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FIFA 19 PC Download

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Everyone was waiting for FIFA 19 for PC, we are adding it here on our safe and trusted website. Released in September of 2018, FIFA 19 is developed and published by EA for old as well as new consoles which include, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and also Windows PC. Once again, like last year, Cristiano Ronaldo is on the cover. You get to play the conclusion of Alex Hunter Story in the Journey. Following link will give you full version of FIFA 19 free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

FIFA 19 PC Download Free Full Version

Want to play a something different than FIFA, then get Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 download for free here.


FIFA 19 Download for Free, Install and Play

If you have seen the marketing for FIFA 19, then you already know that it is all circled around the inclusion of UEFA competitions, especially UEFA Champions League. UEFA competitions were part of the rivals Pro Evolution Soccer series for a decade now. This year though, EA finally got the license that they wanted and focused all their energy on the UEFA competitions. They even had Hans Zimmer create a remix version of the anthem of UEFA Champions League. Grab FIFA 19 PC download for free and listen to it and get excited.

Another mode that people were excited for was the story mode that made an appearance in FIFA 17 and also in FIFA 18. We are talking about the campaign named, The Journey, which features Alex Hunter. In FIFA 19, you will see the conclusion of this story named, The Journey: Champions. You will be playing one last time as Alex Hunter as his story comes to an end. Also available are other modes we have seen in the past, same as FIFA 18 or before that. Continue playing those modes, download FIFA 19 free for PC. Also, check out FIFA 18 download for free here, if you have not played it yet. The link gives you full version of that title, you will need play the journey from that version to know the progress made in FIFA 18 in that journey.

FIFA 19 PC Download Free

As with all the releases in the past, FIFA 19 has no match for it in the presentation department nor in the overall package with all the official licenses they have. FIFA 19 is leaps and bounds better in that regard to Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. But one thing that has kept PES in the race for supremacy has been the on-pitch gameplay, FIFA cannot match that yet, when they do, PES will lose the only aspect that fans love it for. But, with the way FIFA is going, we don’t think there is any danger of that. FIFA 19 focuses on fast paced action whereas PES is slow paced deliberate passing simulator type of experience. There are fans of both playstyles. Which one are you? Grab FIFA 19 download for PC for free here and see.

The story mode gets more focus in this entry. Not only will you see out the journey of Alex Hunter, you will also play as his system Kim, who is also on the pitch albeit at lot compared to the last time we saw her in FIFA 18. Also, Danny Williams, a friend of Alex will also feature, just like last time he did, again but with more screen time than before. This time, you can cycle between all three of them instead of being given glimpses of the other two compared to Alex Hunter. It gives us more insight in to the domestic as well as international scene. We are happy to bring you FIFA 19 download for free for PC from CPY.

We have enjoyed the story from the previous two iterations and we enjoyed its conclusion in this year’s entry, its cheesy but gives you some much needed relief from the grind of a career mode.

Apart from the above mentioned aspects which are a delight to play, we also see improvements on the pitch, most of which will be missed by all but the most ardent fans. One addition that will not go unnoticed is the ‘after tough’. This lets you give a boost to your shot after you have taken the shot, timing is essential in this move, get it right gives you a goal almost all the time. Take the risk and you will be rewarded most of the times. Find FIFA 19 free download for PC here and you will be rewarded with the full version of it.


Apart from the online lootbox infested features, everything about FIFA 19 is great. You get a highly polished experience with fast paced action along with improved gameplay on the pitch itself. There is nothing that can slow the juggernaut of FIFA compared to PES, even with the superior on-pitch gameplay of the latter. There are not many new features that the developers can boast about this year but what they have is good enough for another year. Let us see what comes next after the end the story of Alex Hunter. Get FIFA 19 PC download for free and enjoy the journey to its conclusion.

FIFA 19 is superior in almost all aspects and it is not far behind PES in terms of gameplay itself. With the polish that EA offers in this release, no wonder it’s so popular among football/soccer fans.

Downloading and Installing

Use the link from this page to go the links page. Open one of the links in uTorrent and download FIFA 19 which gives you an ISO file. Open that ISO suing Daemon Tools Lite or PowerISO to get DVD of FIFA 19. Install from there and then get the GameFix from the bottom of the links page. Open the GameFix using WinRAR and copy the files to the folder where you installed FIFA 19 on your hard disk. After that, you can play and enjoy this FIFA 19 download for free on your PC.

Please share this page with all the football fans, so that they can enjoy it as well. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to share this page and let your fans also enjoy this new and improved version of FIFA. If you need any help, then ask in the comments section and we will help you as soon as possible.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    FIFA 19 Install Instructions

  2. Paddington says:

    woohoo finally

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    <3 awesome good job

  4. cost69er says:

    Awesome!! thank u love you///

  5. Xiepoo says:

    Got the game to install just fine, normal matches work fine, but keeps crashing on the very first goal in the journey (the Jim Hunter 1960’s one)

  6. Rytterdahl says:

    Installing right away.

  7. Complekz says:

    Works fine!!

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    Hey Admin please upload FIFA Street 4 for pc

    i’m waiting for it to download.

  11. Sandesh says:

    Console actions changed/ interchanged.

    IDK but my consoles actions are changed in this game. The tactics and mentality don’t work. Flicking up RS shows tactics and flicking down shows mentality instead of up/down/left/right buttons. Cannot change from balanced to attacking in the game coz the left/right/up/down doesn’t work. Works well with FIFA 18 but not with this one. Is this console problem or game problem? Admin, do you know how to fix this? My console is Xbox one.

    Does anybody have this type of problem too?

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  13. Carlo says:

    Its work fine except the UEFA games like UCL, UEL,etc and international matches its always crash in the end of the game, someone plz help

    • admin says:

      Did you use the GameFix?

      • Jude Pinto says:

        Even after using the gamefix . UCL crashes at the end of the game

        • admin says:

          Uninstall it and also delete FIFA 19 folder from Documents folder. Then turn off your antivirus. Install again and get the gamefix again and copy it correctly. Do not turn on antivirus. Turn off internet and then play.

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  15. jer_18 says:

    Admin it’s doesnt work I need a product key or activation key on origin

    • admin says:

      You need to turn off antivirus and use get the GameFix and use it as told in instructions, watch the tutorial video completely.

  16. wea says:

    This is good, but short.

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    • admin says:

      Did you use the FIX as shown in the tutorial video? If you did and it still doesnt work, then that means your PC is not good enough to play this.

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    nice and perfect

  19. abc says:

    give me the gamefix link pls

  20. Charles says:

    Please admin, i was able to download i but it didnt work. I download the game fix as well. Must my system have dedicated graphics memory before it can work? Am thinking maybe that is what is stopping it from loading because it will actually load up to the point where am to select language and then stop

  21. simon says:

    how many mbs/gb will it take to download

  22. vlad says:

    game crash all times i dont know what to do

  23. niseol says:

    can it work for core i5 4310U 4gb, grapics card 2gb,processor

  24. dickson says:

    please can some one email me the game fix.i cant download it pls

  25. muk says:

    i need help i cant play it says that i need a code to play