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The Sims 3 Complete Collection

The Sims 3 Complete Collection PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Sims 3 is the third title in the series excluding expansions and addons that have been released. This is a life simulation at its best from EA and has been developed by The Sims Studio. This was released in 2009 for both the PC and also for the Mac OS X. download games like this one and more from this site, you will not regret it one bit. If you came here to know where to get this game then use the following link to get full version of  Sims 3 free download for PC and Mac.

Use This Link for Downloading

Sims 3 Complete Collection Free Download for PC

(Includes all expansions, addons and updates)

You can get Sims 4 Free Download Complete Collection or follow this video for base version of Sims 4 free download.


Sims 3 Complete Collection Download for Free & Play

The consoles version for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and the mobile versions were released in 2010. This was an instant success which created a lot of fans for the series and the old veterans also were really happy with the new features. If you want to a tutorial video for Sims 4 Complete collection that includes the latest Cats and Dogs, Vampires, Toddlers and all expansions then ise this link for it, Sims 4 free download. You can get the vanilla Sims 4 free download here it has only the base game without any addons.

If you want only the base Sims 3 version without any addon, then get it from the following link.

Use This Link for Downloading

Sims 3 Free Download Base Full Version for PC

This has something to offer for everyone even if you are not a gamer but if you are the kind of person who likes shooters then you should stay away from this as this is just a part of the lifestyle of a normal person, here you live a virtual life as that normal person. People who have played and experienced this will find that this third version is the best of them all with almost all the features being improved from the previous iterations. Sims 3 PC download is available from this page for everyone to get. This one doesn’t need you to be a player of games to enjoy it as anyone who knows how to use a mouse can play and enjoy. A child can enjoy this or even a grandmother will enjoy it, as it appeals to people of all ages. Sims 3 free download can be taken from the link given at the end of this post.

This might not look anything like the modern day shooters but it surely is much better compared to the previous version. You will need a good system if you want to enable all the graphical settings to make it look better. The day-night cycles, the blowing wind, cars moving on the streets make this a living neighborhood with all these things shown in very good details. The Sims characters are done very well and the animations and facial expressions shown on the characters are really good. So you want to get this, then just skip to the end and you will find the link to download Sims 3 for free is waiting for you.

Sims 3 Free Download

Sims 3 brings 11 new career choices for you to choose from and some of the careers split into two parts once you join them. Once you take up a job then your Sims will leave for work on the days scheduled for work and the time will be fast forwarded till the Sims returns back to home from work. Your performance on the job will be determined from various factors and if you are doing well then you will see your Sim being promoted. You also have skills about ten of them that you can learn in order to improve your Sims and these skills will be useful during your job as well. Looking to get the full version of the game then go to the end and you will get what you are looking for.

The Sims will age over time and eventually die; if you have taken Ambrosia or halted the aging process then they will come back from the dead or stop aging when you take the magic medicine. This lets you control up to 8 characters in a single household. The people you can control are from toddles to the elder Sims. The toddles will need to learn to walk, talk and the teenagers need to go to school and try to learn and they can even take part time jobs to help the family. Download Sims 3 full version free for PC from this page.

All in all the Sims is a lot addictive if you are into this kind of a stuff and the amount of things you can do during a session is incredible. The expansion packs that have been released for this have really improved the overall appeal with various new features added. All of these new features make for a completely different experience than the one when it was first released. Whether you are a gamer or not just play this once and see if you like it or not, we are sure you will definitely like this. Following link will give you Sims 3 download for PC for free.

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360 Responses to “The Sims 3 Complete Collection”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    The Sims 3 Install Instructions

    If you get the Complete Collection then only follow the first step, and other steps are not needed. Just install it and play.

    Layton Bowling’s New YouTube Channel for Sims Downloads

    • LilyMarian says:

      Dit is mijn eerste keer dat ik bezoek hier. Ik vond zo veel leuke dingen in uw blog. Zet het goede werk.

    • Melanie says:

      Merci pour le blog sympa. Il a été très utile pour moi. Merci pour le partage des ces.

    • SimulatorAnt says:

      Ok, I did something wrong that i didn’t do the 1st time, the Razor1911 folder only contains the The_Sims_3_Keygen.exe file. I was trying to install one of the packs and then the EA Download Manager thing installed so i just uninstalled and re-installed my game, now i cant play without it saying that it can’t verify my game or that i need to mount it. please help me

    • Amanda says:

      hey so i downloaded the zippyshare files. It’s 94.46% downloaded but there are 3 links that say no free user slots. it counts down to zero but then the count just starts all over and its been doing this since last night now its 5pm the next day. help please i’ve been downloading for 3 days now and it’s finally almost done now i’m stuck! :( I’ve read about replacing those files with the same ones from another site but idk how to do that.

      • admin says:

        Hey Amanda just get the parts that are not working from Junocloud links.. Say part 10 is not working then get only part 10 from Junocloud. Similarly get the other two parts. Get it fast before they go down as well and we remove the links.. hope this helps. Enjoy.

    • Kieran says:

      Says ‘Disk verifaction error’ help!!!

    • Marina says:

      hi,i made all the steps to download the Sims but at some point is asking me the registration code of EA games,what should i do now?

    • Dee says:

      steps 5 and 6 I just don’t understand…please help

    • ssanatana says:

      i have a macbook air and i try to download jdownloder iv followed the instructions and the file says its not supported for my mac, why is that ?

      • admin says:

        You need to use the OS X version of jDownloader. Search it in Google and install that one. The one given here is for Windows PC.

    • gin says:

      I am using mac and utorrent…and there is no .torrent that contains .dmg.
      please help!!

      • admin says:

        You will get ISO file inside that you will get what you are looking for.

        • gin says:

          hi the key gen is for window not mac
          what to do??

        • admin says:

          Sorry for that. You will find on links page in instructions we have added a file that gives you some serials. Use any one of them. :)

        • gin says:

          it said i need a disc…but i did paste the dvd file to the Application/The Sims 3 file
          what’s the problem? or i should paste the downloaded .torrent instead ? @v@

        • admin says:

          Watch the video it will show you what to do.

        • gin says:

          what video? where is rhe link??

        • admin says:

          The video is above in the article itself.

        • gin says:

          according to the video, i should be pasting the Cra4k file to the Application folder, however the Cra4k file is .exe, which mac does not have. Also, for my Application/The Sims 3 file, it contains the readme and sim3 app only, nothing to replace.

        • admin says:

          Its a bit different for Mac.
          So what you do is go to applications and then the Sims 3 folder.
          Right click on the Sims 3 icon and select show package contents.
          Now go in the folder in this order
          Contents => resources => transgaming => C_drive => Program Files => Electronic Arts => The Sims 3 => Game => Bin

          In the bin folder paste all the files you copied from the Crack folder.

        • gin says:

          okay done!….but now its asking me to insert a disc called “sims3”
          jeezz i m so frustrated…

        • admin says:

          It shouldn’t ask for that. Is the internet on? If it is then turn it off. Close the window and start it again. See what happens.

        • gin says:

          tried….does not work :(

        • admin says:

          Try starting it from the Applications folder.

        • gin says:

          not working as well…:(

        • admin says:

          Did you use the TS3.exe file to start?

        • gin says:

          mac cannot start using .exe @@

        • admin says:

          Ah didn’t know that. I m out of ideas.
          Try this. First restart your PC and see if it works after that. If not then use the following steps and see.

          Completely uninstall it. Remove all traces of it form your PC.
          Turn your internet off.
          Then install it again. See if this helps. Keep the internet off all the time to see.

        • gin says:

          Actually is it a must to mount the iso file?

          because i can use the installer from the iso file, (since i got the “it is already mounted” or “unable to mount” message).

        • admin says:

          Mount it just in case something is interfering. If its already mounted then open the DVD and start installing from there.

    • Shade Emotive says:

      Hey, Um where do I find the thing that gives the code? Plus like is there any of the links that have no wait time?

      Also I forgot to ask, what if I install it to a flashdrive, can I still play it, just if I have my flashdrive plugged in?

      Another question: after I extract all the parts together, can I delete the zip or 7z files? and just keep the iso file?

      Hey what if I have a hp streambook, will it work still ?

      Hope you see all my probloems and comments.
      1. Do I extract all the rar files all at one time or one at a time?
      You see all my other questions upo there I guess

      • admin says:

        Lets tackle your questions one by one.

        Watch the video tutorial around 4 Minutes you will find how. A razor1911 folder in the DVD has the files that gives you the code. (Or you can copy them from the links page)

        I think you can install it on flash drive but expect it to work smoothly and your save files will be in your PC so even if you take the flash drive everywhere you will have start from scratch.

        Yes you can keep only the ISO file and delete other stuff.

        If the HP streambook runs windows and has decent hardware then it shouldn’t be a problem to play on it. You can always install and check for yourself.

        Selecting only 1st part and extracting should given you the ISO file unless the parts themselves are zipped in which case select all parts and extract them. Do this process again if needed till you get the ISO files.

        Hope this answers all your questions :)

    • Jerald Carado says:

      Admin please help me. I can’t start my sims 3. “Error” something d3dx9 files has missing. It is because i have no disc? Im only downloading in internet.

      • admin says:

        Go to The Sims 3 Complete Collection Mr DJ\Redist\DirectX folder and run DXSETUP to install direct X. That will fix your problem.

    • breanna says:

      hey i did every step to the sims 3 base game an when you did the last step where you had to copy where you install the game an paste it somewhere else well.. i did that i copy but i paste it to another fresh file an i try to play it but it didnt do plus the game name on your video is ps3.exc it gave me a file that have ps3 on so…. i dont know what happen it just wont play when i click it but the sims 3 collection did perfect its just the sims 3 base im having trouble with if you know whats the problem is please comment

      • admin says:

        You cannot paste the copied files to wrong folder expect it to work. Copy it to the exact folder told in the video otherwise it wont work. the exe part is hidden because of Windows setting so dont worry about it. You can use the file that looks like the one from the video to start playing.

    • Emily says:

      How do I get more life time points? Is there a cheat for it? I’ve been searching around everywhere.

      • admin says:

        Go to the main menu and press Control + Shift + C keys and a console will come up. Type testingcheatsenabled true.
        Now, start a new game or load a saved one. Once it starts, go to the Lifetime Rewards tab of the interface. There you will see a treasure chest icon. Hold Control key on keyboard and click in the blank space just to the right of the treasure chest. Move your mouse around while quickly clicking to find the sweet spot. Once you hit it, keep clicking to increase your current Sim’s Lifetime Points.

    • Emily says:

      How do I remove some expansion packs? I don’t use all of them and it will reduce the lag.

      • admin says:

        Get AnyGameStarter3 from Google and use it to create new profile and select only the addons you want.

  2. FripperCat101 says:

    Lol. Happy Couple.

  3. mee mee says:

    it difficult download

  4. emily says:

    i want to play it free please i even bet people wants to play it free too please am begging who ever made this game it is really intresting

  5. emily says:

    could someone tell me please

  6. salvie says:

    molte grazie molto. meraviglioso.

  7. Anja says:

    Halten Sie sich die gute Arbeit!

  8. WilmaAc says:

    Thank you. My daughter is going to love this :)

    • Mr. hogan says:

      I agree :) Mine too.

      • jasmie says:

        have you gotten a virus cus my brother thinks u will get one because wen he had a 1000 computer it broke and he said all because of sims 3

        • admin says:

          Lol.. your brother is scaring you. typical of him.. He doesn’t want you to play.. There is no virus. Let me know if you need any help.

  9. Merce says:

    I m going to give this to my girl and she will make me happy :P

  10. Silkysmooth says:

    everything seems to work without a hitch

    and btw i am going to play this.. not my daughter or sister or girlfriend :D

  11. ajoy says:

    how to download dis?

    • admin says:

      See the tutorial videos given at the top. They explain everything.

      • ajoy says:

        uhm….it allows in windows 7

      • Carlos says:

        For some reason Im getting an error saing that my copy of the Sims 3 isnt vaild, Please help!

        • admin says:

          Carlos did you follow the instructions where you need to copy some files from the DVD in step 5. If you dont follow it you will get that problem. Let us know.

        • ed says:

          i followed al your steps and I get into the game but once it finishes loading it says that the disk isn’t correct contact customer service idk what I did wrong if u may clarify

        • admin says:

          Do not use any online features in the game.. Better yet turn off internet and uninstall the game and install it again. See if this helps. If it does then use a firewall to block the game from connecting to internet and then turn your internet back on.

  12. mya says:

    Could I get a bug just asking because I don’t won’t to take any chances

  13. Laura says:

    I have this game on 3ds and on Wii U

  14. shay says:

    could i get a virus downloading this because i realy want to download it but id dont want any viruses

  15. Wills says:

    Will this work for windows 8?

  16. nitoy bengkong says:

    i like this game its fun

  17. Grant says:

    Hello, when I open up Sims 3, there is a message saying “we can’t identify if you have a real version of this game” and when I click OK it closes down the game and returns me to the desktop. Is there a solution to this? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Try disabling your internet before starting also did you copy the files from DVD and replace the original files?

  18. Hadeel says:

    I love sims 3

  19. Irfan says:

    I want The Sims 3 with complete Build Mode and more items in Buy mode, is this The Sims 3 what I mean/want? Please reply admin :) Thanks

    • admin says:

      yes this is the full and final version. Enjoy :)

      • Irfan says:

        Really :) Because I ever download The Sims 3 in other website, but the Build Mode is not complete, and Buy Mode is not many items :(

        • Irfan says:

          Simple word ” Not Updates ” :( Is this updates The Sims 3 Admin :)

        • admin says:

          If you update from within the game then it will stop working. Check the download page for update information.

        • admin says:

          If you mean buy mode as in go to the online store then you cannot go online with this. To play online you need to buy the game. But everything that the offline mode supports is included in this release.

        • Irfan says:

          Oh okay I don’t too care about Buy Mode, but I want the complete Build Mode in The Sims 3

  20. Arena says:

    can this work without the game disc? the last time i downloaded a free sims game (a different file) it needs the game disc

    • admin says:

      Yes it will work as it includes the game disc. Make sure you follow instructions exactly as told above.

  21. cj says:

    fuck norton

  22. elsa says:

    So existed to play

  23. elsa says:

    So excited to play

    Cool is it fun?

  24. J20 says:

    Please can you help me it comes up with this every time I try to move to folder
    “Cannot Copy The_Sims3_KeyGen: Access is Denied.
    Make sure the disk is not full of Write-Protected and that the file is not currently in use.”

    Please get back to me soon!


    • admin says:

      Hello Jamie why are you trying to move a folder. What are you doing exactly and which step are you following?

      • J20 says:

        “5. Then copy the files from the Razor1911 folder of the DVD to the folder where you installed this on hard disk. (C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Game/Bin)”

        Not sure why it won’t work but it’s the Sims 3 Key Gen I entered in another key when installing and now it’s saying when I open it, it isn’t a verified copy of Sims 3.

        • admin says:

          you dont have to copy the keygen.. Just open it to generate a serial number to install the game. Dont copy it, just copy all other files.

        • J20 says:

          The one that I have downloaded only had 1 file within the Razor folder and I cannot open the keygen due to me using windows XP what software would I need to get to see this keygen?

        • admin says:

          Check the download page for additional download links for the missing files. Also the keygen is getting blocked by antivirus if I had to guess. Try to add an exception for the file and see. Let us know how it goes.

  25. simonaxoxxo says:

    love this game