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Life Is Strange 2 Complete Collection

Life Is Strange 2 Complete Collection PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

The Complete Edition of Life Is Strange 2 with all episodes is now on our website. You can find the previous titles from the series on our website as well. Dontnod Entertainment are the developers once again and Square Enix are the publishers. The episodes were released in 2018 and 2019 for Windows PC and consoles, the for macOS and Linux. Following link gives you Full Version of Life Is Strange 2 Free Download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Life Is Strange 2 PC Download Free Full Version

(Includes All 5 Episodes & Updates)

If you want to play the first title from the series, then you can find Life Is Strange download for PC with all episodes.


Life Is Strange 2 Complete Download Free, Install & Play

Life is Strange 2 like its predecessor focuses more on the story than the gameplay elements. You will see two Hispanic brothers travel across the USA trying to evade police. Unlike the original title, this story takes place on the road and not a single place. The choices you make will affect the outcome of the future evets, same as the predecessor. You will get to play as the teenager Sean Diaz. Get Life is Strange 2 download for free to see if you like this new approach.

If you have played the first title, then you will feel the improvements made for this sequel. The story and dialogues don’t feel forced, they feel natural. Instead of two endings of the original, you have seven different endings all depending on the decisions you made throughout the journey. None of the endings feel forced, they all feel like a natural culmination of the choices you made. Whatever choices you make, the ending will justify that with an ending that you sought with those choices. Let us see what choices you make once you have Life is Strange 2 download for PC. Let us know if you played the story one more time to make different choices to see a different ending.

Life is Strange 2 PC Download Free

The first title from the series was centered on a single character, meaning the choices made will affect that character. However, LiS 2 will affect the main character you play as much as it will affect the younger brother that you will be taking care of. After the death of their father at the hands of a cop, the younger brother develops telekinetic powers, which are the cause of Daniel, the younger brother killing the cop. This is the reason for the brothers to be on the run. You can download Life is Strange 2 for free for PC full version game to see how things pan out on the run.

While the original title didn’t have much to do with all the politics or world events, Life is Strange 2 dives in to all those stories you here around the world. The stories from each episode ask you to care about the people going through the same stuff in the real world. On this journey, you will make friends; find love on your ultimate destination of ancestral land in Mexico. You wont get to escape the bad real world out there, if that is what you were looking for. Grab Life is Strange 2 PC Download for Free to dive into the real stories.


Although it was not as novel as the first title, the sequel held its own in the world where story based titles from Telltale are abound. The story of the two brothers, the reality check about the current situation in the world were all positives. Unfortunately, the success that the original received was detrimental, even though it outdid the original. Use the link below to get Life is Strange 2 PC download to enjoy all the things that you just read in this Life is Strange 2 PC review.

If you want to enjoy another standalone from the Life is Strange series, then here is Life is Strange Before the Storm download for PC. If you want to enjoy more story bases games, then you can search for them on our website.

Downloading and Installing

Use one link from the links page for downloading; you just need to open it in your favorite torrent client like qBittorrent. Once opened, save the files on your hard disk. Once the downloading is finished, you can double click the ISO file to get the DVD. Open that DVD, run setup and install on your PC. Once the installation is finished, open the ISO again, then copy files from EMPRESS folder and paste them in the folder where you installed full version of Life Is Strange 2 free download for PC.

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