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Hitman 2

Hitman 2 PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Hitman 2, the 2018 edition is here for every stealth action adventure genre fan and everyone else as well. This is the second title of a kind of a reboot we saw with the first Hitman title couple of years ago, this is a sequel to that. Developer IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment bring us this for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Overall, this is the seventh title in the series. It was released this month i.e. November 2018. Following link gives you full version of Hitman 2 Free Download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Hitman 2 PC Download Free Full Version

(Also includes first Hitman from 2016)

If you want to play the previous version first, then get Hitman 2016 download for PC from here and then get this new one.

After the uproar and criticism by fans of the series about the episodic nature of the predecessor, the developers came to their senses and released a complete campaign instead of splitting in in to part. As a results we can enjoy the complete story right away instead of waiting for them to release each mission separately one moth apart. This is exciting more than anything as Hitman 2 is everything that the previous Hitman is, not a lot has changed after that. Check out Hitman 2 download for PC on this page.

For the most part Hitman 2 feels more like a continuation rather than leaps and bound above it. Don’t take it wrongly, but this is an iterative update and not an overhaul that we have seen previously in the early days of Hitman series. As many reviews are already station, this is obviously what the developers wanted to do. They wanted to term this season two of Hitman and release it in an episodic manner like the last one. Just because of the backlash it received they decided to ditch that step and release everything at once. But as far as we can see, everything else was still kept the same and here we have season two of CPY’s Hitman 2 download for free for PC.

Hitman 2 PC Download Free

You get to play six different missions at totally different locations which include some of the mundane areas, just what the series is known for, nothing fancy about them. The mission in Mumbai is one of the standouts which takes place in the slums there, making you traverse a vast area for your targets giving you the feeling of actually wandering the crowded streets of Mumbai. But the last mission will feel like that from a Mission Impossible movie, with over-the-top imagination. See how things pan out in these missions, download Hitman 2 free for PC.

Hitman is primarily a stealth game, but if you prefer the guns-blazing approach you can do that as well, but what is the point of doing that when there are plenty of games out there that do the guns-blazing things better than this. You can look at Far Cry 5 PC download for free if you are looking for that kind of action. So, we suggest look for other titles if your priorities involve lot of guns, but if stealth and patience are you preferred methods, then stick with Hitman 2 PC download for free given on this page.

As in the predecessor, you get plenty of options and ways in which you can achieve the desired result, but you can always find a better way to do that job in the next playthrough. Story, though present is not the focus here, you can make out the story from bits and pieces that you hear during the mission. This gives you the overall story structure and what exactly is going on in the larger scale. But everyone is here for the action and not the story in Hitman 2 free download.


If you loved the previous Hitman, then you will love more of the same with Hitman 2. As we said, it’s the second season of the previous entry, but, in no way is that a bad thing. In fact, they get to focus more on gameplay and other mechanics instead of looking to differentiate it from the predecessor. It offers more choices and options and more of everything that we loved in the last version and also it doesn’t come in episodes which in itself gives it a more complete campaign feel. Get Hitman 2 PC download for free and enjoy this new entry as much as we did.

We are hoping the next version will focus at least a little bit on the campaign story.

Downloading and Installing

As usual, you need uTorrent and Daemon Tools to download. Open the link in uTorrent and get ISO which you then need to open with Daemon Tools to get Hitman 2 DVD. Install Hitman 2 from that DVD. Read install instructions given below in the comments section to know what to do next. Once you have followed all steps, you can enjoy the new adventure that Agent 47 finds himself in, thanks to the release group CPY for bring us this Hitman 2 download for free.

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    Hitman 2 2018 Install Instructions

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          As said above, either your antivirus is causing this or you are copying the files to the wrong location. Did you copy the Retail folder from the DVD’s crack folder and pasted it in the folder where you installed the game?

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