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Shadow of The Tomb Raider Complete Collection

Shadow of The Tomb Raider Complete Collection PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Update: The links have been update to add the complete collection of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider with all DLCs. The release now comes with all the DLCs that have been released so far, including the latest DLC called ‘The Path Home’. A list of all the DLCs included with this release is given below, check that out if you want. Following link now gives you full version of the complete collection of Shadow of The Tomb Raider Free Download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider PC Download Free

(Complete Collection Includes All DLCs and Updates)

If you want to play the last title in the series first, then here is full version of Rise of the Tomb Raider download for PC.

Following is a list of all the DLCs that this release includes. If anything is missing from the list, don’t worry about it. Everything is included in this, we just didn’t add it all to the list.

  • The Path Home
  • The Grand Caiman
  • Season Pass
  • Deluxe Extras
  • Croft Edition Extras
  • The Forge
  • Spectre Gear
  • The Pillar
  • Golden Eagle Gear
  • The Nightmare
  • Fear Incarnate Gear
  • The Price of Survival
  • Classic Trinity Gear
  • The Serpent’s Heart
  • Myth Hunter Gear
  • Force of Chaos Gear
  • Sworn Defender

OLD: A couple of months after the release we have Shadow Of The Tomb Raider on our website for everyone. It was released in September for XBOX One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The Windows version is the one you will be getting on this page. Square Enix has brought published this third title in the reboot series created by Eidos with Crystal Dynamics. Following link will give you full version of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider download for free for PC.

If you follow this Tomb Raider series, then you know it was planned as a reboot trilogy of titles. The first being named, Tomb Raider. You can find that Tomb Raider 2013 download for free on our site as well. Then came the Rise of the Tomb Raider in 2015 and finally we have the last episode of this trilogy released this year i.e. 2018 with Shadow Of The Tomb Raider PC download given on this page. If you haven’t played the previous titles, then we suggest you to play them and then come to play this. No point jumping directly to the conclusion of the series.

Building on the success of the last title the developers have gone with bigger and better everything. Everything happens on a grand scale and we are not complaining. You will be glued to your chair while you pick your way through all the traps and tricks in this fun filled 25 hour-ish campaign. We wish it was longer than that. It takes the reboot story to its conclusion, one which has been a roller coaster ride. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider download for PC has been one of the best in the series, grab it from this page and enjoy it while you wait to see what happens next with Tomb Raider and Lara Croft.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider PC Download Free

The emotional story that started in 2013 get a more emotional conclusion in this final chapter and one which focuses more on Lara being obsessed with doing here own things and doing it her own way without caring for the consequences, which points towards narcissism. Though this subject has been handled delicately and very well by the story tellers, it is one of the best things we can say about it. This is helped by the cast of voice actors that know what they are doing by now. They give a performance to match the finale. Get Shadow Of The Tomb Raider free download and be amazed.

Tomb Raider has always been more about the puzzles in dangerous places with all sorts of traps. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider focuses more on those this time around compared to the last to titles in the series. There are less firefights and more puzzle solving included which is what we loved of the old games of Tomb Raider. And boy what wondrous these puzzles are built into, the environments and the world around is so beautiful that you might miss the traps laid. Visit these places, download Shadow Of The Tomb Raider free for PC from this page.

Puzzle solving is front and center as we mentioned above and these intricate puzzles never seem to disappoint in their complexity and nor do they feel repetitive or is there any reusing of ideas throughout the campaign, everything is fresh and new. Some of the puzzles will make your head spin and you will feel like giving up bit right at that moment you will find the one thing that you were missing all along, and everything will fit in place, giving you a satisfying ending. There is nothing like that feeling. Here is your chance to experience that by getting full version Shadow Of The Tomb Raider PC download for free given to us by CODEX.

The world is bigger and better and is not like anything we have seen in the past. The world is not just there to look beautiful, there is so much to do and so many areas to explore. Though some of the tasks are not fun enough, but we endured them to get to the good stuff. There are great side quests to keep you occupied when you are recuperating from that last brain bending puzzle. The day to day activities of some of NPC are detailed nicely and for the first time you can talk and listen to the stories these NPC have to tell. Get Shadow Of The Tomb Raider full version free for PC from this trusted and safe site.


One thing we are certain of this Shadow Of The Tomb Raider wraps the story of Lara that began in 2013 in a wonderful and satisfying way. The conclusion leaves us in the place that we saw Lara in the first place, not in 2013, but a Lara of more than a couple of decades ago. This ends the story of Origin of Lara in the most wonderful way. The world is so beautiful that we are angry the developers didn’t make us explore it more. But we can forgive that as there is already a lot of things we can do in this world that we liked so much. We highly recommend you play this conclusion, get Shadow Of The Tomb Raider free download for PC from here.

Downloading and Installing

Get uTorrent and Daemon Tools from the links in left sidebar and install them. Open only one link in uTorrent and get ISO file from it. Open that ISO in Daemon Tools and install Shadow Of The Tomb Raider from the DVD that pops up. Copy files from the folder as told in instructions below and thank CODEX for bringing this Shadow Of The Tomb Raider CODEX game to us.

If you have any problems or questions, then ask us below and we will help you with anything. Make sure you meet the system requirements to play this because it only works on 64bit Windows and that too with at least 8G RAM or more and good graphics card. You can check in Google for the complete requirements. If you meet them get then Shadow Of The Tomb Raider PC download for free and play.

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