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Sims 4 Strangerville Complete Collection

Sims 4 Strangerville Complete Collection PC Download

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We are getting another addon for Sims 4 and its time for Sims 4 Strangerville. Unlike the past addons, we did not here a peep from anyone about this new addon being in the works or even any rumors about it. But last week, the developers themselves revealed a new addon coming. A reveal trailer was released on YouTube on February 20 & release was fixed on February 26. Following link gives you full version of Sims 4 Strangerville free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Sims 4 Strangerville Complete Collection PC Download Free

(Complete Collection Includes All Expansions, Packs, DLCs and Updates)

This release comes with all the addons, expansions, game packs and updates that have been released so far till Strangerville.


Sims 4 Strangerville Complete Collection Download for Free


How to Install Sims 4 Strangerville Addon Only

Here is a list of some of the major addons that are included in this release, remember all packs and expansions are included in this Sims 4 Strangerville PC download for free, we are just mentioning some of the main names here.

  • Strangerville
  • Get Famous
  • Seasons
  • Cats and Dogs and all other expansion, stuff packs and game packs.

For the first time in Sims 4, we are going to see a story centric pack, that’s right! Sims 4 Strangerville is focused on a story and we will do our utmost to not spoil it for all the fans of Sims series. If you have been with this series, then you might remember Sims 2 also had a strange Town addon for it, which featured plenty alien abductions. Though Sims 4 Strangerville download for PC doesn’t feature aliens and the story is localized to the Strangerville only.

Once you start playing in Strangerville, you will immediately get the sense that something is not right with this town. You will see unusually large military presence that doesn’t suit everything else you see in this town. Adding to this strangeness is the presence of scientists that work in a laboratory that is covered in clouds. Apart from this, there are strange sims running around, standing all over the place and doing weird stuff like using tinfoil hats. You want to see all this strange stuff, then get full version of Sims 4 Strangerville download for free for PC from CODEX.

Sims 4 Strangerville PC Download Free

You can go around the town and talk to some of the other people to know what is going on. During these conversations you will come to know some really strange stuff is going. Before long, you will face these other Sims and get a firsthand look at the weirdness. You will have to investigate and intervene for the story to proceed further, if you stop interacting with the story elements, the story will stop right there until you pick it back up. Heling you in this investigation will be the new traits and skills introduced just for this purpose. Find out what these are, when you download Sims 4 Strangerville free for PC.


Strangerville is something that we have never seen in Sims 4, it looks good and feels good to play with. Investigating and uncovering all the secrets of this new town is a lot of fun, but one thing that it doesn’t work out well is, you cannot go and play it again and again. There is no chance of replayability because you will have known everything there is about this strange town in your first playthrough. If you still want to get your hands on Sims 4 Strangerville free download for PC, then grab the Sims 4 Strangerville CODEX version from the link given on this page.

If you want to play the base game only without any packs, then use this link for that Sims 4 Download and if you want to download Sims 3 Complete Collection free, then use that link.

Downloading and Installing

If you have watched any of the tutorial videos from our website, then you already to know how to or where to download Sims 4 Strangerville free. For those who are new, here are the steps. Install uTorrent from the sidebar. Then, visit the links page and click Link 1 from there and open it in uTorrent. Finish downloading in uTorrent to get an ISO file. Go to the folder that has the ISO file and right click on it and click Mount or just double click it to get a DVD of Sims 4 Strangerville. On Windows 8, you need install Daemon Tools or PowerISO and do the same steps of double clicking to get the DVD. From that DVD, run setup to install Sims 4 Strangerville PC download for free. Then copy everything from the CODEX folder and paste it in the folder where you installed Strangerville. After following all these steps, you are good to play.

If you have any issues, then ask us about it and we will try to help as soon as possible. Don’t forget to post your feedback and don’t forget to share this page on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, so that others can also get it from our safe and trusted website. Go ahead and click this button to get Sims 4 Strangerville free download for PC.

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    • Sophie says:

      I have the basic game downloaded from origin already. If I download this will I get a 2nd version of the game with all the packs?

      Is there any way to have only my official basic game, and add the packs for free?

      • admin says:

        Not possible to do that, you have to get everything either from our website or from Origin, not possible to mix them.

  1. Adelice says:

    please, I only want the addon… in order not to lose my progress and the houses I put in different worlds

    pretty please, just respond to me and do it

    • admin says:

      Yes, we will add it soon.
      Update: Added it on links page.

      • Adelice says:

        thank you so much, you are doing a great job and helping people that can’t get the game
        I’m in a country where credit cards don’t work and a friend sent me her Sims’ CDs but it was useless

        thank you again

  2. Tassy says:

    I already have the complete collection, is there a way to get the Strangerville game pack without the base game and other packs? (BTW TYSM.

  3. TitanCookie says:

    Thank you!

  4. Brena Lynn says:

    Thank you so much.

  5. Nikki says:

    I love how quick you add new games and all its updates. It works perfectly and extremely easy to install.
    Thanks admin. You are the best.

  6. Gabriel says:

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    Thank you for your time and if you do this thank you.

  8. simsfan says:

    Is there any virus?

  9. Gratz says:

    hey is your Youtube channel banned? i went to get the instruction after i download it, couple hours later it’s gone

  10. Teuku Raja says:

    I download the all expansion pack agaain and now it said “Origins is not install pls reinstall it again” idkk what to do pls help ;~; (the strangervilled + all expansion pack)

  11. Leah says:

    thank you so so much.

  12. Norcee says:

    thanks a lot.!

  13. Norcee says:

    thank you very much!!

  14. kimiz says:

    thank you sooo much for helping me! i downloaded the addon and use it
    it worked probably good^___^ thank you for ur great site

  15. Ally says:

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Beatriz says:

    I don’t know what it is, but my game keeps crashing when I leave create a sim. I even thought it was the graphic card, but in the file it says supported.

    Is it my computer or there’s a known reason for that happening?

  17. Hans says:

    Hey! I really like this website!

  18. elle says:

    Thank you once again! I now have all three Sims 4 (Seasons, Get Famous, Strangerville) in my installed folder. Is it okay to delete the previous two?

  19. Elle says:

    thank you

  20. MauveJimin says:

    Hi, I would like to now if I can have both this torrented version and the actual Origin version on my computer? I would like to use Sims 4 Studio but it doesn’t work with this version even though I tried giving it multiple paths.

  21. anonymus says:

    Thank you!

  22. Angelita says:

    The game works perfectly, Thank u so much

    I have a question though, is there any pack where i can change the language? Thank u

    • admin says:

      Welcome Angelita. You can find instructions about changing language on links page at the bottom.

  23. af says:


    here i am again, my Sims game worked fine untill now..
    i wanted to restart the game and when i wanted to start the game an error ocurred stating ( Unable to start Initialization error at start up 135dec40:90f690cf:00000075:495f32a0 ). I have tried everything ( Yes my windows Defender is turned off ) from disconnecting wifi , double check if my virus defender is off and reinstalling the game multipule times. I am clueless and frustrated. Never i had this problem before for example with the Sims 4 Seasons all dlc.

    I have searched all through the internet and thought maybe you can help me..?

    • admin says:

      Its language issue, use the language changer from the bottom of links page and change it to en_US.

  24. Jessica says:

    Thank you .