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Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Dead Space 2 is a third person shooter, survival horror.  This is a sequel to the original released couple of years ago. The story of is set three years after the events of the first title took place. Again you will be in the boots of Isaac Clarke who is on a mission to destroy the Necromorphs. You will see some small and some big changes that have been incorporated in this sequel. The developer for this is Visceral Games and publisher is Electronic Arts for Windows PC as well as the consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You want to play this right? Then follow this article to the end where you have Dead Space 2 free download waiting for you.

This game contains more horror elements and gives exciting gameplay experience. The story takes place on city called Sprawl located on one of the satellite of Saturn called Titan. In the first scene we find Isaac Clarke is hospitalizes and is struggling for his life, he gains some energy and tries to find his way through the city crowded with new Necromorphs. The environment around him is really horrible, Necromorphs can be found in each and every corner of the city. The player uses normal tools found around him as his weapons to fight against them. If you came here looking to download Dead Space 2 free for PC then you are in luck as we have the got the same things at the end of this review.

It is divided into 15 stages and it takes around ten hours to complete. The player has to complete all these stages to complete the story. The difficulty level goes on increasing as you overcome each stage. The player will find even more terrifying situations as he makes progress. You need real guts to complete it; actually a warning will be a good idea at the beginning about how terrifying this can be. Surely this is different from the previous version in some aspects. Interested in getting this game after reading all the above stuff? That’s what you will get here Dead Space 2 free PC download. The combat mechanics have changed and it has become a lot more difficult to beat the Necromorphs. The fights with big bosses are limited and it might disappoint the fans.

Right from beginning you will struggle to get the ammunition, you are forced to think how to optimize the utilization of ammo. Due to this you will find yourself stuck in real situations as in some of the stages Necromorphs attack you in a group and without proper ammunition your story will be over in no time. Still waiting to read this or want to play it by getting Dead Space 2 free download from the end? Player will find many weapons and there are few new weapons too. The new weapon such as Mine Launcher is really helpful. You can launch it to make the entire group of Necromorphs to fly in the air. The plasma cutters, welding guns, jigsaws and rifles are most common weapons still you find in this game.

Isaac Clarke has got the same suit which indicates the energy level and amount of ammo remaining. The environments with zero gravity and places with vacuum still can be found here as well. As in the first one you will have to use magnetic shoes to keep you grounded and also use suits with oxygen masks to keep the flow of oxygen running. You can also upgrade the weapons as before and also the option to upgrade the suit is present. Okay so the link given after this paragraph is where you will get Dead Space 2 free download for PC, get it and follow instructions to install and play.

Dead Space 2 Free Download

There are certain elements which can make you jump out of your seat. In some scenes enemies suddenly make their appearance from the dark and you will struggle to make decisions for a while and be scared a hell of a lot. These are the most horrifying moments that you can find. Graphics are the most impressive part of this. This time developers have got everything in right way. The sound effects are enough to raise your blood pressure. It can be played smoothly on a PC without any issues. Certainly you need to contact a doctor after playing it though as you will be breathing hard after all the terrifying things you witness. Getting full version of this is easy and playing it is also easy if you follow the instructions given. Following link will give you full version of Dead Space 2 game for PC.

Download Dead Space 2 Free Full Version


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    Dead Space 2 Install Instructions

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