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Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Download

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Here you go people, we finally have Grand Theft Auto V PC download for free or should we say GTA 5 free download for PC. We received a lot of emails and comments from people asking for this and we are finally adding this. But be warned, this is a very big game in terms of size so it might take some time downloading depending on your internet speed. But it is all worth the extra space taken by it. So we give you the following link to get Grand Theft Auto 5 free download for PC in its full version form for everyone to enjoy.

Use This Link for Downloading

GTA 5 PC Download Free Full Version Game

We have complete version of GTA 4 PC download for free available here, if you have a PC on its last legs then get this instead of GTA 5.


GTA 5 Download for Free, Install and Play

Use the above link to get GTA 5 PC download. Make sure you follow all the steps in the instructions to play. This video tutorial will show all the steps required for downloading, installing, & playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC. GTA V required a system that is up to date in order for you to enjoy it to the fullest. No double a PC from last 5 years will make this bad boy work but you will have to lower the settings for that. The game supports resolutions of 4k. That will require some serious firepower. Graphics cards paired in SLI or Crossfire mode will definitely help. If you have such capable PCs then you can go ahead and get full version of GTA 5 free download for PC from the link given above or the one at the bottom.

We have seen a fragmented release of GTA 5. First there was the release on the last gen consoles XBOX 360 and PS3 in 2013 and then came the release for the new consoles PS4 and XBOX One. Finally we have the PC version of GTA 5 released in April of 2015. It was delayed a couple of times from the January release date but finally we got it on PC in April. If you have been waiting for the PC version patiently, then we give you Grand Theft Auto 5 PC download on this page. Enjoy the full version to the fullest.

GTA 5 PC Download

Large size is the reason we have skipped the direct links in case of GTA V PC download as it will take a lot to maintain those links and if one part gets deleted it will be a pain for us to re-upload everything and it will be a pain for all of you users to get all the parts again. So we are going to instead concentrate of only torrents.

The delayed release on PC does give it an advantage. There are plenty of new things that you can do and there are a lot of improvements that make the PC version the best available version to play. GTA series has essentially been one for the PC gamers as it offers so much more on PC than the consoles. The vastly improved graphics and visuals are a treat if you crank up the details. Mind you it will require a hefty looking PC to pull of the 4k resolution at the highest settings but when it does it gives you a spectacular experience you ever had playing on PC. So go ahead and get GTA 5 download for PC and start it immediately.

Rockstar Games are famous for this franchise and after the success of GTA 4 there was a lot of hype around this new chapter in the series. The developers Rockstar North have risen up to the challenge and created a masterpiece in the form of GTA 5. Most of the gaming websites and reviewers have given this revving reviews and an almost perfect score. So if you were on the fringe about whether to play it or not we suggest you to get GTA 5 PC download immediately form our site and start playing it.

Grand Theft Auto 5 download for PC is available and online from the links on this page. Make sure you have enough space to download it as well as install it on your hard disk as it has a massive size and requires a lot of space to install. When we tell you that GTA 5 download for free is available then you should immediately grab it and not wait. Go ahead and find out how to or where to download full version of GTA 4 free for PC.


Grand Theft Auto V in its entirety is not only beautifully crafted but also a very intelligent and enjoyable. It has most irks of the previous version ironed out. The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V download for free available here is one of the best games that you will ever play. The size of the world that you find is vast to say the least. The technology used and all the aspects are top-notch. The story has everything you can ask from it but it never deters toy from enjoying the adventures that you plan on your own. Still waiting here, find GTA 5 free download immediately.

With some incredible missions and a story to match the atmosphere created by the stunning visuals is something is a masterpiece. Pair that with a world so vast you can keep playing it for days and not get bored and you have a winner on your hands. Full version of GTV V PC download given here is all you need to enjoy every moment like we did.

If you want something that has more hand-to-hand combat then look no further than Sleeping Dogs download for free given here. It is a great title to play and very similar to this GTA title.

Downloading and Installing

As we said at the beginning of the article we are not providing direct links for the reasons stated above. So you will first need to install μTorrent and then use one of the links from the links page. Open it in μTorrent and start downloading. It will take a day or two due to the sheer size. Once it finishes, get Daemon Tools Lite and install the free version. Then just double click the ISO file you got earlier. A DVD of GTA 5 will show up in the new drive created by Daemon Tools. From there run setup to install GTA 5 on your PC for free. Remember this is the full version of Grand Theft Auto V free download for PC, so it will take some time to install. Do not forget to install the ‘Social Club’. After that, copy the files from the DVD and paste them as told in instructions to the folder where GTA V is installed. You can play after that.

If you have any problem or questions or any kind of feedback about this GTA V free download then don’t hesitate to post a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Now use the following link to get full version of GTA 5 PC download for free and start playing.

Download Links


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    GTA 5 install Instructions

  2. revolutionz says:

    Holy shit!

  3. TB40 says:

    Thanks admin!!

  4. runamok says:

    Thank you :)

  5. puiad says:

    thanks reloaded and uploader

  6. Stothe says:

    Unpacked ISOs make a lot more sense, thanks for the upload that way and not RARs.

  7. Oooch says:

    Thanks, its really not worth buying this if you already purchased console version… So enjoy it :)

  8. Nivity says:

    Oh yeah. Reloaded does it again.
    Been waiting forever :)

  9. totenkopf says:

    Thanks! It worked flawlessly :)

  10. Frohike says:

    Well… It worked, but it doesn’t look much better than PS3 version (fps mode, better resolution & few gfx tricks,) even on highest detail level. But it worked and i can sleep well at last ;P

    • cncr04s says:

      Brother get a graphics card like the NVidia Titan and you will see the difference.. I play it at 4k resolution and its stunning.. Ps4 version doesn’t even come close.

  11. pcspot says:

    can you invest in the stock market during the assassination mission in this version? if not – you wouldn’t be able to make real money and buy the nest stuff like houses or the best cars.

    who ever has started playing – can you check please?

    • Shiner says:

      Yes you can.. Just make sure you buy a very cheap stock the first time as it disappears completely. After that everything will work great. :)

  12. MiTuS says:

    thanks finally

  13. kokkojambo says:

    Is it the latest version (updated), or is it 1.0 (retail)?

  14. somenutter says:

    Thx, Bout time

  15. gozzilla2 says:

    thanks a lot mate !! this is the game of the millennium !!!

  16. tandom says:

    @pcspot I can’t invest in the stock market currently. Trying to invest in Vangelico stock after the first heist. Selecting stocks leads to the wrong stock and when you do buy stock all of that money disappears without anything appearing in your stock portfolio. Hope they can fix this.

    • Shiner says:

      For stock markets, the first bid you make disappears, so buy 1 really cheap stock then buy the stock you actually want and it should work.

  17. kingsilver says:

    Thanks – My internet went down for a few days and to my surprise I couldn’t play my bought and paid for copy from c#ckstar during the outage.

  18. Dyngrauk says:

    Someone else getting this error during installation “Decompression failed with error code -11”? Do I need to install this on C:?

    • NucWin says:

      @Dyngrauk I had that don’t install from network drive or try extracting again. (I extracted iso to desktop and installed from there after that message) also it installed fine onto D:\ the second time

    • dilbert says:

      Dyngrauk: friend had this error, disabled antivirus and it worked

    • Dyngrauk says:

      @dilbert & @NucWin,
      Thanks for the suggestions it worked. Don’t know which one of the 2 did it but I am not complaining :P

  19. Vashh says:

    Thank you so so much.

  20. Shiner says:

    This is really stable.
    Many thanks, uploader.

  21. Lelle says:

    Thanks, this works really well for me, and its actually quite good as well. I’ll buy it if I find a good offer :)

  22. nikky says:

    great one… the best ever

  23. Davyjones says:

    great game great job and thank you so much working like a charm :)
    thumbs up

  24. Tokoloshe says:

    Well I am now at the first Lester mission: Hotel assasination, and I cannot access the bawsaq, which is where you need to go to buy beta pharmaceuticals. And there’s no money cheat built into this. So…

    while we all knew it would be so, no one has explicitly said it. So I am saying it:

    You can’t win big on the stock markets, so while you can finish the missions, you won’t be able to buy awesome shit.

  25. svt03 says:

    Worked great for me – Win7 64.