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GRID 2019

GRID 2019 PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Update: We have updated the links now to include all the seasons that were released for it. The GRID Season 3 is the final season, so you can get the complete collection of it from the links provided on the links page. Content from GRID Season 1, GRID Season 2 and GRID Season 3 is included in this. If you have not played this yet, then following link gives you full version of GRID 2019 PC download for free with all DLCs and updates.

Use This Link for Downloading

GRID 2019 PC Download Free Full Version

(Includes All DLCs and Updates)

If you want to play the last GRID title in the series, then we also have GRID Autosport download for PC here.

OLD: Another GRID title from Codemasters is here, this time it is a reboot of the series. It should have been the fourth title in the series after the first two GRID titles and GRID Autosport. However, the developers decided to reboot the series. So, here we are with the new GRID 2019 version. If you are unfamiliar with the series, then let us educate you. GRID is a racing title published and developed by Codemasters. Link above gives you full version of GRID 2019 Free Download for PC.

As mentioned above, this is the fourth title in the series that has been created for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. It was supposed to be released in September of 2019, but it was delayed. Now it is slated for release on October 10, 2019. However, for you people, we bring you GRID 2019 download for free three days early because of the release of the GRID 2019 Ultimate Edition, which gives three days early access to those who ordered that Ultimate version.

If you are like any of us, then you mostly like love playing racing titles. You might have played the Original GRID called Race Driver GRID; it was at the time one of the best racing titles on PC. The successor, which you can download GRID 2 free for PC here, was a miss. That prompted the developers to bring GRID Autosport sooner rather than later. The original GRID was one the titles that we enjoyed a lot, but GRID to disappointed us in many ways. Unfortunately, Autosport wasn’t any better, it was not as good as the first title, but not as bad as the second, it was somewhere in the middle. Therefore, when you heard about GRID 2019 download for PC, we were quite excited about the news. We were hoping they would repeat the feat of the original in this GRID reboot of 2019.

GRID 2019 PC Download Free

It has been five long years since the last title in the series; we and many other fans of the series had given up hope of seeing another title. What excited us the most was, the developers have tried to stay true to the original title. GRID 2019 is the first title that we are seeing on the new generation of consoles, which means, we are going to see visuals that are much better than anything we have seen in the series so far. Download GRID 2019 free for PC full version from CODEX and see if what we are talking about is true.

GRID 2019 is not a simulation title; it offers both the casual as well as pro players something that they can enjoy. There are plenty of authentic cars, both modern and retro to satisfy all types of gamers. There are plenty of different locations; all of them are visually stunning. The team from Dirt Rally 2 download for PC given here, has worked to perfect the handling in this title. You will always feel on the edge when you get GRID 2019 free download from this page and play it.


If you are a fan of the racing genre, then we highly recommend you get this full version of GRID 2019 from CODEX using the links provided on this page. It is one of the good efforts from Codemasters after a long time. The AI has now been improved a lot; it is no longer a pushover like in the predecessors. They will not go at a steady pace and let you overtake them at any chance you get. They will work hard to beat you, so be prepared to handle this new AI. Even though the name is causing plenty of confusion with fans of the series, we are going to refer to it as GRID 2019, so there is no confusion about which title we are referring to.

Downloading and Installing

First make sure you check the system requirements for GRID 2019. Because, this only works on 64bit version of Windows 10. Older OSes like Windows 7 or 8 are not supported, only OS that supports Direct X 12 works for this. Keeping that in mind, Go to Google and get qBittorrent and install it. Go to the links page, then click on one link, and open it in the torrent client you have. After finishing the downloading, go to the folder that has the ISO file and double click it to get a DVD of GRID 2019. Open that DVD and use the setup file to install GRID 2019 on your PC. After finishing the installation, go back to the DVD and open the CODEX folder you see there. Copy all files and folders you see inside and paste them in the folder where you installed this full version of GRID 2019 PC download from CODEX. You can go ahead and play after that.

Let us know what you feel about this GRID Reboot of 2019 in the comments section below. You can also ask for help there.

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20 Responses to “GRID 2019”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    GRID 2019 Install Instructions

  2. zaktron says:

    My god, its not even out on steam yet and here you have it.

    BTW, this is legit guys. I am getting it now, will update later if its working.

  3. runamok says:

    Im loving it. It has a sense of speed that I havent found in any other racing games. Way more fun than Forza 7. I also like the fact that bumping or tagging other cars will bring vengeance. I had 6 nemesis one race that kept smashing into or spinning me.

    The weather and lighting effects are great theres been a few times there was dust on the windshield and the glare of the sun was so intense I couldnt see where the next corner was. A tight track at night in the pouring rain is glorious.

    Theres a Lancer Evo VI that is so powerful you shift up through 3 or 4 gears in about 2 seconds but doesnt brake worth a crap due to its weight, I like the challenge, picking cars that may not suit my driving style. Usually you get to pick between 4 or more cars to buy for a particular discipline. AND you can sell a car back right away for full price, if you dont like it, and buy another. Also has a rewind feature , just in case, since the game can be pretty unforgiving depending on your difficulty settings.

    IRL I go like hell on motorcycles so I appreciate this game a lot because of that sense of speed. My heart rate actually goes up while Im playing.

  4. knighty says:

    Coming 11 October
    This will unlock in approximately 3 days

  5. psyko666 says:

    Aaaaaaa….. 3 days before release, because of early access files.

  6. atom069 says:

    Grid 2.0

    interesting… a rehash?

    Cheers admin, Codex, Uploder

  7. ZOLLINO says:

    Will wait for the reviews first,GRID1 was fine, but getting the same in higher res is just not enough

  8. Baleur says:

    Why do they name the game the exact same thing, jesus christ.
    Also, is it strange that im more excited for Noita than this multimillion dollar title?

    • sanzio says:

      Its never been called just “Grid”. The first one was ‘Racedriver: Grid’
      Hope it keep the Grid Autosport essence, not that Grid 2 shit. Even better if it be like the very first grid. :-)

    • psyko666 says:

      because it’s a reboot

  9. StreetMaster says:

    Thank you!! I’ve been waiting for this one. Nice to get it early.

  10. ssmoker says:

    Big thanks for this

  11. jeremy says:

    Why fifa19 and pes 2019 aren’t available yet here ?

  12. kickfighter222 says:

    its online or i must buy it ?