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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PC Download

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New title in PES series is out & we have Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PES 2019 for short) available on our site now. Konami published this version for PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Windows PC in August of 2018. For the first time in a long time, we are not going to see licensed versions of UEFA competitions in PES, because Konami did not make a new deal with UEFA. Following link gives you full version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 free download for PC by CPY.

We have added FIFA 19 download for PC for free on our site, use the link to go get the full version of it.


PES 2019 Download for Free, Install and Play

If you want to play the last year’s entry in the series, then get Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 download for PC here.

As we mentioned, PES 2019 doesn’t bring the UEFA competitions in this iteration because EA bought the license for those for their FIFA franchise and FIFA 19 for the first time will feature the authentic, licensed teams and competition from UEFA. They are making a really big deal about it by centering their marketing around this acquisition. What PES promised was more licensed teams and leagues and they are doing that albeit with leagues that are not so well known. Get Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 download for free from this page and check out what we mean. You can check out the last iteration of the FIFA franchise here, FIFA 18 free download, till we get FIFA 19 up on our site, hopefully soon.

For many years not, PES has been the go to for people who prefer better gameplay compared to the highly polished presentation of FIFA and this it’s no different. Developers have tried to improve upon the presentation, but they are no match to what FIFA 19 offers. But still they outrank FIA in the gameplay department as they have been doing for last couple of years. So, if you are into more of the simulation type style, then you should definitely get Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PC download for free.

Compared to FIFA’s high paced action, PES offers and demands patience, build up and precision. This is something FIFA doesn’t have or had in the past as well, this has been a staple of PES series for years. But other issues have kept this from being the de-facto football\soccer franchise to beat. One of those issues can be seen in PES 2019, poor AI. This ruins all the fun of building up to a goal of your dreams. Grab Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 download for PC from here. You will notice this issue immediately if you have been playing football games in the past, otherwise it will take you some time to notice it.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PC Download Free

PES 2019 doesn’t bring much to the table compared to what the 2018 edition offered. There are improvements but no new modes or moves that you can master to leave your opponent in the dust, everything mostly is unchanged. Again, there are mostly unlicensed teams and players. This drives many of the fans crazy but doesn’t bother as much to many others. The main staple of the series, The Master League is where all the attention focuses for most of us, taking a team from the bottom of the footballing chain to the top. Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 free for PC and see if you can do that.

There are ways to get the licensed team and player names if you don’t want to keep using the provided names. You will have to get some of the files like options file to change the names and other things. You can find the info about doing this on the links page, at the bottom. After that you will have more immersive experience than before. Also adding to the realism are the new animations. You can see the shooting, passing animations have been modified to feel more real and so are the animations for tackling and the effects of that. Get PES 2019 PC download for free and see all these new changes in action while playing.

Apart from the animations mentioned above, ball animations have come a long way and are much better compared to the FIFA ones. This titles gives you the feeling of playing with real ball which has its own physics and reacts according to the conditions it meets on the pitch, but in FIFA it feels like the ball is attracted towards your foot no matter what you are doing. These tiny details give you a lot better feeling while you string passes at your will and score from those. Get PES 2019 free download for PC and start mastering the skills.


PES 19 is not that much different to the last year, though you will see some changes that improve it. It does warrant you switch from the last version, but as we are giving you Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PC download for free, you don’t have to worry about it, get the new version and enjoy the changes. What PES offers is better realism than FIFA.

The AI which was bad at launch has been fixed with an update which is included in this PES 2019 download on our site, which is a plus now. As of now, we can play the Master League may be once or twice and go back to FIFA which offers a lot of things, including a story mode. Hope it improves much more in future and is recommended over FIFA.

Downloading and Installing

Get uTorrent and Daemon Tools from the sidebar and install them. Open link from links page in uTorrent and get the ISO file. Open it with Daemon Tools or PowerISO or Virtual CloneDrive and get the DVD of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 from CPY. Open that DVD to install the game. Then copy files as told in install instructions below in the first comment and then you can play. If you need help regarding any part of the installation or any issues after that, you can ask in comments and we will help with that.

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    Install Instructions

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Install Instructions

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    Thank you for game bro, but how can I get option file like bayer Munich team and else? Can you help me?

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    please i can’t open the Daemon Tools Lite.i have it downloaded to my desktop. when i click open, is telling me that my laptop is compatible with it(it can’t run on my pc). i’m using window 10. HELP ME OUT

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    It shows app crash and doesnot open

    • admin says:

      What message does it show? Check system requirements for PES 2019 in Google and see if you meet them.

      • Princely says:

        Same issues crash shortly after launch
        * A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you of a solution is available *
        Please what can I do to resolve it

      • Princely says:

        Acer aspire e15 (E5-576G-5762)
        Core i5 8th gen 8250U
        GPU Nvidia MX150
        8 Gb Ram
        256 GB SSD

        • admin says:

          Don’t think that graphics card is good enough for this latest version. Try playing old versions of PES.

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    When i download in torent it say file not find i need help

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    i clicked the game and after 10 seconds, the game closed by itself
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