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Jagged Alliance Back in Action

Jagged Alliance Back in Action PC Download

3 Star Rating: Recommended

These days there are lot of comebacks of iconic titles from 90’s. You can download games free like these and more from this site which offers you full versions. XCOM and Syndicate have reappeared as shooters. The developers of Jagged Alliance: Back in action wanted to keep the core play very close to the original. Improving old versions can sometimes spoil things which worked in the original and what needed some fixing doesn’t take place. The original one was turn based strategy, whereas the improved version features Real time strategy. Back in action is fun to play despite requiring micromanagement. Download Jagged Alliance Back in Action free for PC from the link given below this review.

It has the story same as of the Jagged Alliance 2: Your job is to organize a group of mercenaries and then liberate the country of Arulco. At the beginning you have funds just to hire few mercenaries from around 40 characters. These mercenaries have different skills, weapon skills and personalities. Once the group is formed, you have to liberate one town at a time from that grasp of evil queen using strategy and brute force. Jagged Alliance Back in Action PC download is just below this article, go and get it. Once you have expanded your influence, then you will get additional resources to use for buying weapons and hiring more mercenaries. This process feels little slow and tedious but it becomes challenging at the end. The difficulty will be faced because of the variety of choices available but the resources are limited. You have to choose between whether to hire new member or buy better gear or buy advanced weapons. Jagged Alliance Back in Action free download is what is offered on this site at the end.

Instead of sticking with the old game’s turn based strategy, Back in Action adopts more fluid method for combat and hence the battles have a fast pace. One problem faced in this due to its real time nature is that, you have lot of micromanagement to do. You have to select your troops and give them orders individually, select the target and then manually reload guns and all these are to be done in real time on battlefield. If you are looking for Jagged Alliance Back in Action free download and want to know how to or where to get it then just look below this article, where you will find links as well as the instructions to install and play. Thankfully you can ‘pause’ it at any time to analyze the situation and then give sequence orders to individual soldiers which then will be carried out in real time once you start.

Jagged Alliance Back in Action Free Download

Early on in the story the ground gaining feels slow and will test your patience. Once your force grows in number and in quality, the difficulty also increases to keep you on the edge. Once you hit a steady run then suddenly twice the number of enemies are sent to you compared to the number sent in previous missions. This makes it hard to play. Get Jagged Alliance Back in Action free for PC from this TRUSTED website and enjoy.

Back in action is an average looking game which has some good scenarios. The interior of structures have been designed in detail. Although the battlefields have some good visuals the earlier missions feel little empty. The sound design and the voiceovers compliment it well. The battlefield is plagued by some technical glitches such as line of sight issue while shooting. Despite such minor glitches, the core gameplay remains enjoyable throughout. Following link gives you full version of Jagged Alliance Back in Action free download for PC.

Download Jagged Alliance Back in Action Free


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28 Responses to “Jagged Alliance Back in Action”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    Jagged Alliance Back in Action Install Instructions

  2. Almogge says:

    ty uploader :)

  3. MadButcher says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this. Hope it’s good. Thanks uploader.

  4. Weto25 says:

    couldn’t get this when it came out. was hoping you guys would upload it at some point and now my wait is over. Got it and installed well.

    Thanks may times for making my wish come true.

  5. Koalab says:

    I was realy looking forward to this, but then i found out that they removed fog of war from it. You can see all the enemies on the map, but they can not see you until you get close to them. Weird choice to say the least :(

  6. akn says:

    what an unexpected surprise. thanks uploader!

  7. thehealing says:

    Nostalgia, I knew it was for sale on Steam but what a surprise.

    TY all

    (doesnt feel the same anymore, I wanted it to be much more turn-based)

  8. theking says:

    I’ll play it but with extremely low expectations.

  9. MrFisse says:

    Really nice remake that stays pretty true to the original franchise. Happily surprised.

  10. sebe says:

    i heard this one is good. gonna get it immediately.

  11. anext says:

    Got potential in it’s own right (not realy as JA remake thou) but as it stands now average at best UI, loads of typos and grammar errors proving english was done by non-english and lastly fact that you can see the whole map and all enemies while they can’t see you makes for a very easy “take a sniper rifle and kill everyone that’s not hidden in a building” tactic, kinda as much fun as shooting lemmings can be.

  12. romankogg says:


  13. frodo19 says:

    Deidranna… yo ass is mine! :D

    Thanks for the upload!

  14. MorphRobert says:

    tried it for about an hour

    thanks to uploader!

  15. Elohimm says:

    Thanks uploader =)

  16. johnnyg says:

    no fog of war and real time. was really wanted them to add those things. oh well anyways gonna play it as it is.

  17. quasandor says:

    Voice acting is lame compared to JA2 and there are spelling errors (though instead of tough…. LOL).

  18. lewisbrasil says:

    Muito bom :) :)

  19. Mich165 says:

    this will be a very good one! The graphics are good and they made different clothes and items.

    thx for the upload!

  20. mahiea says:

    After i have played it for more than a couple of hours it’s actually pretty decent! Alot of flaws, but as soon as they either start fixing or someone start modding this and it can be atleast as good as the old JA games! Im positive to this one now!

  21. eryui says:

    Actually i like it. I played all the Jagged series and this one is just like the others with a better graphic. It have pseudo turns, you have to adjust all the options On. Also you can setting up all the next movements for each mercenary. Isn’t all in real time if you don’t want it. I mean you can strategically decide step by step before get in the action every move they’ll do, and then again just clicking the space bar again and again.
    I have to say just to move the screen around or in any direction is a bit hard as you have to click Alt and move the mouse to rotate, and use arrows keys to see the map in all the direction. I don’t remember fog of war in this, you can be watched or heard when in the right distance.

    Sure is that with the Silent Storm series, made from other software house, the Jagged ones become obsolete, but i missed this with all the same mercenaries and their own personality.

  22. Sonic306 says:

    If you want something better in the same way, if you didn’t, you should try Silent Storm. Isn’t new either but i do remember it was a great improvement upon this same genre who followed Jagged Alliance; completely turn based.

    Thanks for the upload.

  23. rally says:

    As soon as i press Start mission after a few moments it crashes….
    any ideas?

    • Pertus says:

      i had the same pd, that solve it :
      go to JABIA\BIN_WIN32\VIDEOS
      Make a new folder.
      MOVE all video files into new folder.

  24. sausageslayer says:

    When I try to run it says “d3dx9_40.dll” is missing. how do i fix that? i have tried to reinstall and used all patches.’

    • sausageslayer says:

      oh nevermind, i was stupid. it didn´t install the direct X thing in the setup so i had to do it manually. and it worked.

      Thx for the upload!

  25. AlaaGhost says:

    the works perfectly

    in the first look i feel it is bad graphic & play style
    but when i play it a couple of hour i love it too much and i spend a lot of time on it

    note: you should setup the patch 1.12 to more enjoy it while playing and graphic also the graphics.