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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

We are finally adding PES 2016 i.e. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 and you can now enjoy this alternate to FIFA franchise releases of which FIFA 16 has not been available yet. We think it will not be available as well as FIFA 17 has been released already and FIFA 18 is on the way in a couple of months. So if you are looking for something different then FIFA, then you will like what Konami did with full version of PES 2016 free download we are giving from the following link.

Use This Link for Downloading

PES 2016 PC Download Free Full Version

(Includes UEFA Euro France 2016 DLC)

If you want to play the latest game from the PES series then we also have PES 2018 Download for PC given here.


PES 2016 Download for Free, Install and Play

For many years not PES has been in the shadows of FIFA but with PES 16 they finally come into focus more than before. We have also added PES 2017 PC download here. If you want to play them then wait a couple of days you can find them at their respective links given above.

This new title does what the previous ones failed to do that is strike a balance between the heavy animation centric interface and the more arcade style fluid gameplay. By the way Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 does both very good and that is why it’s a good competition for FIFA. Go ahead and grab PES 2016 download for PC.

Even after playing for hours you will see many new things happening which will intrigue you no matter what you have seen so far. The animations and techniques almost resemble those of the real players. You will see players reacting to awkward balls as they would in real matches that is the reason we recommend you the full version download PES 2016 free for PC. Once you start playing you will forget other stuff for hours and you will come back for more even after you do quit it for some reason.

PES 2016 PC Download Free

All is not rosy though. There are things that we feel is embedded into the code that keeps you from doing stuff. Sometimes you will not score whatever you do, you will hit the crossbar the poles almost with all of your shots but not one will go in. This feels like there is a barrier kept for some reason to keep the game balanced that makes it more mechanical then the fluidic version that we were hoping for. Stuff like tackles will show great animations and feel real but shooting on the other hand might look like you are playing in space. See what we mean, when you get your hands on PES 2016 download for free for PC from this page.

There are different difficulty levels as usual and you can try all your tricks and new actions by setting the difficulty to the lowest level or challenge yourself with greater difficulty by increasing this setting. Either way you will have a good time and not feel like you are given unfair treatment because of the increased difficulty. Get PES 2016 free download from this page and start playing. Make sure you follow the instructions given below in comments to install PES 2016 on your PC.

Using setpieces to your advantage is where your skills as a manager will be tested. You will need a keen eye and spot places where you can get a clean header or get a clean shot. Then exploit those places by using setpieces.

One thing that is a letdown compared to the FIFA franchise is the hideous port we get on PC compared to the console counterparts. The graphics look outdated and the movements look as if it is going in slow motion. We have no idea why PES 2016 PC download is so bad in quality and not even Konami could explain it.


If you want a better experience playing a football\soccer, then go ahead and grab FIFA 17 free download or the new FIFA 18 free download for PC from the respective links given. It will give you the full version of it. Konami has been giving step-child treatment to PC gamers when it comes it PES franchise of late and that trend continues here.

Another thing that haunts the PES gamers is the fact that there are only so many licensed players and teams and stadiums that you can count on your hands. Compared to the rivals this looks like a disaster.

Even though there are many positives that we have seen while playing there are things as we said that let it down significantly if you care about better looking games. That is why at the end of this PES 2016 review we recommend you to go for FIFA 17 instead of full version of Pro Evolution Soccer download free for PC.

Downloading and Installing

Use uTorrent to open the Link 1 and save the files to a folder on your hard disk and you will get an ISO file after you complete the downloading. Use daemon tools to mount the ISO by double clicking it after installing daemon tools and you will get a DVD of PES 2016. Install and copy files from the DVD as told in instructions to play.

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28 Responses to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2016”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    PES 2016 Install Instructions

  2. Larara says:

    thanks man :D just downloaded

  3. Braga says:

    Thank you so much!

  4. mido19x says:

    Thanks a lot

  5. Pedrougaz says:

    Thanks……… time…..

  6. tilenko says:

    Thanks best footbal ever

  7. danr83 says:

    It’s a PS3/360 port, wtf Konami

  8. TheJinx says:

    Awful menu system / settings. Awful port. Gameplay is 110% though!

  9. Slimluva says:

    I fucking hate that konami gives us the new features and gameplay of next gen but old gen graphics at 1080p. Like what kind of backwards ass thinking is that!!!!!

  10. Soz says:

    Thank you so much! been waiting B)

  11. rodmassacre13 says:

    There’s no crowd at the games, wtf? Not even on Champions League matches. There’s the sound but no crowd…

  12. pipes99 says:

    Thanks uploader
    This version is not the ps4 or xbox 1 version it has terrible textures and has been poorly reviewed

  13. shnitz says:

    Thank you so much! the game is working fine . its been a joy playing

  14. apm says:

    Works great but there is no Dynamic Weather on PC

  15. frodo19 says:

    PC version looks old-gen. Played it and while the gameplay is fluid and I like the new animations, the visuals are ugly.

  16. dominic says:

    thanks it downloaded and installed but won’t run on my system windows 8

  17. KISHORE says:

    Excellent Work
    I GOT FIFA 15, PES 16, PES17

  18. ankur singha from india says:

    admin can i play pes 16 in my windos 10 low end pc please tell fast this game can i play both of sites offline and online please answer me first sir

  19. Ojiaku Clinton says: