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F1 2015

F1 2015 PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Creating a new title each year in a series is a daunting task. And for something like a racing sim where nothing changes or has only minor changes, makes it that much more difficult to create a feature rich experience that is better than the predecessor. So When F1 2015 was released it was obviously compared to the previous version F1 2014 available for download here. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend it to people who have played F1 2014 as it doesn’t bring much to the table feature wise. But if you are new to the series then get full version of F1 2015 PC download free from the following link.

Use This Link for Downloading

F1 2015 PC Download Free Full Version


We have loved the series so far even with the marginal improvements each year.  But this year unfortunately was not that great in terms of progressions of the series. F1 2015 is played as a serious sim with all the right gear.

We know that the game is geared towards casual as well as pro gamers alike but many of us come in to the latter category. And seeing how things have changed for worse we were disappointed. For those who are entering the series anew we will recommend wholeheartedly to grab F1 2015 free download available from our website.

You are given choice between two modes a Championship Season and a Pro Season but only thing that differs in these two modes is the difficulty setting. So creating a complete mode just with a setting to increase the difficulty is utterly useless. We could that on our own from the settings menu by increasing the difficulty manually. Although we could have forgiven this sleight of hand that the developers have shown if the game actually was markedly better than the predecessors, which is not the case. If you still love racing then there is no better way to enjoy it than to download F1 2015 free for PC from the link given on this page. If you would like to try something better from this racing simulator genre then we have two titles, Project CARS which you can get for free from here and Assetto Corsa which is available here for free download.

We are not saying everything is bad though. There are improvements and to a greater extent at that. Like the tire situation where you will lose control of the car if you are not smart enough to know when it’s time to change them. You will literally lose control of your car. We suggest you give F1 2015 download for PC a try before discarding it. Who know you might like it better than before.

F1 2015 PC Download

Another improved area is driving in rain hit conditions. No longer will the car stick to the track. Instead you will feel little slipping and skidding on those all-important turns. This makes it more challenging to drive in wet conditions, compared to any of the previous iterations of the game.

All these improvements can’t prevent us from thinking something is wrong though. You feel that the handling has been made much simpler compared to before. You don’t actually feel the road and that is one authentic rule of simulation, make it feel like real. If you are into casual racing then we suggest you get F1 2015 download for free for PC from the link you can find on this page and follow all the steps to install it and play.


This could have been a lot better game in our opinion. But compared to the other titles sporting similar motto this pales. Even the previous iteration is better compared to this. But we have to give credit where its due for some of the thing that have changed and we definitely liked those things. Hope we see a much better version next time around with F1 2016. Till then you can enjoy F1 2015 PC download and other titles from this genre by getting the full versions of those from our site.

Downloading and Installing

Due the sheer size of the latest games we are using only torrents for downloading. This is no different. So first go ahead and get μTorrent from the link given on the left sidebar. Install it. Then click on the green link or the button in the article. You will see many torrent links. Click on the first link (you can use any of the other links as well, but only one link is needed). When asked to choose a program to open it with select μTorrent. On the next page select a folder to download it to. You will get an ISO file which will be the full version of F1 2015 PC download. Now to use this ISO file we need Daemon Tools software. You can again find on the left sidebar of this page. Get it and install. After that just double click on the ISO file you got and a DVD of F1 2015 will show up in your PC. Run setup from there and complete it. Then copy the files as told in the instructions comment below to play. You will have F1 2015 download for free fully working.

If you have any questions or problems or any kind of feedback, then don’t hesitate to post a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Till then enjoy the full version of F1 2015 PC download for free given at the following location (hint: click the button or the link given above in article)

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    F1 2015 Install Instructions

  2. IvanO says:

    Is this the whole?
    Thanks :)

  3. viper says:

    yeah something wrong, installer wont start.

  4. shannond says:

    so its working??

  5. eede says:

    i try this version now.

    • eede says:

      ok.. this version runs like a charm !! fps are constantly, about 150-200 on 1080p all full graphics… and 54-70 fps in 4k.

  6. replicant says:

    Works perfectly if you run it as admin.

    Thanks guys

  7. tjockstef says:

    No problems here, runs smooth as a babys butt.

  8. Valentino says:

    thnxs M8

  9. ronnie says:

    Thanks uploader!

  10. markvcam says:

    thanks! appreciate it.

  11. slangrel says:

    Thanks.. Works well

  12. Quaristice says:

    A good trick for people not quite getting 60fps is to set the refresh rate to 50, this way the it only has to render 50fps instead of 60, that full 10 frames can make all the difference. To me i cannot tell the difference between 60fps and 50fps so i take the lower option and its less stress on my system, try it out!

  13. ColdBlooded says:

    thank you. It works great

  14. Xf says:

    i run a AMD 965 X4 Black Edition with just a Radeon 7850 (mediocre i guess?). Runs smooth

  15. fade says:

    I’m running an i7 3770k with GTX 780 ti and i get 60 fps and smooth gameplay, to be honest the engine looks better in the lighting and the graphics are a step up but it is softer, i disabled the new Taa anti aliasing though and just settled for smaa. Codemasters have said there will be patches coming soon as there have been loits of crashes and also the career mode has a performance drop, I tested time trial and quick race and i got 60fps no problems, when i ran my career i was getting bad performance and the frame rate was definately dropping. This could be what you are experiencing iancarr? Try the timetrial instead, a patch is going to be soon according to codemasters and this will be fixed. I am dissapointed with the lack of modes but hey its free and thanks uploader so im not complaining.

  16. iancarr says:

    it runs fine here, it’s fun, just needs a patch or 2

  17. mbdata says:

    Thanks for the upload ofc.

  18. DaBoss says:

    if you struggle to maintain 60fps tuen down some of the options in the advanced section. Otherwise set vsync to adaptive half rate in the nvidia control panel under the f1 2015 profile, this will lock the it to 30fps and allow you to run higher settings but it will not look as smooth.

  19. ron says:

    Many Thanks Uploader!

  20. len Nino says:

    thnxs for this upload ;)

  21. Malark says:

    Many Thanks guys.

  22. rteDS says:

    Thanks for the upload :-)

  23. slang says:

    Many Thanks Uploader!..I purchased this when it came out but it was a broken mess, so I returned for refund. I’ll give this a go to see whats what.

  24. lola says:

    Many Thanks uploader!….keep em comin

  25. Teezer says:

    Why didn’t anyone upload F1 2017 and if you can please do so. ?