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The Sims 3 Ambitions

The Sims 3 Ambitions PC Download

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The second expansion to be released for the long running Sims 3 franchise is Sims 3 Ambitions; the first was World Adventures. It was released on 2010 for the PC. You are interested then you can download free games like this and more from this website which provides you will all the latest tiles for PC and XBOX 360. This is a simulation title where you play the life of a Sim as if it were your own, tending to its needs and aspirations and completing goals for its lifetime.

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Sims 3 Complete Collection Download for Free & Play

The new expansion gives you a lot of new career paths to follow and this means you will be able to play when your Sims leave for work as well, which was not possible with the original. If you came here looking to know where to get this, then you are at the right place this site gives you Sims 3 Ambitions free download.

Original game only had a bare bone system for a working Sim, your job was to make sure your sim is ready to go to work in the morning when the carpool arrives and that was it for the career of the Sim. It was boring as the Sims went to work and you had to wait till the time of work ran out and the Sims came back home. You don’t even have the option to view what’s going on in the workplace you will only know that your Sim is currently in a building and working, other than that everything is left to your imagination. Things change when you install this new expansion which gives you every opportunity to get involved in the Sims career. Looking to get this then head over to the end and get it from Sims 3 Ambitions free download link.

Ambitions not only adds more careers for you but also there are professions that you can join like the Private Investigator, which lets you play out some very good moments with clever and humorous situations. You will also get choices during the investigation like for example bribing a witness for information or beating him to get the same job done. Little things like this make the game a lot more immersive than before where your career was out of your control. This makes the gameplay experience really enjoyable. How to download Sims 3 Ambitions for free for PC? Well just go to the end of this page and you will get it.

One of the good professions that you will want to take on is the Architectural Designer wherein you are told to follow the exact things the client wants from you when you design their home. You have to get all the equipments they want and place it accordingly in their home, plus you have to make it look good as well, a really challenging career if you ask us and very satisfying as well. Firefighting and Ghostbusters jobs are really interesting as well but sometimes they are too automated to enjoy them like your Sims will know what to do if a fire breaks out, they will automatically work and it’s the same with Ghostbusters. Free download of Sims 3 Ambitions is available from this page just skip to the end to get it.

Sims 3 Ambitions Free Download

Only complaint about this expansion is the number of careers, if you like the careers that are present then there is no problem but if you want something that is not in the game then you will hate it. So this expansion will not appeal to all the people who love Sims as they will miss out on the careers of their choice. All in all this expansion adds a lot of things to the original and is worth a look if you are into Sims 3. Following link will give you the full version of this game for free download. If you get into any problem during playing or installing then just leave a comment below and we will take care of it for you or help you in any way possible. but first remember to read the instructions give below in the first comment as it will help you during installation and you won’t feel the need for any help at all.

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          You will find that folder on the DVD after you mount the ISO file. Inside that folder you will find some files that you need to copy to the folder where you have installed Sim 3. Please read the instructions.

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        its a software which lets you mount ISO files, so you dont have to burn them on DVDs and just install the game directly from hard disk. Just install the latest lite version and double click on the ISO file to mount it.

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