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NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16 PC Download

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The seventeenth installment in the series, NBA 2K16 is created by Visual Concepts and as usual published by 2K sports. With improvements all across the board and especially to the defensive AI, NBA 2K16 is one hell of a title, the best sports sim we have ever played. NBA 2k16 released for Windows PC as well as the older and newer consoles and some mobile devices is a successor to the widely popular NBA 2K15 PC download, full version of which is available here. If you have already played the predecessor then you know, go ahead and grab NBA 2K16 PC download available online now from the following link.

Use This Link for Downloading

NBA 2K16 PC Download Free Full Version

We also have full version of NBA 2K18 free download for PC on our site, you can get it as well if you want to play the latest edition.


NBA 2K16 Download for Free, Install and Play

So far NBA 2K16 has received positive reviews from everyone and you will get to play it by using the links provided on this page. If you have played the predecessor that is the 2015 version then you will have knowledge about which strategies work. Let us stop you there. Those previous strategies are not going to work in this 2016 version. We suggest you to learn anew and adapt to the new way of things. But first you need to get full version of NBA 2K16 PC download from this page to enjoy.

NBA 2K16 really makes you think like a coach and a player in order to win. No more going it sole and winning matches on your own. You will have to strategize and apply those strategies in order to win. This is what real Basketball feels like and NBA 2K16 free download given here represents it with utmost respect. Don’t forget to watch the tutorial videos if you are having trouble following the steps of download, installing and playing this game.

NBA 2K16 PC Download

Visually this 2K series has been great since 2K14 but 2K16 improves it further to realistic levels of players and environments. Detailed body scans and new models provide lifelike characters in-game. The new animations tie it all together, be them the hair styles, faces or anything else. The developers have focused more on presentation this time around and it shows in every aspect. You can experience that yourself by learning how to or where to download NBA 2K16 free for PC, this page offers you the full version of it.

One of biggest changes is to the gameplay. Fortunately it is for the best. The complete overhaul of this aspect results in one of the best experiences we have ever had. Previous iterations gave us some minor glitches which we could exploit and make the AI to make mistakes which real players wouldn’t. This time around no such thing can be done to score easy points. Want to experience this true-to-life game then what are you waiting for we are giving NBA 2K16 download for free for PC in this article.

The only real way to beat your opponents this time around is to actually use the concepts applied by real teams. If you have the knowledge then you will be greatly rewarded by this game. Not only that the AI is smarter and the coaches from opposition will learn your tactics and counter them in real time. This kept us on our toes to search and implement new concepts in order to score those all important points. Want to do the same? Go ahead and find NBA 2K16 download for PC and install it start playing.

There are plenty of modes to choose from to start playing. All the popular modes return and with some changes to make them even better. MyCareer has been completely redone. You get to start from teenage years in high school and make your way up to the college and professionals. Though the school part is a bit dull but it picks up in during college years and beyond. This is a Documentary style story involved which feels a bit corny. Anyways who is looking for a story in a sports game right? Then what are you waiting go ahead and dunk some fantastic shot by using the link provided above for NBA 2K16 free download.


The bar is raised yet again. We did not think it was possible to make a great title like the 2K15 version better but developers Visual Concepts have taken on that task and have done wonderfully well. This is by far the best sports simulation that you are going to see in a complete package that doesn’t lack anything. Smooth looking gameplay, animations, realistic looking characters and their equally realistic AI, all come together to produce a masterclass. Go ahead and gran it as we finally have NBA 2K16 PC download available on this page. It is online right now for everyone.

Apart from the Documentary style MyCareer mode everything else is exactly the way you would want it to be. Overall polish and the way the AI reacts, makes for some fun plays. All in all, we will give this title 5 out of 5, yet again. A fan of basketball should not miss out on the full version of NBA 2K16 PC download we are giving on our safe and trusted site from the group CODEX.

If you love sports titles then we recommend the latest full version of WWE 2K16 PC download given here that we will add in a couple days on our website.

Downloading and Installing

We are going to use torrents for downloading, so first get μTorrent from the sidebar and install it. Then click the link given above and choose only 1 link from the list given. Open it in μTorrent and save the files to a folder of your choice. Once finished downloading you will get an ISO file which is the full version of NBA 2K16 download for free that we are giving here.

To use the ISO file we are going to use Daemon Tools Lite. Again use the link provided on the left sidebar to get Daemon Tools Lite and install it. Now go to the folder that has the ISO file of NBA 2K16 and double click it. You will find a new DVD drive created by Daemon Tools and in that new drive you will find the full version of NBA 2K16 download for PC from CODEX we gave you on this website. Open that DVD and run setup to install it. Finish the installation and then copy everything from the CODEX folder form the same DVD and paste it in the folder where you installed the game on hard disk.

That’s it. You are ready to play now. If you do not understand any of the steps then we are here to help. Just post your questions, problems, and we will reply with a solution as soon as possible. In the mean while also check out the tutorial videos we have on our site to get an idea of how to install and play NBA 2K16 free download.

Now use the following button or the link given above to get the full version of NBA 2K16 free from CODEX and start playing and enjoying to the fullest.

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    Install Instructions

    NBA 2K16 Install Instructions

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    It better be worth it :)

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    Works perfectly for me

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    Works well for me also. If you have stuttering issue try setting the optimization option to 0 in config. Helped me at ton.

  8. thealbinofox says:

    Thank you! I played through the High School, College, and got drafted. Once that happened accidently I deleted some files and also the ISO file. Needless to say I am downloading it again. Thanks Everyone for keeping it alive.

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    oh that’s great news…
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    works just just fine.

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    40 gigs??! Compared to the console version thats nearly 6x the size?!

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    Thanks. Worked perfectly for me.

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    Used a different (qbittorrent) torrent client that worked great as well.

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    Maybe it’s stupid question, but how do I get to the control configuration section?

  19. bobmarley says:

    thanks.. No problems so far

  20. Brian says:

    Hey admin, I’m having issues with steam not letting me play NBA 2k16. Every time I open it, a message pops up saying “steam is experiencing errors”, then I click “ok” and the game exits. What can I do to fix this?

    • Brian says:

      I have even used firewall to prevent it from connecting to internet.

      • admin says:

        Looks like the crack files were deleted by your antivirus

        • Brian says:

          actually I still have the files and I even turned off the antivirus yet it still does not work. And actually before I even started to have any of this problem it was working just fine in the beginning.

        • admin says:

          Dont know how that error is popping up. We even searched in Google and nobody else has reported any such thing. Only thing we can suggest is reinstall it and if possible uninstall steam if you have it installed.

        • Kristy says:

          Brain i had the same problem uninstall your anti-virus then redo the crack process like coping the crack then putting it where you installed the game.

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    i want to download it for free what i do ????

  22. ojo49 says:

    this file is a codex file, how do I run it, is still the same step please help?

    • admin says:

      The big file other than the CODEX file is the ISO file. Follow the instructions to use it as told.

  23. steven says:

    why its too lag when i play the game

  24. sam says:

    does this come with multiplayer

  25. robert says:

    also runs is laptop?