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Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Sniper Elite 4 is finally here. Developed & published by Rebellion Developments and released for Windows PC and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. This is a sequel to Sniper Elite III and was released in February of 2017. Being a sniper shooter you might have already guessed it’s a stealth action shooter. But one thing that we would like to tell you is that, if you don’t play it as a stealth game it is more fun to play. Following link gives you full version of Sniper Elite 4 free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Sniper Elite 4 PC Download Free Full Version

(Complete Collection Includes All DLCs and Updates)

We are also adding Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 download for PC for free on our site soon, come back to get it and enjoy.


Sniper Elite 4 with All DLCs Download for Free, Install & Play

This release is updated to version 1.5 and it comes with the following DLCs with it.

  • Deathstorm Part 3: Obliteration
  • Lock and Load Weapons Pack
  • Cold Warfare Winter Expansion Pack
  • Deathstorm Part 2: Infiltration
  • Urban Assault Expansion Pack
  • Deathstorm Part 1: Inception
  • Night Fighter Expansion Pack
  • Allied Forces Rifle Pack
  • Silent Warfare Weapons Pack
  • Covert Heroes Character Pack
  • Target Führer
  • Camouflage Rifles Skin Pack

If you would like to take a look at Sniper Elite 3 download for free for PC, then we also have it available on our site for free.

Sniper Elite 4 is not an action shooter like Metal Gear Solid 5 or even the new Hitman, both of which have stealth elements to supplement the shooting. There are not many gadgets to choose from to lure unsuspecting enemies into your trap like you can on these other titles. There are not hiding places created specifically for you to hide, like boxes. Get full version of Sniper Elite 4 PC download for free and see what we mean by that.

Sniper Elite 4 is different to all shooters, it has its own way and there are no non-lethal ways to complete the campaign. You shoot your targets and complete the missions. The slow-mo and x-ray animations are there for a reason, for you to enjoy your near perfect head shots. This latest iteration is much better compared to the last one and it does a better job of being a Sniper Elite title. Use the link provided on this page to get full version of Sniper Elite 4 download for free for PC. Follow instructions given below to install it and play.

Sniper Elite 4 PC Download Free

Sniper Elite 4 comes with difficulty modes that will make is challenging depending on the level you choose. If you choose the regular difficulty, then you will get the normal perks you get it with most shooters. Crank the difficulty to authentic and then you will have a real sniper shooter experience. You will have to look out for Wind direction and speed, effect of gravity, low ammo count, losing ammo from magazines if you reload early. Sounds frustrating right? It isn’t. In fact, it will give you immense satisfaction when you learn the systems and make you perfect shots. Get Sniper Elite 4 download for PC and start learning.

The difficulty settings we mentioned are not consistent and will ramp up like crazy from one setting to other or vice versa.

The mission characters are forgettable but when the mission actually starts that is where Sniper Elite 4 shines. The cutscenes at most are watchable once or can be skipped without any regret. The maps are big, sometimes bigger than those from the Battlefield and are from the World War II era and are situated in Italy. The plot lacks depth and is not necessarily needed, everything is out of focus once the mission starts and the shooting takes center stage. You can enjoy this Sniper Elite 4 PC download for free from our trusted website.

Sniper Elite 4 is almost like its predecessor in terms of sniping but it is much better. The bigger maps have many routes that can be traversed to complete any given objective and you can complete any objective at any time, no restrictions. Your arsenal will have the necessary Sniper Rifle, Binoculars to spot and tag enemies, med kits. You also have SMG and pistol for those situations where you are spotted and need weapons that work in close quarters. Other staples required for these kinds of excursions are also included. Check out full version of Sniper Elite 4 free download on this page.


There is a lot that we can talk about but instead we suggest you to experience it firsthand instead of reading it all in this review of Sniper Elite 4. This is a game that walks the talk, it actually lets you play the way you want it without imposing any limits that most of the shooters these days do. Making your own path to taking down the Nazi empire is satisfying to say the least. It is always better to take your time and be patient and you will get a satisfying experience once you complete a mission. Grab Sniper Elite 4 free download and completing all the campaign missions.

Downloading and Installing

Use the above link to go to links page then use one of the link from there and open it in uTorrent and download Sniper Elite 4 for free for PC. This will give you an ISO file. You can use Daemon Tools Lite or PowerISO to mount this ISO and get a virtual DVD. From there run setup and install and then copy files from the STEAMPUNKS folder of DVD to install folder on your hard disk to play. Make sure you have enough space for downloading and installing as it requires almost 50gb of space for each of the two operations.

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    Install Instructions

    Sniper Elite 4 Install Instructions

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