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Narcos Rise of the Cartels

Narcos Rise of the Cartels PC Download

3 Star Rating: Recommended

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels is an XCOM style tactical turn based title that was created by the developers Kuju Entertainment and published by Curve Digital. This is obviously based on popular Netflix show Narcos but it actually devoid of any of the plots and characters from the show. It was first released on November 19, 2019 for Windows PC & PS4. Following link gives you full version of Narcos Rise of the Cartels Free Download for PC.

You can get the latest title from the above-mentioned XCOM series on our site here XCOM 2 Download for PC.

Unlike the show, the war on drugs does not involve much of evidence gathering, flipping informants or intelligent police work. What you do is, shoot all the cartel members and missions that ask to you assassinate head of the cartel. This is literal war on drugs, where you shoot to kill. You do get the option of playing either as a cop, a DEA agent or as a cartel member. See if that helps, when you get Narcos Rise of the Cartels download for PC full version from CODEX.

Another one of the gripes is the fact that you can only move one character per turn and you have five team members to move. Which means any move you make, the enemy will counter in seconds, this is tedious and could have been avoided. You have five member in your team from the start. They should have given you less and unlock more after certain time. Playing with five member from start is boring. If you think otherwise, try your hand with Narcos Rise of the Cartels download for free given on this page.

Narcos Rise of the Cartels PC Download Free

If you have watched the series, then you will find some of the dialogues and language familiar. As mentioned earlier, you get to move a single character at every turn. You are given movement points that you can use to perform various activities, just like any other tactical shooter. Where it differs is, once you use movement points for a particular character, you can only use that character for the rest of the movement points. Other units will remain in the exact position they were at the beginning of that turn. Download Narcos Rise of the Cartels free for PC to see how dumb this feels.

This new mechanic is one of the worst things they could have done. It makes the entire action feel ridiculous with only one unit fighting it out with the enemy unit. Why give a team of five if you do not get to use them in a way that you want. However, this tactic does make it challenge to make every move count. If you do not use your moves wisely, then you won’t survive for long. If you are looking for a challenge, then definitely give Narcos Rise of the Cartels PC Download for Free a try.


Every reviewer has spoken negatively about the one unit movement option that this title relies on, and rightly so. New comes to this genre might be tempted to turn the game off and look at other titles like Phoenix Point PC download free given here, which looks like a spiritual successor to XCOM. But anyone who is looking for a challenge should give this Narcos title a try and see if they can master this one unit movement. Get Narcos Rise of the Cartels free download from our safe and trusted website and try it.

Another recent title you can give a try is Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden download PC free given on this website, it has a different setting but similar gameplay style, which you might enjoy if you are a fan of this genre.

Downloading and installing

You first need to install a torrent client. Use Google to get qBittorrent and install that. Then use the first link or any other link from the links page and open it in the torrent client. Save the files on your PC, which includes an ISO file. Right click that ISO file and choose Mount option to get a DVD of full version of Narcos Rise of the Cartels PC download. You will need to install WinCDEmu program from Google if you are using Windows 7. Open the DVD, run setup and install. Then open DVD again and copy everything you see inside the CODEX folder and paste it in the folder where you installed this game on hard disk. You can play after that.

If you want any help, then let us know below. Please share this page with any fans of the Narcos series, so that they can try this title as well. Enjoy!

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