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Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Have you seen any video related to Far Cry 4? If you haven’t then let us tell you, you will see one of the best looking and best realized open world setting. You can download games free from our site which includes this new Far Cry 4 title as well some of the other latest ones. First check out the video tutorials so that you don’t face any problems later. If you are familiar with the process then you can proceed. So without further ado we present to you the following link with full version of Far Cry 4 PC download.

Use This Link for Downloading

Far Cry 4 PC Download Free Full Version

If you want to play the latest game in the series then we also have Far Cry Primal download for PC here.


Far Cry 4 Download for Free, Install and Play

Use the above link to get Far Cry 4 free download for PC. Make sure you follow all the steps given in the install instructions. This adventure game gives you action like never before and first person play which you will like if you are into FPS’s. But all is not good about Far Cry 4 and we do not like some of the stuff and some repetitiveness of the gameplay.

If you crave variety of gameplay then you are in luck, you are going to see stuff you have never even imagined. Climbing mountains using climbing gear, stealing snowmobiles or oxygen masks is all true. Piqued your interest? Then what are you waiting for get full version Far Cry 4 download for PC from this page. Oh and I forgot to tell about the avalanche, you can create an avalanche to bury any enemies that are on your tail. This was all so cool and we couldn’t get enough of it.

We recommend this game wholeheartedly, find Far Cry 4 download for free in full version form for your PC here. There are no two ways about it, you will love this game if you are the kind of gamer we are. Looking at everything that’s available to play right now, we probably will give it all 5 stars on sheer longevity of it.

Let’s talk about the character you will be playing and the story, just a little so that we don’t give out any spoilers. You will be playing in the Himalayas, yes that’s right, the mountains. You will play a character by the name Ajay Ghale who is an American but by birth he is a Kyrati freedom fighter. The reason for his return to home is only one, to scatter the ashes of his mother in her birthplace. Find out the entire story once you start playing it, oh and don’t forget to get Far Cry 4 download for PC that we are offering right in this post.

Far Cry 4 PC Download

We have seen some great features in Far Cry 3 and these all make a comeback here but they have been improved a lot. Check out Far Cry 3 download given here to see what we are talking about and play it if you have not already done so. Take for example freeing the outpost’s missions; it was really easy in the previous version but Far Cry 4 makes it a tough affair to free the area under control of the enemy. As a result of this you feel a greater sense of accomplishment than ever. Freeing towers from the clutches of the corrupt government presents its own difficulties and you will be rewarded accordingly. Find out how to or where to download Far Cry 4 free for PC as it is online now for everyone, get the full version and see what all we are talking about right away.

Oh and we forgot to tell you that, now you can lure dangerous predators like tigers to the enemy encampment to distract them while you pick them off one by one, all the while keeping them occupied with the threat of the dangerous predators. Sounds really, really cool right? Take it from us, it is. That is why we bring you Far Cry 4 free download for everyone on our site, get the PC version and start your own journey in this cruel world in the Himalayas.

Be it getting on an elephant to kill enemies with one swing of its trunk or firing down grenades to kill hapless enemy soldiers from a helicopter or even killing bears and tigers with use of the explosives to keep yourself and your troops safe is some of the greatest things you will see in Far Cry 4. These give you a sense of accomplishment like you have never had in any of the games you have played ever. That’s the main reason for us recommending Far Cry 4 PC download for everyone who visits our site. Don’t hesitate to get this game even if you are not a fan of the FPS genre.


Though the story is underwhelming, what brings out the best from Far Cry 4 is the sheer diversity that is on offer. Side quests are a thing in itself, doing all these quests will take you a lot of time, which is a good thing for the longevity of the game. In order to fully utilize the economic system you will always feel like completing these side quests to take advantage. The multiplayer part has been a great experience as well but you cannot play multiplayer by using Far Cry 4 free download that you get on this page and you will have to buy it to play online. We suggest you find out how to or where to get full version of Far Cry 4 download for free then play the single player and decide if you like it enough to buy it. If you are interested in playing games like this one then definitely check Watch Dogs download for PC.

Downloading and Installing

First we recommend you read the instructions given below. You will learn that you need to get two software. They are μTorrent and Daemon Tools Lite. Get them from the links given on the left sidebar. Once you have them installed head over to the links page by clicking on the links given above or the button below. Use only one link and open it in μTorrent and save the files to get an ISO file of Far Cry 4 download for free.  To use this ISO file we are going to use Daemon Tools Lite. If you have installed the software then you just need to double click the ISO file to find the DVD of game in your My Computer screen. Open that DVD and run setup to start the installation. After completing the installation do not start playing. You need to copy the files mentioned below in install instructions to play. So go ahead and use the following button to get full version of Far Cry 4 PC download for free. Start Enjoying!!!

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106 Responses to “Far Cry 4”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    Far Cry 4 Install Instructions

  2. Woody says:

    thanks :)

  3. polizzipi says:

    as always thanks you all are the most reliable cats around, I had zero probs with the download. they all worked

  4. Darcsee says:

    Nice to see this quality release here.

  5. teyg says:

    always the best :-)

  6. burnley says:

    I can’t get it to unzip

  7. mesh1 says:

    btw, I love the chiptunes RLD using with their installer!

  8. Krutaan says:

    If you’re having problems with black or gray screen on startup, try unplugging USB devices such as controllers, joysticks, wheels etc and give it another try.

  9. aroon says:

    Started it.

    Thank you in advance.

  10. McWang says:

    Runs perfect, saves fine, runs great – on Windows 7.
    This is the real deal :)

  11. Gilga says:

    Runs very good now with this version and latest Catalyst 14.11.2 BETA, everything on ULTRA@1440p and I get good FPS even though I can only use 1 of my 2 R9 290X as crossfire is still disabled in the drivers for this atm.

  12. valcrist says:

    Thanks for the up!

  13. Sjoko says:

    Does not work for me.
    I just get a black screen after the fc4 logo.
    Tried updating my GPU driver, updating DirectX, unplugging my controllers etc…
    Any ideas what I can do?

  14. aliasretro says:

    Thanks, working perfectly with a clean install. Steady 60fps with latest far cry optimized nvidia drivers with overclocked 970 @ 1920×1080.

  15. roni says:

    works perfect

  16. VoDa says:

    Everything works perfect
    Thanks guys…

  17. osen says:

    This release seems to work much better than SKIDROW which was released earlier on other websites, haven’t had any problems.

  18. macguire says:

    This is only for 64 bit systems so if you are stuck on 32 bit Windows then you need not apply for this.

  19. Aof says:

    Tested this release.
    Works fine

  20. shannon says:

    Working perfectly now! Messed with 3D settings in CCC and now have a min of 60fps on Ultra Settings! Thanks UL & Reloaded!

  21. workers says:

    thanks, works here. (just used this release and thats it) Looks great.

  22. Klasjer says:

    Thanks a lot!

  23. Mackan says:

    Make sure you have enough space. When installed the folder takes 30.991 GiB of hard disk space. Must say I really dig the music track during the installer!

  24. wolflin says:

    Working well after a couple of minutes Google time

  25. DoZerOnE says:

    does anyone know if this version is 32-bit or 64-bit?
    im looking for a 64-bit/windows 8
    thank you n have a good day evryone!