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NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 PC Download

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Another year and another new release in the NBA 2K series, we have NBA 2K19 for PC available now on our website.  It was released in September of 2018 for all major consoles that included Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and also on Windows PC. After couple of years on the fritz for not being that good, the series comes back finally with a bang and we have one of the best titles in the NBA series. Following link gives you full version of NBA 2K19 free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

NBA 2K19 PC Download Free Full Version

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NBA 2K19 Download for Free, Install and Play

Visual Concepts bring us this new basketball simulation title, which is published as usual by 2K Sports. This is the new entry into a series running for two decades now and a successor to last year’s NBA 2K18. You can find NBA 2K18 download for free for PC here. 2K19 was praised by everyone but it was bashed heavily for the way the microtransactions were intrusively implemented. Microtransactions have come under heavy fire from all consumers and have cost companies in billions because of bad implementation (EA’s Battlefront 2 comes to mind). Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that, you can get NBA 2K19 PC download from this page.

NBA 2K19 improves a lot in terms of animations as well as collision mechanics. Now the body share and weight matter in a collision. A player more agile or heavy will react differently. The stronger the player, the better chance he has of surviving a collision than the opponent. The ball handling as well as ball bounce have been improved, giving things a much better look compared to the predecessor. There are a lot less jittery moments to notice in NBA 2K19 compared to 2K18 version. For that reason, we highly recommend you to get NBA 2K19 download for PC instead of any of the older versions.

NBA 2K19 PC Download Free

The AI has been exceptional in the past but with NBA 2K19 it gets even better, you won’t notice any issues at all, making you feel like you are playing with all human players all the time, that is a really big compliment to the developers. The Offensive as well as the Defensive AI added quality to the already impressive work of the past. This makes for a really challenging matches each time you walk on the court. If you are not a hardcore player, you should learn a lot before jumping into the deep end. Get NBA 2K19 download for free for PC and start practicing.

The MyCareer mode is stuck behind online servers so those are out of the questions for you to play without buying. What you can do is play the MyGM and MyLeague modes which are far better than any other mode. You cannot play the story mode without buying as well same as MyCareer but in our opinion you should play other modes mentioned earlier if you want to enjoy this NBA 2K19 PC download on your computer. There was an outcry from all players about locking stuff to online but it seems 2K did not listen to this and are persisting with stripping features from offline and locking them to online only.

MyLeague is better than ever and it has extended its better position to even higher level compared to other modes on offer. Though there are lot of options here which can be overwhelming for beginners. Once you go through them patiently, you will definitely come to like this mode better than any of the other ones.


NBA 2K19 offers a lot of new modes and option to play. Even though some of them need an always online internet connection, the rest of the modes more than make up for it. Quality of AI and animations saw welcome improvements to them, making it one of the best games in the series. So, we give you the chance to download NBA 2K19 free for PC. If you think really hard, there might be some issues that we think should be addressed in future, but as of right now, there is nothing better than NBA 2K19 in sporting titles. After the disaster of NBA 2K18 people were looking to write off 2K19 but the developers have come back strongly and make a major case for playing NBA 2K19 on your PC. Get NBA 2K19 free download for PC and enjoy.

Downloading and Installing

Click the green link above or the button from below to go to links page. Then open one of the link from there in uTorrent and save the files to your PC. This will give you an ISO file, which you can then open using Daemon Tools or PowerISO to get a DVD of NBA 2K19. Run setup from that DVD to start the installation and then copy files from CODEX folder of the DVD to the install of NBA 2K19. After that you are ready to play. If you have any questions regarding this NBA 2K19 PC download, then as for help in the comments section below.

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