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PC Building Simulator Game

PC Building Simulator Game PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

PC Building Simulator PC game is published by The Irregular Corporation, who are also the developers in collaboration with Claudiu Kiss. It was released on January 29, 2019, which is when it came out of Early Access on Steam. It was under testing in Alfa and Beta builds long before that and finally a polished and finished version was released for PC in the first month of 2019. Following link gives you full version of PC Building Simulator free download for PC.

If you want to learn about PC building, then this PC Building Simulator is a good place to start to learn the ropes.

If you have even built a PC in real life, then you know how hard it is even for someone who know a lot about PC. But in PC Building Simulator you are sure to have a lot of fun building PCs and creating your own monster PC build. Building PCs is not just about putting all the parts together, it is tough, to even do that, but the main part starts with choice. You will have to choose all the right and compatible parts and make sure you get them at the right price and then finally put them all together. IF you want to do something like this, then you can learn a lot by getting PC Building Simulator PC download for free.

The story in PC Building Simulator begins with you being the job of maintaining a repair shop by your uncle temporarily. You will begin that job with a simple virus cleaning mission. Installing an antivirus and scanning and cleaning the infected files will be the first task. Once completed, you can collect the payment for that and move on to the next task. You will have to check the in-game computer, to look for emails about repair jobs and accept them to earn more money. Sounds interesting? Then here is PC Building Simulator download for PC for free. You will have a lot of fun and none of the frustrations of real PC building.

PC Building Simulator Free Download for PC

Once you begin scanning all your emails and start finishing the repair jobs one by one, you will start getting tougher and tougher jobs. You will have to order new parts to fix the computers that you took the job for. Once you are done for the day, you can leave the shop to end that day. This begins the next day of work and deliveries for the parts you purchased will start coming to your shop. Also coming your way will be all the computers you have to fix and a lot of new emails for fixing all sorts of problems from customers. Get your hands on PC Building Simulator download for free for PC & start fixing things.

PC Building Simulator doesn’t just let you create virtual PCs but it has a lot of the real brands in the game. You can just look in Google about all the brands that are included in this simulator, most of the well-known brands are covered in this release. You will also encounter some fake parts with names sounding similar to the real world ones, because they do not have licenses for those. The operating system is also not licensed. You are going to see something open source called Omega, which actually can run all the games and programs on it, which we do not have in real world other than Windows OS. Download PC Building Simulator free for PC and start learning things, might come handy in real world.


PC Building Simulator is not just like a simulator for building PCs, it also includes parts of management. Building a PC might sound like a simple task of connecting some cables on the motherboard. But in reality, you are going to get stuck in the most basic of things like connecting the cable for power button, which gets confusing even for someone has done it in the past. The variety of parts included means you have lots of opportunity to learn different layouts and how each connector can be located at different locations. But PC Building Simulator lets you do all these complicated tasks just buy clicking on the correct things in the correct order. Grab PC Building Simulator PC download for free if you are into PC hardware like many of the PC Master Race people are. You will have lot of fun. The game itself is not that well-polished if we are being frank, but it does its job well.

Downloading and Installing

Go to links page by clicking on the link given above. Once there, use Link 1 or any one of the other links and open in uTorrent (need to be installed first from the link given in the sidebar of this page) and save the ISO file in a folder. Once downloading finishes in uTorrent, you can go to that same folder and double click it to get a DVD on Windows 10 or Windows 8 or use Daemon Tools to open it in Windows 7. Run setup from the DVD to install and then copy files from PLAZA folder of that same DVD to install folder. Read the instructions given below in the comments section to get PC Building Simulator free download for PC working on your PC.

If you need help about anything, then ask your queries sin the comments section below and we will help you. Share this page on Facebook and Twitter, so more and more people can get it as well.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    PC Building Simulator Game Install Instructions

  2. Game vedios says:

    Great Game!

  3. jaapie18 says:

    Its real and its working.

  4. shadoom says:

    Would recommend it for some work and play.

  5. MST3KServo says:

    Thank you

  6. Larara says:

    Thank you admin, I am playing it.

  7. dentdc says:

    lol so awesome, but who has time, I wish I was 12 again!!!

  8. HL3 says:

    I have time but no money for my dream pc, my pc is already 7 years old :( and I’m a Gamer

  9. VagrantChris says:

    I got an old board, 6-core xenon, 18 gigs of ddr2, gtx 1060, this thing is like from 2012 so don’t feel bad. If it still plays games, you are A.O.K

  10. Malaki says:

    Hey at least its more modern than my gaming pc, p166mmx, 160mb ram, s3 virge dx+voodoo1.
    Runs Half-Life at ~20fps!

  11. m3esh says:

    omg man lol and I thought I was old here.. The good old voodoo days . 3dfx ftw haha. hey they ran half life 1 and counterstrike at 30+ fps. thats a win during the good old 90s

  12. bob joey says:

    this game sucks