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Sims Medieval

Sims Medieval PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

The Sims Medieval was released in 2011 as part of the Sims franchise. Unlike other Sims titles, this features a story driven gameplay, where you can build your kingdom. As a Sims title, it is a life simulator at its core, which came out a couple of years after Sims 3. As the name suggests, it is set in the medieval times. It was released for Windows PC and MacOS. Following link gives you Full Version of Sims Medieval PC Download for Free.

Use This Link for Downloading

The Sims Medieval Free Download for PC Full Version

(Pirates and Nobles Expansion Available on Links Page)

If you want to play the new titles from the Sims series, then download Sims 4 with all DLC free for PC from here.


Sims Medieval Download for Free, Install and Play

As you read above, there was also an expansion pack that was released called Pirates and Nobles about six months after the release. Unlike other Sims, you have a clear goal to achieve in this title. You have to achieve the Kingdom Ambition finish the campaign. You gather kingdom points by sending your Sims on various quests. Use those points to build your kingdom. You can also fulfill other ambitions. Download Sims Medieval free for PC to check out what all ambitions you can achieve.

As the gameplay is story based, you are given tasks to complete. These are fairly simply missions where you just click on the objective and select the task you were asked to complete from the menu. Get it from us, these are just point and select quests, there nothing to them compared to other story drivers titles. When you control two Sims, that is when it becomes a little interesting, only a little. The core premise of clicking menu items to complete quests remains the same. Go ahead and get Sims Medieval download for free to check that out and let us know if you like it.

Sims Medieval Free Download for PC

The stories the Sims tell you are simple and happy stories. They kept us going forward once we got the hang of it. Some Sims had a very simple routine, which when followed will max out their skills. Some other Sims though needed a little more thinking and some others we still do not understand how to go about them. All-in-all though, they will happily keep you occupied for hours. If you are a fan of the franchise, then you get to play something different with this Sims Medieval download for PC.

Apart from being a life simulator like the core franchise titles, Sims Medieval also gets into the RPG territory with its story driven quests. One of the things that they have trimmed down in order to accommodate the story quests, are the basic needs. You just have to worry about hunger and energy. Using the bathroom is optional. You do not have to make your Sim have fun to keep the mood upbeat. Also different is the way you control the characters. You cannot just select any sim you want to play like in the other titles. You can only play as the Hero Sims that are related to the current quests you are playing. Go ahead and get Sims Medieval free download, see how that works out and let us know if you like it more.


Fans of the series that want to try something different, can easily feel at home with this title. They should definitely try this. It definitely did add something to the franchise that was getting stale. The change of setting of a good idea and the addition of stories adds that much needed difference from the core franchise titles. If you are tired of Sim 3 with all DLCs download for PC given here, then you can try this to change the pace a little bit. Even if you are tired of all the Sims packs, try this Sims Medieval PC download, you will have a good time with it.

If you are nostalgic about old titles, then you can also Download Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Free for PC with all DLCs from our website.

Downloading and Installing

You will need to get the ISO file using a torrent software like qBittorrent from Google. You can get that using one of the links from links page. Once you have that ISO, double click to open it and run the setup from the DVD that pops up. Install it and then do the same with the Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles download for free to get that expansion installed as well. Read the instructions from the first comment to get detailed info about what to do. Follow these steps and you will have Sims Medieval free download on your PC.

Post a comment below about your experience or if you need any help. We will try to get back to your questions as soon as possible.

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25 Responses to “Sims Medieval”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    Sims Medieval Install Instructions

    PS: Use this serial if you cannot open rld-tsmk.exe to get the serial

  2. tima says:

    tysm !! can we get the cakes and cookies dlc of the cooking simulator next? or maybe youtuber’s life

  3. Mean says:

    Hi, I’m using Windows 10 and I tried to mount it, but there’s no option for that. It appeared as Disc Image File, and when I try to open it, it didn’t lead me anywhere. Please help me. I’m at my loose ends. Do you have a tutorial video to download this game?

  4. awmanCreeper says:

    hello, i’m not sure what to do after installing the game. it says to copy and paste the files in the crack folder to where i installed the game, but i’m not sure if i’m doing it right? the files i’m copying are rld-tsmk.exe, TSLHost.dll, and TSM.ex_

    then the file i’m assuming it should be copied into has the following files: reloaded.nfo, rld-tsmk.iso, and tsmedieval.jpg.

  5. reddishie says:

    ahhhh thank you so much making this!, also can you make the latest version of dead cell please…, with the bad seed dlc…?

  6. mushroomsauce says:

    thank you!

  7. Alli says:

    thank you! I love the sims so I can’t wait to try this out

  8. Ironlion says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing, too bad this game didn’t live up to expectations, but still kinda fun for a little while.

  9. kommodore says:

    Works fine, dunno why I’m playing it though hate the sims, I’m that bored I guess.

  10. workers says:

    Thanks , lovin all these Sims.

  11. haileris says:

    Quite a nice surprise! Thanks uploader!

  12. Sirkiko says:

    I’ve been waiting for you to add this. Thanks.
    It worked btw.

  13. Diana says:

    Thank you in advance.

  14. ks123 says:

    Sims Medieval running in background only and not starting. what to do? :(

    • admin says:

      Turn antivirus off and install again.

      • ks123 says:

        if i enable my anti virus, will the game stop working again?

        • admin says:

          Add the folder to exclusion list, that way antivirus wont delete the required files. Then you can enable it.

      • ks123 says:

        i followed this, and it still wont work. it worked out fine when i first played it but the next day it just wont work. the launcher would open up but when i press the play button, nothing happens. :(((

  15. Lue says:

    When I downloaded it, it runs fine without updating. But after updating to the newest version (2.0), it forces it to the background. Anyway around this?