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NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 PC Download

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NBA 2K20 is slated to be released today, but because of the option of pre-loading it, we get to enjoy it before the official release date. NBA 2K’s yearly franchise brings another title without much difference to the previous year’s or for that matter the release even before that. Developed by Visual Concepts and released on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch by publisher 2K Sports, full version of NBA 2K20 Free Download for PC is given at the following link.

Use This Link for Downloading

NBA 2K20 PC Download Free Full Version

If you would like to play the full version of last year’s entry, then we have NBA 2K19 download for PC here as well.


NBA 2K20 Download Free, Install and Play

If you are into basketball, then you already know about the best game series out there for the fans of basketball. NBA 2K20 as the name suggests is based on the National Basketball Association and is the 21st title in the series. There are different editions like Standard, Deluxe and Legend Edition with different items available at start. It is slated to be released today i.e. on September 6, 2019, but we have NBA 2K20 download for free before it even comes out officially here.

The release of the trailer for 2K was a disaster, which should all the microtransactions you can do instead of the actual gameplay. This pissed almost all the players, even the fans you stuck with 2K after the disasters of Microtransaction from the previous entries. The in-your-face approach shown in the trailer was enough for a swift backlash from the community, which prompted the removal of the trailer immediately. Although, the trailer is gone, the microtransactions remain. Fortunately, you get to download NBA 2K20 free for PC on our site. You do not have to worry about them to enjoy the various modes on offer,

NBA 2K20 PC Download Free

Focusing on the gameplay itself, we can say that it is better than ever. There are improvements on all aspects especially the player movements, which feel tighter and more realistic thanks to the new motion engine. Unlike before, where the realism took a beating due to the movement of players looking cartoonish is gone now. The developers told everyone, that they have researched extensively to fix this issue and we can see this with NBA 2K20 download for PC they have succeeded in that. Get the full version of NBA 2K20 CODEX to enjoy this new and improved gameplay.

Unfortunately, 2K have blocked the MyPlayer and MyTeam modes behind online wall, meaning you will only be able to play these modes on bought versions, which can go online. Fortunately, the main mode that we feel is the best of all of them is the MyLeague mode. That mode has been left untouched and is playable offline. So, we think NBA 2K20 PC Download for Free is worth downloading just for the pure joy of playing hoops and not wasting time with some dumb story mode.

The main aspect of NBA 2K20 is the perfect and authentic gameplay we get to enjoy. The visuals have been great for years now and they remain or look better with slight improvements. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy, if not for the online blocking and restrictions placed by 2K on it.


There is no point changing something that is not broken, that is what the developers have done with NBA 2K20. There are improvements that were needed but not over the top changes to ruin anything. The blocking of features and modes behind online wall is dumb and people will be angry about it, even those who bought the damn thing. However, for people who are looking to enjoy a session of hoops, without all the fuss about story or characters creation, NBA 2K20 free download we are offering on this page is the best bet.

If you are looking for more sports titles, then we have FIFA 19 download for free and PES 2019 download for PC as well. More sports titles are also available on our website; use the search to find the ones you want.

Downloading and Installing

Install qBittorrent from Google. Once done, click the link from this article to go to the links page. Open any one of the links from there in the torrent software install earlier. Save the files on your hard disk in a folder that has at least 80GB of space. Once you finish downloading, go to that folder and double click to get a DVD or on Windows 7 do the same but install WinCDEmu before doing that. Once the DVD opens, run the setup to install full version of NBA 2K20 PC download. After finishing it successfully, go back to the DVD and into the CODEX folder. Copy everything from there and paste it in the folder where you install the game on your hard disk. You can start playing after that.

If you need any help, then let us know in the comments section below. Also, please make sure to share this page on Twitter and Facebook, so other fans can also get NBA 2K20 download PC free as well.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    NBA 2K20 Install Instructions

  2. pabble says:

    Thanks so much. That was fast.

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    Cheers admin, Codex. Thanks for uploading

  4. psyko666 says:

    Less basketball more casino

  5. SheppardSG1 says:

    las vegas simulator not worth even downloading here in my opinion ;(

  6. IKolodiychik says:

    Its working. thanks admin. No story mode that I can see, just MyLeague, MyGM, WNBA season, season and playoffs.

  7. djskull says:

    This worked. thanks. btw anyone have gears of war 5 yet?

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    Working fine, thanks guys.

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    Thanks so much for providing this so quickly. I wanted to test it before buying.
    It works guys and sadly isnt much different to last year, so i will be skipping it.

  10. Dupa Li says:

    Thanks, works on windows7. No issues.

  11. wolve09 says:

    how to fix ISDone.dll error when I install the game?

  12. IKolodiychik says:

    MyLeague, MyGM, WNBA season, season and playoffs all are working.

  13. djskull says:

    anyone have gears of war 5 yet?

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    Thanks, works fine.

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    When will fifa 20 release??

  16. nick says:

    mine crashes every time I start the match… :(

    what to do?

    • admin says:

      Remove everything and disable antivirus. Then right click the setup file and choose the Run as Admin option. If possible, dont install on Windows drive, install on some other drive and also run it as admin by right clicking.

  17. jang says:

    i love it

  18. almonier says:

    wow awsome wew

  19. gian says:

    I followed all step but when i double click the game it is only up to the anthony davis part with the ball at the lower left

    • admin says:

      Look for system requirements in Google and compare your PC with it to make sure you can run this.

  20. james says:

    it doesn’t work

  21. Jojo says:

    does it have my career mode?

  22. John Nalunat says:

    thank you

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    the game has no sound. how to fix it?

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