. mee says:


  15. BdStudent says:

    when i download the daemon tools lite, i cant find the bd-rom drive, i have tried to restart my laptop, but nothing happened.

    • admin says:

      Start daemon Tools and you will see an icon in daemon Tools with a ‘+’ sign and written SCSI on it. Click that and a new drive will show up.

  16. Kledia says:

    When the game will have other updates on the future we will be able to update them in our game or not?

    • admin says:

      We will add if and when the latest addons or expansions are made available and we will add them here.

  17. Kledia says:

    Hi. I already have The Sims 4 on my pc, if I download The Get to work addom will it work or I should unistall The Sims 4 that I have on my pc and download the Sims 4 here?

    • admin says:

      We cannot exactly say. You will have to try it yourself as we do not know what version of the game you have. It may or may not be compatible with the version we have.
      Try it. If it works then good or you can come back here and get it from us. :)

  18. HelpNoCD says:

    Do I NEED a CD?????? I DONT HAVE ANY BLANKS! Can I not just download this? And what about viruses???

  19. Kaltraa says:

    Hi. There are a lot of new updates on Sims 4 like New crest and a lot of new Packs like Perfect Patio Stuff, Hot Tubs, Kitchen stuff and the Spa Day. Please can you make something for us to download them? Thanks, you’re the best!!

    • admin says:

      We will try to add them but maintaining them is difficult that’s why only bigger updates are uploaded here.

  20. cing says:

    hi, when i try to play it show
    “The content of your user data directory were created by a newer version of The Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. Please update your game via Origin to play.”

    What should i do?

    • admin says:

      Please follow the tutorial video given above exactly and you wont have that problem. Looks like you didnt replace the correct files. And make sure your internet is turned off.

      Also go to this folder Documents > Electronic Arts and delete everything.
      Remember your saves are in that folder so you will have to start new.

  21. o1996 says:

    the video doesn’t work !

  22. Andy says:

    thanks it opened with out a problem but, when I click the link it opens an untitled tab

  23. Tony says:

    May I confirm I only download this which will include SIMS 4 and this addons? But I already download SIMS 4, should I delete it first?

    • admin says:

      No, you need Sims 4, don’t delete it. Read the instructions its given there. But instead of Get To Work, download Get Together, it has all the previous updates and DLCs.

  24. Jack says:

    When I copy the files to the file where I installed the game do I replace the files already there or no?