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New Gundam Breaker

New Gundam Breaker PC Download

3 Star Rating: Recommended

New Gundam Breaker was released in June of 2018 for PlayStation 4 and in September of 2018 for Windows PC. Created by Crafts & Meister, New Gundam Breaker was published by Bandai Namco. This is the fourth title in the series and it was touted as a reboot of the series. If you are interested in how this fresh start turns out, then following link gives you full version of New Gundam Breaker free download for PC.

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New Gundam Breaker PC Download Free Full Version

The main aspect of this title is creating a robot that can defeat all other robots. Find the best part to equip your robot with, make sure everything is set up as you want and then take them to battle. The series had become repetitive and needed something fresh, but seeing this new title, we think they have taken some steps back instead of leaping forwards. You can get New Gundam Breaker download for PC from this page and see what we mean.

The story has been one of underwhelming things about this series. With New Gundam Breaker, they have tried to improve upon that aspect. The story, not really a strong point is at least better than before. You will get to play as a Gunpla Builder, who has the ability to build Gundams from scratch. You and your friends are good at what you do and all this action takes place in a high school environment. See how you like this once you get your hands on New Gundam Breaker download for free. Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are.

New Gundam Breaker PC Download Free

The cast of female characters is one of strong ones we have seen ever. The Gunpla Builders are trying to end the reign of bullies who are part of the student council. You will meet the characters at the beginning and you will see how they help you along the way. There are differences between all the characters and these are resolved by the way of fights between their toys as you can expect from an anime style game. Like what you are hearing? Then download New Gundam Breaker free for PC.

The story is fun but the main gameplay mechanics is the fights. You have plenty of robots on offer and a lot of customization options. However, the main aspect of the title is where it is weak. Even with all the option available, you will see that the fights do not differ much. No matter what customizations you do, the fights go the same way. You will see some weird looking robots, but all of them fight the same way and move the same way even if you give them different abilities. See if you can spot this once you have New Gundam Breaker PC download for free given on this page.


New Gundam Breaker is not as good as we would have liked it to be, that is the cold hard truth. However, the characters are likable, the story is simple, and fun, but nothing else will keep you hooked for long. The repetitive missions and the grind to unlock different parts of the robots is not a lot of fun. Without the actual fights looking different each time, it makes it a tiring effort to play this New Gundam Breaker free download.

Downloading and Installing

Get uTorrent from the link given on the sidebar. Install it and then open Link 1 from the links page, which you can access by clicking on the green link given on this page. Finish the downloading in uTorrent to get an ISO file. To open that ISO file, double click it and that will give you the DVD of New Gundam Breaker from the torrent. Open that DVD and run setup to install New Gundam Breaker PC download. You will need Daemon Tools or WinCDEmu on Windows 7 to get the DVD from ISO file. Once finishing the installation, go back to the DVD, copy everything from the CODEX folder, and paste it in the folder where you installed the game.

If you need any help, then post your comment below and we will try to help as soon as possible.

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