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John Wick Hex

John Wick Hex PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Based on the ever popular John Wick series, John Wick Hex is a strategy action title released today i.e. October 8, 20129 for Windows PC and macOS by developer Bithell Games and publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment. The developers have plans to release this for the consoles at a later date. You can enjoy the PC version right now, which serves as a prequel to the movie series. Following link gives you full version of John Wick Hex Free Download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

John Wick Hex PC Download Free Full Version

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Even though John Wick Hex is a strategy title, it is not an RTS. Everything happens in a timeline format, meaning whenever you move other characters on the map also move at the same pace as you. There is a timeline at the top of your screen, this gives you the real-time information about how it will take you to perform your action versus the time it will take your enemies to perform their actions. Depending on who comes out on top, you can decide to change your action. See how that works, when you download John Wick Hex free for PC full version game from CODEX.

The above approach gives it a movie like feeling albeit from a top down viewpoint. Just like in the movies running out of ammo happens a lot, but you can throw your spent weapon, use it as a projectile, and then perform melee attacks. You would be surprised how well this works out, just like in the movies. This happens so often that you will be looking forward to the next time it happens to see some great action sequence. Use the link from this page to get John Wick Hex download for PC to see how you feel. If you need any help, you can use the comments section below to ask us or other users for help.

John Wick Hex PC Download Free

If you have seen the Go series of titles like Hitman GO, Lara Croft Go or Deus Ex Go, then you know what you are getting with John Wick Hex. However, it is much more complex than all the three titles mentioned above. It also features various actions like takedowns and push that give you different advantages when used. Get John Wick Hex download for free, then see how this all works out. Let us know in comments about what you feel.


John Wick Hex gives you seven chapters, which amount to around nine hours of gameplay to enjoy. However, there are some issues, which you will come to know in the later stages of the story. The AI is not the best; the enemies will follow you mindlessly even if you are out of sight. The visuals are stunning and neon lighting adds to the effect. Character models and animation are not the best looking but are competent enough to ignore. See if you like this when you get your hands on John Wick Hex PC Download for Free.

You can watch replays of your action once you finish a level, which feels nice but due to the lack of perfect animations, it does look awkward. John Wick Hex feels like a movie tie in that has gone the right way. Instead of giving us a mediocre RTS of shooter, the developers have given us something that we enjoyed playing a lot. If you are liking what we have shared in this John Wick Hex PC review, then you should use the link given on this page to get John Wick Hex free download.

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Downloading and Installing

John Wick Hex is a small title in file size, almost half a gigabyte of storage is needed for this. To get it, install qBittorrent and WinCDEmu from Google. Then use the link from links page to get the ISO file. Double click the ISO file to get a John Wick Hex DVD. Open that DVD to install John Wick Hex using the setup file. Finish installation and you are ready to play. Detailed instructions are given below if you need them. Full version of John Wick Hex download PC free from this page to enjoy the prequel to the John Wick movies.

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