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Nioh Complete Edition

Nioh Complete Edition PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

On this page you get Nioh: Complete Edition, which was released for PC with all the three expansions included with it. This is an action RPG created and released in February of 2017 by Team Ninja for PlayStation 4 and later ported for Windows PC in November of 2017 and published by Koei Tecmo. The story takes place in the 1600s, in Japan. Following link gives you full version of complete edition of Nioh free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Nioh PC Download Free Full Version

(Complete Edition includes all DLCs and Updates)

Looking for another monster hunting title? Then there is nothing better than Monster Hunter World download for PC.

This is the complete edition of Nioh for PC which includes all the DLCs and updates. Following is a list of all the DLCs that come with this Nioh Complete Edition CODEX release.

  • Dragon of the North
  • Defiant Honor
  • Bloodshed’s End

Any game that is an action RPG and has a higher difficult than normal, is termed as a Souls like title. This refers to the Dark Souls series. It is one of the tougher series to play, so any title similar as termed as that. This means that, you will have a difficult time completing the campaign and all its DLCs easily.

You will play the role of William, a European man, who comes to Japan in search of Kelley, a person who has robbed William of something. Once in Japan, William teams up with one of the Japanese sides which are at war who promise William to help him in finding Kelley. This starts your journey of Nioh PC download for free.

Mastering Nioh is a difficult task. You will have to learn how the enemies attack and how they defend before you think of defeating them. To make your task easier, you are given different weapons, and a skill tree that you can use to improve the attributes using any of the three stances. You will find out about these stances once you start playing and start tinkering with all the attributes. Get Nioh download for PC for free from our site and start the brutal journey, you will need to be patient and take you time if you want to succeed in your campaign.

Nioh Complete Edition PC Download Free

If you haven’t guessed it yet after our Japan reference at the start, then let us make it clear, Nioh is like a samurai based souls title. You are going to have to manage your stamina called Ki and find a weak spot to attack at the right time, till then you need to use block and evade tactics. Each mission will throw minions at you at the start and you will be making your way to the final boss fight by defeating those minions. You have to find your way through grim environments and the patiently fight the bosses without making any mistakes. If you think you can handle that, then you are ready to play Nioh download for free for PC.

The combat has various option for you to master, so make sure learn about all the options. This will make it easier for you to defeat even the scariest of monsters. The early levels felt boring, but as time went by we found that the level design improved.

One thing you need to be wary of is the control system on PC. There is no proper support for it as it’s a port of PlayStation 4. Many of the settings are only available in the launcher and even the controls are mentioned in a PDF present in that launcher as well. This is absurd, even for a port. But once you download Nioh free for PC from CODEX and take your time to adjust to these things, it will get easier.


Apart from the issues with the PC port mentioned above, Nioh works without any issues even on mid-level PCs, even on the highest visual settings. The main draw of Nioh is the combat and the level of detail you can use in it. Even mid fight you can change the way you fight. At the start, you won’t even use all the options available to you. Only in the later stages of the campaign, when you have spent significant amount of time playing, you will be using all the stiff offered to you. Grab Nioh Complete Edition free download for PC from our site and enjoy it.

But the most disappointing thing with this port is, the one we already talked above, the support of PC inputs or the lack of it. PC users are used to changing controls to cater to their taste and that is something you cannot take away and keep them happy.

Here are the titles from the Dark Soul series that we talked about in this review of Nioh Complete Edition. You can get all of those three titles linked here. Dark Souls III download for free is here, here is Dark Souls II download for PC and finally here is the first Dark Souls 1 download.

Downloading and Installing

Go to links page and open one of the links and use uTorrent to open it in. Then finish downloading to get the ISO file. You need to open that ISO by double clicking or using Daemon Tools in Windows 7. From there, start installation and complete it. Then copy files from the CODEX folder of the DVD and paste them in the install folder, replacing any of the files that are already present in that folder. Once done this, you are ready to play full version of Nioh Complete Edition PC download for free.

If you need help with any issues with this Nioh Complete Edition, then ask your questions in comments section. Give feedback about what you think about this PC port and if you are happy with it. Also, they are already working on Nioh 2, and they showed a trailer in E3 show of 2018. So, come back when its released for PC to download it from our trusted website.

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