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Football Manager 2015

Football Manager 2015 PC Download

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For anyone giving a cursory look to Football Manager Franchise it will look like something boring with endless pages of stats and gameplay which does not let you influence things directly. But for the ones who have actually played it, FM is something that keeps you engrossed for hours without a hint of getting bored. For the same reason we bring you full version of Football Manager 2015 free download for PC, use the following link to get it and enjoy.

Use This Link for Downloading

Football Manager 2015 PC Download Free Full Version


Year on year football fans like us keep on playing the latest iteration of this game for hours at a time. Finding the perfect tactics to victory is something everyone aspires to find and the level of micromanaging makes it a lot more than one can perceive at a glance. Go ahead and find Football Manager 2015 PC download from the above link and see what we mean.

During couple of previous iterations the developer Sports Interactive didn’t bring in floods of changes as the franchise was doing quite well. There was not much that was left to add that would make a dramatic difference at the time. But with FM 2015 we they opened the flood games for lots of change everywhere. This is a refreshing and welcome change though and we love every second of playing it. You can enjoy it as well, go ahead and find how to or where to download Football Manager 2015 free for PC and start playing.

On the whole the award winning formula is still intact in FM 2015. You choose a team, your favorite team of course. Then train them and find the perfect tactics to get the team to winning ways immediately or ever a period of time to guide the team to glory. You will have to manage things on the pitch as well as off. Though you are not involved directly in the action happening on the ground you can influence a lot of things from outside. Find out how to do just that, we have Football Manager 2015 download for free here, enjoy.

Football Manager 2015 PC Download

The sidebar makes a return and in our opinion for the good. The sidebar menu gives us easy access to all the important things that too quickly. There is some learning curve with the new interface if you have played the previous version but after an hour or so you will feel right at home. The clean interface makes the text oriented interface much better to take in even with more data being shown to you at the same time. We have Football Manager 2015 PC download online right now, grab it from the link provided above and see what you make of it.

If you are a newbie then you have an Assistant Manager to help out with some complicated stuff. If you are a seasoned player then you can delegate some of the duties to the said manager and take on the much complex tasks of creating a winning formula. You can go deeper with formations, mentalities and roles for each player. Some of us only take on the task of finding talented youngsters and turning them over to the coaches for training. What type of manager will you be? Get Football Manager 2015 download for PC and let us know in the comments below.

You will find many ways to go deeper in FM 2015 if you prefer. Even tiniest details can be handled if you are into it. You can instruct each player to do your bidding on the ground. Wingers, midfielders or forwards all give you different options depending on their position on the pitch. We suggest if you are a fan of football and love micromanaging then this game Football Manager 2015 free download is for you, do not miss the chance to play this gem. Even newcomers will get a satisfying feeling if they stick with it for couple of hours.

There are countless number of things that are at your disposal here and talking about all of them is not possible here so we suggest you people to use the link provided on this page to get full version of Football Manager 2015 PC download and find out stuff on your own. Go in with hands on approach or a sideline role depends on you, no matter what though you will have a great time.


FM franchise was made popular due to the countless number of options it provides and that hasn’t changed in FM 2015 free download given here. The addictiveness is intact. In fact we are much more addicted to this version then any of the previous versions with all the intelligent changes that the developers have brought on.

The new options in tactics, team talks and options specific for match day all make for a better experience. It makes you feel almost like real manager which is a great compliment for a game which is entirely consisted of endless menus. That is the reason we highly recommend everyone to get Football Manager 2015 PC download and see what we mean.

Don’t like the managerial aspect and want to try something that lets you actually play on the pitch/ we have you covered, go ahead and grab PES 2015 download for free here.

Downloading and Installing

First get μTorrent from left sidebar of this page and install it. Now click on the green link above or the button below to get to the torrent links. Click on the first link or any other links and open it with μTorrent. Select a folder to save the files to and downloading will start, finish it. You will get an ISO file which is the full version DVD of Football Manager 2015 free download.

To use this ISO file now you need to get Daemon Tools Lite again given on the left sidebar of this page. Install it. Now go the folder with the ISO file and double click it and you will see a DVD of Football Manager 2015 PC download appear in the new drive created by Daemon Tools. Open it and run setup and complete the installation. Read the instructions given in the first comment below before you start playing as you need to copy some files from the DVD before playing. After that you are done. Run the exe of FM as administrator and make sure you block it from connecting to internet using a firewall.

If you have any problems then don’t forget to post a comment below and we will help you solve any issues. Now use the following link to get full version of Football Manager 2015 download for PC.

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