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Dead Rising 1

Dead Rising 1 PC Download

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A decade ago a great new franchise was introduced on the XBOX 360 in the form of Dead Rising. The developers Capcom released Dead Rising on the console to great success. And after a decade and after four sequels, they have finally released the original Dead Rising title on PC to go along with the Xbox One and PS4 releases. You can also get the other titles from the links given in the article. Following link gives you the full version of Dead Rising PC download for free, just follow the instructions.

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Dead Rising PC Download Free Full Version

Here is the latest game in the series, full version of Dead Rising 4 download for free for PC and enjoy the new story.


Dead Rising 1 Download Free, Install and Play

Dead Rising 4 was released last year in December during the holiday season exclusively for Windows 10 PCs and XBOX one. Others will have to wait till March 2017 to get their hands on the game when its slated for release widely.

Dead Rising was different to other zombie games in a way that it was not a serious take on the zombie apocalypse. Rather an arcade style approach was used. This style is what made the title such a successful one. You can play part 2 of the series by getting full version of Dead Rising 2 PC download from here.

On this page you will find the HD remake of the original released finally for the Windows PC. Finally, PC gamers get to experience the game that spawned 4 titles over the past decade. Go ahead and grab Dead Rising free download given on this page. If you would like the most recent title available for PC right now, then look no further than full version of Dead Rising 3 PC download given here.

If you have already played the third installment in the series, then you can experience for the first time the title that started it all on PC by getting Dead Rising download for PC. Though if you have played any of the recent titles that deal with the zombie apocalypse, you are going to feel this title a bit dated, especially in the graphics department. The parameters have changed for zombie games and that is to be expected.

Look past the low resolution textures and NPCs without any expression or even the animations and you will have a really fun time playing. You will be surprised how well the developers created this title a decade ago. Do not expect dramatic improvements in graphics and resolutions. It feels more of a bare bones job of remastering just to release it to a new set of players on PC.

Dead Rising HD PC Download

Release of Dead Rising 4 might have something to do with that as the developers might have been with the newer title rather than giving the older title a better paint job. Still you will find Dead Rising download for free on this page. Get the full version and see if you like playing it in Full HD or even in 4K resolutions if you have one of those new fancy monitors or even 4K TV.

If you have a reasonably new system to play on then you don’t have to worry about how well this will play. You will probably get more than 100 FPS if you have a decent new system. If you have the hardware, you can enjoy it even in 4K which is something more and more people are doing these days. Well, at least the enthusiasts are. Download Dead Rising HD free full version for PC from the links provided on this page and see how well the series started.

Dead Rising was designed with consoles in mind so using a controller is the best way to play, even on a PC. Allowing to bind keys the way you want them to work is another feature that PC games will love. Many new AAA title ports forget to add this, so it’s definitely a plus. Keyboard and mouse work well as well, so controller is not a must be its definitely what we would recommend. Grab Dead Rising HD PC download and decide for yourself.

If you have already played the original on XBOX 360 then there is nothing much to add to that experience apart from the higher resolutions. But if you haven’t played it, then we suggest you do so immediately, as we are giving you the chance to get Dead Rising HD free download on this page. Just follow all the instructions we have given below to install it and play.


Even with the lower texture quality and issues with animations and models, Dead Rising HD on PC is a decent version to play especially at those crazy 4K resolutions and even faster frame rates and some of the graphics improvements.

But no matter what we think, fighting hordes of zombies is a treat, even with the combo weapons missing (which were added in the sequels). Capcom has done a decent job of introducing new people to their franchise. Grab Dead Rising HD download for PC for free and see if you would like to get into the series from the beginning.

Downloading and Installing

Use uTorrent to download and Daemon Tools to mount the ISO you get. Read the instructions given below to know what are the exact steps to follow the download, install and play full version of Dead Rising HD PC Download for free.

Do not forget to share this page with your zombie-slashing-loving friends. They will greatly enjoy this and so will you. Use the links provided on this page to begin your journey in to this zombie infested world. And wait for the fourth installment to be available more widely on all the platforms.

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