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STAR WARS Battlefront II

STAR WARS Battlefront II PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Based on Star Wars movie franchise, STAR WARS Battlefront II is an action shooter created by EA DICE with collaboration with Criterion Games and Motive Studios. It was published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4 in November of 2017. This is a sequel to STAR WARS Battlefront released in 2015, which rebooted the Battlefront series of the past. Following link gives you STAR WARS Battlefront II Free Download for PC.

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Upon its release in 2017, STAR WARS Battlefront II came under heavy criticism from all the players and fans for the predatory lootboxes. It included mechanics that gave advantage to players who used real money to buy stuff. As a result of this heavy backlash, EA decided to remove the lootboxes from the game altogether. Later it was clarified, the lootboxes will be added few months down the line. In 2018, the lootboxes returned, but only for the cosmetic items, which did not affect people who did not buy the items using real money. Now that we can play this offline, we are giving you the link to get STAR WARS Battlefront II download for free for PC.

The main attraction of this title is the multiplayer aspect, but because it’s not possible to play online without buying, we will focus on the single player campaign that you can play with this release from our safe and trusted website. The campaign should take anywhere from 4 to six hours to complete depending on your skill level. You get experience some iconic sequences in this STAR WARS Battlefront II download for PC for free. You will have a lot of fun, even with the short campaign and a story which at best is forgettable.

STAR WARS Battlefront II PC Download Free

The campaign is based on two movies, The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens with the ability to customize your character. You will be playing as Iden Versio, leader of Imperial Special Forces called Inferno Squad. You will also get to control some of the other iconic characters during the campaign. The acting of the characters included is well done and there are entertaining stretches throughout the campaign. Download STAR WARS Battlefront II free for PC and enjoy the offline missions.

The sequel is better in every way compared to the predecessor. The issues with the predecessor have been fixed by the developers. One major gripe with the original reboot was the lack of a single player campaign, which has been fixed in the sequel. The lootbox controversy marred it very badly, as a result it lost all the players over the weeks of its release. Apart from that, there is a very good campaign for us to enjoy, albeit a very short one. Grab STAR WARS Battlefront II PC Download for free, to enjoy a unique STAR WARS story.

The locations we see are created beautifully and each mission takes you to new beautiful location. The characters, the vehicles, the weapons are all created with good amount of detail. Some voice acting let the original characters down though. If you have watched the movies, then the location will feel right from the movies and it is fun to explore those locations. The sound effects as well as music do justice to the movies as well. All in all, we suggest you to get STAR WARS Battlefront II free download CODEX version from this page and enjoy a good campaign.


STAR WARS Battlefront II simply put is a good experience to have for any fan of the STAR WARS franchise. The world is created exactly the way you expect from the movies and the sights and sounds are faithful to them as well. It does things a very good way, but doesn’t give you a great story that we were expecting. As we are going to play this STAR WARS Battlefront II PC download for free, we are not concerned about the lootboxes anymore and for that reasons, any fan of the series should not miss playing this title.

Downloading and Installing

Click on the link given above. Once on the links page, click Link 1 and open it in uTorrent or qBittorrent. Save the resulting files on your hard disk. Once you finish downloading, go to the folder you chose in uTorrent and double click on the ISO file to get a DVD of STAR WARS Battlefront II. You will need Daemon Tools Lite or PowerISO to open the ISO on Windows 7. Open the DVD, then run setup to install. Once done, go back to the DVD and copy everything from CODEX folder and paste it in the folder where you installed the full version of STAR WARS Battlefront II free download on your PC.

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13 Responses to “STAR WARS Battlefront II”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    STAR WARS Battlefront II Install Instructions

  2. PsyMilitary says:

    finally, almost 2 years after the original release

  3. Liquid2k5 says:

    Yeah its pretty hard to crack with such a heavy multiplayer aspect usually as they like to talk to servers a lot even for single player.

    Or maybe EA are just so desperate they allowed it to be pirated in the hope a pirate may buy it for the multiplayer after playing it.

  4. t0yz says:

    You guys gonna be disappointed. I got this as an Origin trial and it was the most generic, boring single player shooter I’ve played in the last 5-10 years.

  5. atom069 says:

    All honesty, cool to see this. SP worth the play. Cheers

  6. wood138 says:

    i bought this during origin sales one month ago ,
    i just wanted the campaign and this is just bad :D
    Generic, no weapon feeling…

  7. mikegot says:

    Have to agree with that assessment, it’s pretty thou

  8. Th1uLv2H8 says:

    Thanks uploader.

  9. 0hnoM says:

    I still remember the original BF2 back in the mid 2000s. Bunny Hopping Jedis. That was an amazing time for gaming.

    • DefCon420 says:

      and the Mine videos using the BF2 engine. and the other vids like the mario cart mods.

  10. eyefoner says:

    CODEX has left them all in the dust. CODEX 4 Life. Congrats to them.

  11. elghinnarisa says:

    Works as it should. Though it is pretty “meh”, but decent enough to kill a hour or two.