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Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 PC Download

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2018 has seen many memorable story telling games, which included the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War, to name a couple. But if you want action that doesn’t care much for the story, which has over the top action sequences and adventure, then no need to look further than Just Cause 4. Avalanche Studios have brought us Just Cause 4 who are the creators of this franchise, which is twelve years old now. Full version of Just Cause 4 free download for PC is given at the following link.

Use This Link for Downloading

Just Cause 4 PC Download Free Full Version

You can look at the complete collection version of the last entry in the series here, Just Cause 3 XL download for free.

Square Enix published Just Cause 4 this month i.e. December 2018 and we have it on our safe and trusted site here already online and available for everyone. It was released for the new consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and also on Windows PC, which is what you are going to get on this page, Just Cause 4 download for free. Each year they are making it crazier than before. This year is no different, with giant tornadoes plowing the entire map adding an extra zing to what already is crazy action.

If you have never heard or played any titles from this series, then here is some background info about it. This is an open world action adventure title. You will play as Rico, the protagonist of this series, who is more capable than James Bond himself. Helping you in the endeavor are lots of gadgets and items. The main objects that you will be using the most are the grappling hook and parachutes along with the Wingsuit. Your only objective is to remove the evil dictator from a fictional island as told by The Agency, which deploys Rico on all the missions. Here is Just Cause 4 download for PC for free, use the link from this page to get it and see what happens in this version. You can also get GTA 5 download for PC from here, it also allows you to play freely and do whatever you want just like this game.

The above story changes a little because Rico no longer works for The Agency, but he still does what we have seen him doing in the predecessors, to overthrow evil dictators. The story is somewhat interesting this time around but compared to the titles we mentioned at the beginning of this review, it’s nothing. Nobody comes to play Just Cause series for its story anyway, so we are good to go in that department. This time you will be removing Oscar Espinosa from his evil hold on a South American island called Solis. Check out Just Cause 4 PC download given on this page to find out how the story turns out without us given you any spoilers.

Just Cause 4 PC Download Free

The story goes something like this. Oscar, the villain, has created a machine that can change weather and he is using the island to test out this machine putting all the lives in danger. Complicating the matters is Rico’s father, who is also part a part of a group of scientists who created the machine. It’s up to Rico and you to stop this machine from making any more chaos. But if you know how Just Cause works then you already know, Rico is the one who creates all the chaos wherever he goes. It’s fun, nonetheless. Download Just Cause 4 free for PC from this article and enjoy as much as we did.

Rico is not alone this time; you can use his Army of Chaos to cause more chaos in the enemy camp. You will be playing in thirty different regions which the island is divided into. Until your Army of Chaos controls the region you cannot play any story missions in that region, they are locked till then. Progressing through the story you will be destroying three machines until you reach Oscar to destroy the last machine and end the suffering once and for all. Grab full version of Just Cause 4 free download for from this site to play the most outrageous action shooter.

Not only are the enemies gunning to take you down, there severe weather conditions like Tornadoes, Sandstorms, Blizzards and Thunderstorms all created by the weather controlling machines of Oscar. See if you can use these conditions to your advantage to cause more destruction. If you like this, then you can also go back and play full version of Just Cause 2 PC download given here.


The issues we encountered in Just Cause 3 are still present in this iteration which was a bummer. The developers didn’t bother to fix this issue which plagued the earlier titles. Though Just Cause 4 delivers abundantly more in terms of raw and open action. Fooling with the grappling hook and doing outrageous stunts with it, is one of the things that became popular ever since its inclusion in the Just Cause series. It is what we loved to do and fool around with heavy stuff and make it float using balloons. It doesn’t get boring at all. Even after all the fun, full version of Just Cause 4 PC download is limited to be played only once because there is nothing to come back to, for another playthrough.

if you like these over-the-top action adventures titles, then you should definitely look at full version of Far Cry 5 download for PC here.

Downloading and Installing

Use one link from links page and open in uTorrent and get the ISO file after you finish downloading it. Open that ISO file by double clicking in Windows 10 or using Daemon Tools in Windows 7 or older to get the DVD of Just Cause 4 download for PC. Start installation from there. Once done follow the rest of instructions given below in the first comment.

If you have any problems, then ask for help below and someone from the team will help you out. Make sure to leave any feedback as well in comments, so that we can improve the site. Finally, don’t forget to share this site and Just Cause 4 download for free page on Facebook and Twitter and other social sites for other people as well.

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