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GTA 5 for PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE

GTA 5 for PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE

Grand Theft Auto 5, a game that everyone is waiting for has finally been made official for the PC platform as well as the next gen consoles like the XBOX One and PlayStation 4. Though it has already been released for the last gen consoles people are looking forward to something stunning with the next gen graphics in tow. We are in the same boat as everyone else who love PC games and are waiting eagerly for the GTA V release on PC.

We have some good news for those waiting which includes us that the developers have set a date for the release. November is the month when we will see the next gen consoles get the game and January of 2015 will see the release of GTA 5 for PC, hurray. Along with this release we are going to see a lot of improvements as told by the developers.

There was a lot of speculation about Grand Theft Auto 5; whether the PC version will ever be made but we can finally breathe a sigh of relief to hear its coming to PC. The improvements we mentioned are not just to gameplay but a lot of other things that include denser population and a lot more greenery. Also in tow are a lot of new weapons and vehicles. There are a lot more activities that you can be involved in this time on the PC version. This sounds a lot more fun compared to the current version seeing on the consoles and one begs the question does these new thing mean people who have already played will be able to play once again? For us it feels like it will be, definitely with the great graphics which we can see on the new hardware.

For those of us waiting patiently for this game it’s a treat to play it the first time with all the things mentioned above present. If you are interested in similar games then definitely look at the Sleeping Dogs free download given on this page.

There are some bonuses offered if you pre-order this game like in-game cash. This can be used in the story mode as well as the online mode. The pre-order page for XBOX One as well as PS4 is already up on Amazon and anyone interested should go grab a pre-order immediately to get the bonus.

The online part of the game will also get some much needed improvements. 30 players can now join in to play on the consoles. All the improvements that have been made since the release of the online version will be included with this new version of the game. All the content that was released will also tag along with GTA 5 on the next gen consoles as well as the PC.

We are sure we are going to have a lot more fun with all the great things the developers are bringing with the late release of the game for PC our beloved platform on this site.

Be sure to visit our site to get the GTA 5 PC download for free when it is released. As always we will make sure to add it to our collection as soon as possible. In the mean while you can enjoy the predecessor GTA 4 PC download from here.

Let us know if you are as excited as we are for this game on PC and are waiting eagerly for its release by using the comments section below. Let us know what your thoughts are about this series in general or anything related you want to share by leaving a comment below.

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  1. edwin ngollo says:

    i feel good to play this game because this is my hobbies and i love it

  2. Areck001 says:

    Excellent next GTA-5 for PC, will be able to have the complete saga, Since only game on my PC, because I like to take my games when I travel. So do not bother anyone and I have to be asking for permission to download my different games kkkk Thanks for this information will stay pending the launching stage and also if the better free download. Hugs AJ

  3. shane miller says:

    we will be able to have fun with gta 5 on pc get it now free download.

  4. christian santiago says:

    How will i download a GTA 5 in my pc?

  5. vanko says:

    oh my got

  6. amir firdaus says:

    admin after it release at January,i hope you can show how to download it

  7. kirankumar says:

    i hope u show me how to download it

  8. KISHAN SHARMA says:

    It is releasing on 27 january for pc

  9. hahah says:

    how to download this

  10. monter 123 says:

    i dont know

  11. huyoro says:

    its a fn game ever…but i dont like the sex

  12. marci says:

    when will gta 5 for pc uploaded?

  13. bonomoloz says:

    I hope it works

  14. ahad says:

    i will also download it

  15. M1234 says:

    When are you going to have the game for pc?

  16. Erfan Hoseiny says:


  17. jef says:

    it is true

  18. johnson says:

    this is very very good game

  19. daan says:

    will this game ask any key to launch the setup

  20. chris says:

    I love this game

  21. Brenda says:

    i want to download gta 5 for free on my laptop so i can play my games ok

  22. Ahmed says:

    so nise

  23. arthit says:

    Very good! I want to download gta 4 and 5.

  24. Denis says:

    gta 5 download games