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Greedfall PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Released today i.e. on September 10, 2019, Greedfall is the latest action RPG title from the developers Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive. It was released for Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4. This page is for the PC version of the same. The developers have tried and failed previously to create an inspiring title. Let us see if they have succeeded this time, following link gives you full version of Greedfall Free Download for PC.

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Greedfall PC Download Free Full Version

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Greedfall is a mixture of things that we want from an action RPG. It tries to mix plenty of other ideas in to one. Many others have tried to focus and implement only one of the branching aspects of RPGs, but Greedfall tries to implement them all and succeeds somewhat. However, keep in mind; this is not as polished compared to the AAA RPG titles out there. It definitely feels like the early BioWare’s Dragon Age titles. Which is a good thing to say about any title. Therefore, we recommend you to get Greedfall download for free.

Comparing it to the great RPG is of recent times like the Witcher 3 and the Dragon Age series, Greedfall feels similar in the world that the developers have built around you. The fantasy setting of 1700s feels right at home with the environments you play in. You will go against many types of enemies, humans, animals and some supernatural being as well. Go about exploring the world of Greedfall download for PC to discover what secrets it holds, beware, the secrets are revealed far too early for our liking.

Greedfall PC Download Free Full Version

The good visuals do take chunk out of your resources, so make sure you have a hefty system especially a good graphics card and decent amount of memory if you are planning to play this. One thing that you will notice immediately, is how the characters themselves are created, they feel like created in the days of PS3 or earlier. Character animations are bad and so are the expressions in cutscenes that feel robotic similar to the Spiders previous titles. See if you can get around that issue when you download Greedfall free for PC in full version form.

Apart from the character issue, the clothing of the characters and the voice acting of at least the main characters is excellent and on par with most of the AAA titles, exception to this is the voice acting for the natives, it feels really bad and robotic. Other aspects that detracted us was the repetitive use of building and stuff in different factions. With enough time, we think, they could have been able to push for a better polished version with all these issues fixed, we hope future updates fix the issues that we talked about for this Greedfall PC download for PC given on this page.


If you are a fan of RPGs, then you should definitely check this out, no two ways about it. Though it lacks the polish and presentation, it does offer good things that we have not seen in recent RPG titles. To blend all aspects of RPG styles from various titles seen in the past is a feat that should not be taken lightly and in that, the developers have succeeded. We are having a lot of fun playing, even if we are not even half way through the story mode. Grab Greedfall free download from the link provided in this Greedfall PC review to play.

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Downloading and installing

As usual, install a torrent client like qBittorrent from Google, then open any one of the links from the links page. It will open in your torrent software, there save the files on your hard disk in a folder. Once you finish downloading, go to that folder and double click the ISO file you see there. This will give you a DVD of Greedfall. To get the DVD in Windows 7, use a program like WinCDEmu before double clicking. After you get the DVD, open it and run setup to install. Make sure to tick all option in the installer or you will have to go inside the Hoodlum folder of DVD and copy everything from there and paste it in the folder where you installed this full version of Greedfall PC download.

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