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Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Update: We have added Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition PC download on this page now. This new edition is a remastered version and comes with better visual and audio experience as well as gameplay. The developers listened to the consumers and the players and decided to implement their good suggestions in this remastered version, to make it better. So the following link gives you full version of Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition PC Download Free Full Version

(Remastered version includes all the updates and 24 DLCs released for it)


Following are some of the DLCs included with this definitive edition. Year of the Snake, Nightmare in North Point, Zodiac Tournament and Wheels of Fury, these add to the main story. Then you have SWAT Pack, Street Racer Pack, Red Envelope Pack, and Outfits and Vehicles packs as well which add other stuff.

Old Review: Sleeping Dogs belonged to a series called the True Crime series which was developed back in the day and it was shelved because of the low popularity. This page gives you to download games such as this one and more, keep reading to know how. The developers have brought it back with a different name and an open world similar to that in GTA series. Now this once dead story has not only come to life but it has become a great a addition to the series. The developer who picked this up was Square Enix and they put the team from United Front for developing this. This has been released for Xbox360 and this page has PC version as well. If you guys want to experience the real street fights then get this from the end where Sleeping Dogs free download is given.

We were not so sure about what we will find and thought it won’t be any good. But to our surprise the GTA style gameplay along with martial arts fights in Hong Kong has done very well. The main mission involves the main character i.e. Wei Chen to go undercover in the triads and infiltrate the most sophisticated operations and take them down one by one. But going to deep in any undercover operations has other unwanted effects as well and this is what Wei Chen learns the hard way with his bosses looking as corrupt as the people he is trying to take down. Download Sleeping Dogs free for PC, if you want to play this, that is.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition PC Download

You are given options to play as the cop as well as the gangster that you become in the undercover operation. You will be chasing bad guys and helping local law enforcement officers to catch the thugs that are eluding them and also be a part of the elite underworld crowd. Apart from the main story there are plenty of things to do in this game. You won’t be waiting for the main story to continue but will be busy all the time running around every corner of the city. Sleeping Dogs PC download is given at the end of this review, just grab it and start playing.

If you have played stuff like GTA or even Saints Row for that matter you will definitely like this and will feel at home with it. You will be playing in four different but main areas of the city which is a really big area to explore and drive around in. The usual transportation methods like car and motorbike are present and if you like walking then you can do that as well. Sleeping Dogs free download is now live from the bottom of this page, go get it immediately.

Hand-to-hand combat is the major feature, so they have taken cue from the recent Batman titles where the melee combat is one of the best we have seen. Most of the time in this game you will be surrounded by a lot of enemies and you have to fight all of them but one at a time, sometimes though you have to counter attack some enemies as they will try to attack you while you are fighting someone else. Okay so you want to play this now right? Go find the link at the end for Sleeping Dogs free download.

Using of environmental settings to your advantage is another option that has been brought forward here. You can throw enemies form rooftops or throw them in vents or even bashing their heads on fans that are still spinning. Apart from these there are plenty of ways that cannot be listed here which you can use to take out all the enemies. Sleeping Dogs for PC is given at the bottom and you guys are still reading this review, I would suggest starting the process of getting this immediately. The fighting mechanics are really good and the gun fights will be scarce as you won’t find any guns until very late in the story.


This is one heck of a game that is going to be popular among the new gaming crowd as it appeals to this generation of gamers who like MMA style action. If you are one of them and want to experience this first hand then go get it from the following link which gives you full version of Sleeping Dogs for PC.

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