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Sims 4 Star Wars

Sims 4 Star Wars PC Download

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The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu is here for all the Sims and Star Wars fans. If you are not a fan of Star Wars, you can skip this pack altogether as it features only the Star Wars stuff. Don’t discard the idea of playing this yet, as we are giving you the opportunity to test it first with the full version of Sims 4 Star Wars PC Download for Free from the following link, you can decide if it is worth playing or skipping. Let us know in comments what you decide.

Use This Link for Downloading

Sims 4 Star Wars Free Download for PC

(Needs version up to

You need Sims 4 with All DLCs download free and updates until installed, follow videos from there if you don’t have it.


Sims 4 Star Wars Download for Free, Install and Play

Sims 4 October 2020 Update Download for Free, Install and Play

This crossover event has the fans of the series mad about it, even more so when EA released a DLC for a DLC with pets pack. Along with a new world, it also comes with other items that always come with the new pack. You get a new world Batuu, where the action takes place with a questline similar to the one we saw in Strangerville. Use the link here to get Sims 4 Star Wars download for PC to see if you like it.

You get to play with three questlines in this new pack. The stories that you get to play involve Resistance, First Order and Scoundrels. All of them are trying to control the Batuu world. All three of the quest lines feature unique paths and stories that you will enjoy if you are a fan of the franchise. The pack also packs a lot of building items; we have not seen such a thing for a pack in a long time. You will enjoy playing with this new Sims 4 Star Wars download for free from this page. Let us know how you like it and are you fan of both franchises.

Sims 4 Star Wars Free Download for PC

The items like doors, windows and other are custom created for the world of Batuu to look the part of a desert planet decor. Some of the items will not be useful for a normal home, but building an industrial home is fun. If you like to build things, then you are going to love the amount of stuff at disposal here. The clothing items also match the setting of the new planet. No matter the age of the Sim, you will find clothing items for all of them. Go ahead and download Sims 4 Star Wars free for PC and Create a Sim with the new look.

You do not get to go to this new world directly from Create a Sim, you need to first choose a world from start playing. Batuu is touted as a vacation destination, meaning you can only go to this planet using the go to vacation option. So, dial your phone, use the vacation option, and then choose the Batuu world. Once there, you will first have to go to the Black Spire Outpost and start from there. Here is Sims 4 Star Wars free download for PC, which you can use to start your Journey to Batuu.


This is a pack for the fans of both the franchises. If you like playing Sims 4 and like Star Wars, then surely you will like this. If you are not fan of both, then what are you doing on this page. For a fan of Sims 4 only, this is one pack, which you can miss without any qualms. For everyone else, on this page we give the option to download Sims 4 Star Wars for PC free and check it out before deciding.

There is also a lot of stuff to go through with iconic characters and others. So be prepared to do some exploring. If you liked the old Sims titles, then here is Sims 3 free download with all DLCs. Even older? Here is Sims 2 download for free with all DLCs. Want to try some story mode, here is Sims Medieval download free for PC.

Downloading and Installing

This part is a bit different this time around. Use uTorrent to get the Sims 4 Star Wars Pack files. Which gives you an ISO file. Then open the ISO by double clicking and copy everything from the DVD to Sims 4 install folder. After that, get the GameFix file from Mega (use VPN if it doesn’t work). Extract that Fix using WinRAR in a folder and copy the content to the same folder as before. You are ready to play after that. Get Sims 4 Star Wars PC download and start to play.

We are here to help with any issues you might have. Let us know in the comment section and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Install Instructions

    Sims 4 Star Wars Pack Install Instructions

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      It is not needed as we have updated the main link that doesnt need the fix now.

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          If you already have it, then the files are already there. You just need to extract it, no need to get the gamefix.
          Get 7zip from Google and install it. Open it and then navigate to the folder where you installed the game and then go inside the GP09 folder.
          Right click on the ClientFullBuild0.package.001 file and go to 7zip menu and click extract here. That should do it.

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          Can you read? That part was for the old link only which you have. Do what is told there.

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          Yes, you dont need it. The gamefix was provided because it would have been complicated for many people to follow the steps above. The pack from the original link was still working but it needed people who downloaded the pack to do those steps or get the gamefix. So we decided to fix the link. But as you have the old version of the file (which still has the working pack, just needs a little work from you), you should follow those steps as you dont want to use the new link.

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      If you watch the previous tutorial videos, then you will see the Sims 4 is installed in D:\The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle.
      That is where the files go in that video. Now, which folder did you choose to install, that is where your files will go.

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