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Dead Cells

Dead Cells PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Dead Cells from Motion Twin was a surprise-hit title of 2018. Released in August of 2018 by developer and publisher Motion Twin, Dead Cells is a combination of roguelike and metroidvania genres. It was released for Windows PC, Linux and macOS as well as the consoles, with mobile version planned for later. This page is about the Windows PC version. It has been nominated and won many awards. Following link gives you full version of Dead Cells Free Download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Dead Cells PC Download Free Full Version

(Includes All DLCs and Updates Till Corrupted Update)

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The links given on our website give you the most updated version of the game. It means you will get all the DLCs and extra levels that have been added with updates over couple of years. It comes with the last update called Dead Cells Corrupted as well. Only one DLC was released called Rise of the Giant, which is also included. All other DLCs are given as free updates, so they are also included in this complete collection of Dead Cells download for PC.

Dead Cells is a combination of many styles that have been integrated to suit the gameplay style of its own. You will feel the connection Dark Souls series, Castlevania series with Diablo style weapons system.

The first time we played it on PC, it felt very difficult and got us killed in minutes. After hours and hours of playthrough, we can now go hours before dying. It just keeps sucking you in for just one more playthrough giving you something different each time. Like what we are saying? Get Dead Cells download for free.

Dead Cells PC Download Free

Every playthrough is different and every time you die, you get to see different things. You cannot plan ahead, because things change each time you go through an area when you are killed. Once you think you have played every possible area, new things are revealed, new enemies appear, sucking you back in. No matter how good you think you are, you are going to be killed eventually. The fun is when you return becoming an all-powerful version, demolishing all the enemies that previously tormented you. Download Dead Cells free for PC to enjoy one of the best titles we have seen in recent times.

The visuals are stunning; the pixel art is so smooth that you would want to keep looking at it. The atmosphere of different areas is something we liked a lot. New areas offer different color scheme with enemies dying satisfyingly visual death with gems coming out of their death. The sound design is perfect with perfect timing for the perfectly designed weapons system, working in tandem to give you a smooth and great experience. On this page, you get Dead Cells PC Download for free.

The combat and movement is well balanced with perfect abilities like dodge-roll and double jump. Using these abilities in different scenarios offers you something different depending on when you use them. You will only know how this fells when you chain these abilities for deadly effect yourselves. No amount of detailed explanation can make you imagine the satisfactory effect it shows. You should grab Dead Cells free download from this page and start with your first play through.


This Dead Cells Corrupted download PC game comes very close to being the best title out there, a title that is a must play for any gamer. WE said almost, because every time you die battling a boss at the end of a level, you are sent back to the beginning to start over, which makes it a frustrating experience. To take a second shot at the boss you have to battle your way through the entire level, failing again takes you back. Sometimes we quit playing out of sheer frustration, but we always came back, so good is this Dead Cells download PC free game.

Every time you die though, you get to know a little more about what type of weapon to use or what style or what combos you should use to counter the enemy. Ultimately, if you like the souls like titles, then you know what you are getting yourself into. Only difference is, the closely located save points of those titles protect you from the frustration that Dead Cells free download puts you through. If you want to check those games out, then we have Dark Souls 3 download for free here. You can also download Dark Souls 2 free for PC and get Dark Souls 1 download for PC from our website.

Downloading and Installing

You will need a torrent client like qBittorrent for downloading. Get it from Google and open one link from links page. Save the files on hard disk and double click the ISO file once done. This gives you a DVD of Dead Cells. Use WinCDEmu on Windows 7 to get the DVD. Once you have the DVD, run setup to install it. After finishing the process, go in to the PLAZA folder, copy everything from there, and paste it in the folder where you installed full version of Dead Cells download free PC. You are ready to play after that.

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