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Gears 5

Gears 5 PC Download

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Important: Works on 64bit Windows 7 and Windows 10 version 1903 only. Gears of War 5 is now called Gears 5 and it comes to both Window PC and XBOX One. Created by The Coalition, Gears 5 is the sixth entry in the series. Publisher Xbox Game Studios released the Ultimate Edition on September 6, 2019 and the standard edition on September 10. For the second time, Epic Games is not the developer in the series. Following link gives you full version of Gears 5 Free Download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Gears 5 PC Download Free Full Version

This is a direct sequel to Gears of War 4 download for PC given here, so play that first, then come back to get this.

The developers have done an excellent job after Gears 4 by changing the direction we have seen in the past. They have developed the characters seen previously, unlike before. It surprised us in a good way, to see the direction they have taken in Gears 5. The protagonist of this story is Kait, last seen in Gears 4. The core gameplay remains the same, the cover shooter returns but set in an open world this time. Use the link on this page to get Gears 5 download for free to enjoy one of the best experiences of this series.

Jack, your trusty robot is a handy companion; it will fetch weapons for you, open locked safes and most of the new things in Gears 5 are related to Jack. You can earn points and unlock new abilities for him and these abilities will help you with combat or reviving you when you are down. Make sure you update the abilities to use the robot in the best possible way. Grab Gears 5 download for PC given on this page and see what abilities you will equip Jack with. Will you make him a Jack-of-All-Trades or a specialist in certain things? Let us know on comments.

Gears 5 PC Download Free

The combat in Gear of War series has always been the highlight. Gears 5 continues that tradition with excellent combat and excellent weapons. The over-the-top weapons are a joy to use and most of the classic ones are back along with certain new one to add variety. The new weapons are on par and blend right in with the old classics. Couple of areas give you the open world to roam where you can complete optional quests. Download Gears 5 free for PC full version game to enjoy it.

The optional quests mentioned above, most of the times give you upgrades for Jack. Therefore, you should not ignore these. These also give you some respite from the main story. Different boss types make it a different experience each time you face a boss. Although, Kait is the protagonist, you can also use JD, Jack or Del to play as in the story mode. The story mode asks some tough questions this time, again unlike in the past where blasting your way through hordes of aliens was seen as natural. We are giving you the option to get Gears 5 PC Download for Free, use the link from this Gears 5 review and follow instructions given below to play.

You will get to play in four acts and all of them offer different environments. You will come to know about them all once you start playing, none of these feel repetitive or boring, Every time you feel like you are going to get bored, they thrown in a Hollywood style action sequence to reduce your fatigue and make you feel like an action star. These cutscenes come out often and they are an excellent way to keep you glued to the story, doing the next quest. Link for Gears 5 free download are now online, use the links page to get it.


Gears 5 continues the tradition of churning out excellent campaigns in the Gears of War series, they haven’t had a misstep in the series so far. Even after the developers changed from Epic to Coalition, the quality remains the same or is better. The story, for the first time feels like it is in focus and so are the characters. Addition to gameplay and combat make it even better than before. Critics and review are all praising this new direction taken by the series, which is backed by excellent gameplay. People are calling it one of the best third person shooter to have come out in the recent times. DO not miss the chance to get full version of Gears 5 PC download from this page if you are a fan of shooters.

Downloading and Installing

Use Google and install qBittorrent from there. Once done, go to links page, click Link 1, and open it in the torrent software. Save the files on hard disk in a folder of your choice. Finish downloading and then go to the folder you chose. Double click the ISO file you see there to get a DVD of Gears 5. Open that DVD and install Gears 5 using the setup file see there. Once you finish the installation, go back to the DVD and open the CODEX folder. Copy everything you see inside it and paste it in the folder where you install this full version of Gears 5 PC download.

Please share this page with any of your friends and followers, so that they can also enjoy this excellent title. If you have any questions, then you can let us know in comments, we will get back to you, as soon as possible.

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    Gears 5 Install Instructions

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