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NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 PC Download

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NBA 2K18 is out now for Windows PC as well as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Released on 14th of September 2017 by 2K sports and created by Visual Concepts it is the 19th title in the series. It comes after the great success of NBA 2K17 release last year. Based on popular basketball sport it features NBA, National basketball Association in its entirety, hence the name. Following link gives you full version of NBA 2K18 free download for PC which is now online for everyone.

Use This Link for Downloading

NBA 2K18 PC Download Free Full Version

Like its predecessors NBA 2K18 is not only a sports game but rather a well-crafted simulation that a fan will love to experience.


NBA 2K18 Download for Free, Install and Play

The previous year’s title had issues with some of the simple things like dribbling and defending and we were hoping for improvements in that department. You can see that if you want by getting full version of NBA 2K17 PC download for free from here. Fortunately, we can see that they have done some things that try to fix it. Dribbling feels a lot more natural now and the skill difference is noticeable between those with great handling and those that are only good or below that level. See that when you get NBA 2K18 PC download from this page.

When in control of a great player you will immediately see the difference it makes to your gameplay. You feel like you can do any maneuver without losing the ball and that is exactly what is possible if you can string together move after move. But playing against such a player as a defender would pose more problems if they are unstoppable. Fortunately, you can still predict and anticipate the movements of the player and steal the ball. Watch how you can download NBA 2K18 free for PC then pull off all the move you can in this full version.

NBA 2K18 FREE PC Download

If you want to take a look at another sports title from 2K then we suggest you look at WWE 2K17 PC download that we are giving here. It is the best professional wrestling game out for PC so far. We are waiting for the WWE 2K18 which will be available next month.

In the last year’s iteration when you tried to steal you would succeed most of them times but in this year’s edition if your player is not good enough you will be fouling the opposition player more often than not. So be careful while you try to steal the ball. Get NBA 2K18 download for PC then enjoy the game.

Ankle-breakers is something that we could see too many times even in a single match that was not realistic. But this time around you will hardly see them and only when you execute them correctly will they appear. Make sure you choose the camera angel to play wisely as it will be difficult to spot some things when you have the wrong camera view. Broadcast view works best in our opinion. Check it out from the link above once you have NBA 2K18 download for free on your PC done.

One thing that we think still needs work is in passing department. We don’t know if we will get a patch to fix this issue immediately but the developers have promised a fix. What happens is, when you are trying to pass to a player and he is on the run even when you tap the button for passing it takes a moment for that press of the button to convert into an actual pass. But in the meantime the player who is supposed to get the pass has moved away due to the momentum that he was in. Your pass will end up in an empty area will be up for grabs to anyone nearby. See what we mean when you get NBA 2K18 PC download from our safe website, the one which you can trust for all your PC game downloads.

There are many things that we can talk about in this NBA 2K18 PC review but we are going to stop now and let you discover all the cool stuff on your own and feel the joy of discovery. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.


There are many improvements compared to the predecessors and the developers have listened to the gamers complaints about stuff that they did not feel right. They have fixed issues that plagued the last version and that is why it makes for a good sports game yet again. The passing issue we mentioned happens only sometimes and at other times it is perfect. Shooting is tougher as it should be. You now get to see how good or how bad you were from the ratings that are shown to you. The AI controlled by the ACE system has been improved much and gives a run for your money even if you are a pro in NBA 2K18 download for free on PC.

New animations light up the experience even more and the facial animation and likeness to the real players is astonishing. The character models don’t feel large which was the case in NBA 2K17. Due to these improvements we highly recommend you to get NBA 2K18 free download for PC from this page.

Downloading and Installing

Use uTorrent to open the link and get the NBA 2K18 ISO file which in turn you can mount using daemon tools lite software. This will give you the DVD of NBA 2K18 from where you can install and copy the required files as told in the instructions. Then you can play. Make sure to get the two programs mentioned from the sidebar of our website so that you don’t have any issues with them.

Click the button below or the link given above for NBA 2K18 free download for PC. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family so that they can enjoy it as well. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy.

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32 Responses to “NBA 2K18”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    NBA 2K18 Install Instructions

  2. atom says:

    cool sh*t! Great Bday present for me, thanks guys.. I hope they put back the custom teams. thanks

  3. Krossfaded says:


  4. ardensio says:

    Hope all the new “scenarised” content is not as cringy as it was in the Prelude .. Thanks for the upload.

    • atom says:

      Looks like they took it out completely for offline play. they don’t even tell you why your guy’s name is DJ hah. Now it’s just straight to a team and play, no cut-scenes at all. Oh well, cheers

  5. skater says:

    Very Good..!!!!!!

  6. Taroon says:

    Wow… Plays fine. But it seems like they gutted Career mode for offline play. Lame shit.

  7. joeymungoi says:

    Downloading now. Thanks in advance.

  8. GParena says:

    Thanks!! Works fine.

  9. Rich92 says:

    Thank you admin. Good job with fast upload. As always works great. :)

  10. Mark Lester Ducut says:

    Why i cant play the game. when i pick team on play now the game loads upto 100% after that it goes black screen. and the game dont have volume or any kind of sounds.. help to fix please|?

    • admin says:

      Go to NBA 2K18\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2012 and install both setups from there. See if it fixes your issues.

      • Mark Lester Ducut says:

        Still doesnt work for me. after game loads into 100% then it goes black screen without volume. please help me to fix this game i really want this :(

        • Mark Lester Ducut says:

          i installed the directx and volume got fixed. but the game still black screen :(

        • admin says:

          When exactly does this loading thing you are saying happens. The game starts right? It happens when you are trying to play a match? Can you watch the video and tell us exactly which point the black screen happens. Does it crash after that or you have to close it manually?

  11. jeffreypakingan says:

    how to play

  12. Hayden ⚾? Miller says:

    NBA 2k18

  13. jervz4 says:

    Not running in windows 10

  14. mark says:

    it works on 4gb ram???

  15. anon says:

    daemon tools lite doesnt work on windows 10

  16. HoudinZayke says:

    Um in this 2K18, is there animations or cut scenes in MyCareer? because as far as I know if it’s a Crack no cutscenes available to it. So is there a Cut-Scenes in the MyCareer in this NBA2K18?

  17. jayr says:

    is this 64bit?

  18. steven says:

    Does this have online

  19. nick says:

    Thanks! Working perfectly! :)

    the only problem is that the players pictures are blurred, don’t know if it’s my gpu that needs to upgrade… but everything else is Great!