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Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Created by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, Far Cry New Dawn, the spin-off from Far Cry 5 and also a sequel is now online and available for everyone on our website. It was released on February 15, 2019 for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Set in the same open world we saw in Far Cry 5, but altered a lot after the events at the end of that story. See if you can identify various landmarks from that campaign in this story. Following link gives you full version of Far Cry New Dawn free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Far Cry New Dawn PC Download Free Full Version

Here is the full version of Far Cry 5 download for PC for free, play that first and then you can come back to play New Dawn.


Far Cry New Dawn Download Free, Install and Play

One would have thought after the ending of Far Cry 5, which we are not going to spoil for those who have not played it yet, the world would be a different place altogether. What we see instead is, the same world, with lots of pink color and the problems of gangsters terrorizing the masses. You get to travel to other states briefly to carry out some missions, but mostly you will be stuck in this new pink world of full version of Far Cry New Dawn PC download for free from CODEX.

You will again get to play the nameless character from the last campaign. Travel across the country and help rebuild it by helping people affected by the events of the last apocalyptic story. The story beings with you traveling on a train to visit other people, that is when the new highwaymen attack the train and leave you stranded in the middle. From there, you will follow the same formula that you followed previously of clearing outposts, killing animals and harvesting them and create your own team to take on the world. You can get Far Cry New Dawn download for free for PC and enjoy all the time when you bring a wild boar with you.

Far Cry New Dawn PC Download Free

The map of New Dawn is the same as before but it’s a little smaller with different foliage. You can recognize many of the building and landmarks from Far Cry 5, but they lie in ruin now. The mission system and even the menu system remain the same and the gunplay and combat sees little medication, but nothing drastic to differentiate it from the original title. It’s so similar, that some of the characters themselves comment about it being the same. Find out if you feel the same, once you have Far Cry New Dawn download for PC for free.

We are skeptical of the success of this new spin-off. The people who liked Far Cry 5 must have already finished it and will not like to go on the same type of missions in the same world to rinse and repeat their actions. And for the people who did not like the predecessor, well, New Dawn gives you everything the same, so they won’t like it either. It feels as though; Far Cry New Dawn is the filler content till they are ready with the next title in the series. You can download Far Cry New Dawn free for PC and see if you like it.


If you were craving for more of Far Cry 5, then Far Cry New Dawn will scratch that itch for you perfectly, you are essentially get the same stuff with a different story line. You have the new story and new side missions to keep you occupied for hours. But if you are tired of seeing the same old formula from Far Cry series, then you are going to be bored with this title. Get your hands on Far Cry New Dawn free download and decide.

Far Cry New Dawn is polished and doesn’t give any of the bugs we encountered in the first title. Being a little smaller in size, New Dawn feels compact and better compared to the original. The characters feel attached to you, which we did not see in the predecessor. Although one could be forgiven for thinking this was a DLC, because that is how it feels. But, it does feel like the developers have put in a lot of efforts into developing some of the ideas we saw in the original and improve upon some of the other ones. As a result, you won’t get bored with Far Cry New Dawn PC download for free from CODEX.

You can find all the previous installments from the Far Cry series on our website, here are the links for all of those. Far Cry Primal download, Far Cry 4 PC download and Far Cry 3 download for free.

Downloading and Installing

As usual, install uTorrent and then open Link 1 from links page in it. Begin and finish downloading to get an ISO file from uTorrent. Once you have the ISO, go to the download folder and double click it to get a DVD of Far Cry New Dawn or use Daemon Tools or PowerISO to open the ISO in Windows 7 to get the same DVD. Once you have it, open it and run setup to install Far Cry New Dawn. After finishing the installation, copy the files from CODEX folder of the DVD to the folder where you have installed this Far Cry New Dawn download for PC for free. You are ready to play after that.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    Far Cry New Dawn Install Instructions

  2. Mahin says:

    boooom…..finaly realeased

  3. darkshadow says:


  4. Liquid2k says:

    An OK game as always form Far Cry. Not great, just OK

  5. JaffaTB says:

    down with denuvo :)

  6. atom069 says:

    My spidey senses we’re tingling this morning about this release.. hells yeah. 17 years later.. back to Hope county we go.. but in full neon hehe, were they channeling Rage 2 in this?

    Cheers, greets, and thanks admin, Codex, Uploader

  7. PesteBubonica says:

    Thank you dude!

  8. si69 says:

    Thanks a lot guys.

  9. duchkoKS says:

    Perfect timing, just finished FC5, getting back to hope county again.
    Thanks admin for for release.

  10. edelgul says:

    Very very similar to Far Cry 5.
    Sadly there aren’t many alternative in the genre.
    In particular Borderland 3 isn’t even confirmed yet.
    Fallout 4 is… well Fallout 4 (and don’t get me started about F76).
    Haven’t tried Metro Exodus yet, but the videos also indicate a remake of previous Metro.

    • shannonduval says:

      Metro is good, same feel to previous but very well optimized, amazing graphics, good atmosphere (on hard or above) one or two hits from most creatures ends you so its more stealthy if your into that, kinda opened world too… Slightly too much NP chatter for me but still immersive. Downloaded FC New Dawn but haven’t had the urge to even play it yet going off the comments and looks of it, more of a DLC?

  11. Smileyie says:

    Works perfectly fine, thanks.

  12. SLiCKER says:

    Lovely. Started playing today, no issues so far.

  13. timothyta2 says:

    Ive heard it blows. Its become about nothing but the money to these companies. They used to care about what they were creating.

  14. k4rmac0ma says:

    Muchas gracias, funciona perfecto.

  15. stormlee says:

    it doesnt work. it stuck at initial loading screen anyone has a solution

  16. eplanet says:

    Disable Virtualisation technology and VT-d from your BIOS and try again!

    Try with and without Administrator
    This worked for me and a few other people!

    If this doesn’t work: try turning off Fastboot in Windows 10 energy settings, reboot and try again!

  17. Riwels says:

    Working fine. Thank you!

  18. SOLIMBO says:

    NOTES: This release includes the Day 1 patch and HD textures.

  19. Uzair says:

    Please i beg you please give me this game in parts😔😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    • admin says:

      You can get it in parts, start in uTorrent and pause it when you want to stop. Resume when you want to start.

  20. mark lagdaan says:

    is this works on window 7 32 bit :)

  21. dayasagar says:

    really i love this website man..!XD