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Dangerous Golf

Dangerous Golf PC Download

3 Star Rating: Recommended

Dangerous Golf is a miniature golf title where your aim is to destroy as many things as possible. You will be playing in confined spaces so causing destruction is not a problem. You can play on Windows PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One. On this page we are offering the PC version for everyone and it is now online for download. Play in the kitchen or in a china shop or in museum rooms all come with something to destroy. Following link gives you Dangerous Golf free download, get it and use instructions to install and play.

Use This Link for Downloading

Dangerous Golf PC Download Free Full Version


Golf is not exciting we all know that, it’s a really slow and boring sport. To make it fun the developers have taken a comedic route. The goal here is not just to put the ball in the hole but to cause as much destruction as possible.

At the beginning Dangerous Golf is simple, really simple. The complicated stuff comes later and introduced slowly. The mechanics are like this, you get to take two shots. First one is tee and the second one is putt. Grab Dangerous Golf PC download to see how this works out. Oh and when you hit a shot really well and smash thing beyond a certain threshold you get a bonus shot. This is the Smashbreaker. This bonus shot lights the ball on fire and you can bounce it around indefinitely till the timer reaches zero.

All the objects you smash come with a value in money. All the destruction add towards you money in that particular room. Using trick shots gives you even more money as bonus. You also get to bonus for using the environment in clever way to your advantage. Here is full version of Dangerous Golf download for PC, see what kind of carnage you can come up with.

Dangerous Golf PC Download

As we said earlier it is simple and at the beginning you will wonder if this is all there is to this game. Just smash the ball into stuff and hope to garner enough money to win the medals. But as we moved to the later stages there were some great puzzles to keep you interested. Here we tell you how to or where to download Dangerous Golf free for PC from group CODEX. The complex puzzles keep on coming and they are damn good ones too.

You don’t get to play at different maps at all the holes. They are repeated but with changes to the environment inside the room and with different destructible items placed differently. There are many different puzzles but they keep repeating the maps like said earlier. There are new challenges and new bonuses to achieve but it doesn’t feel fresh. Get Dangerous Golf download for free and see if you feel the same way we did with the repeating maps.

We didn’t mind that the developers have put a lot of effort into creating new and exciting puzzles rather than focus on creating new locations with stale puzzles.  Each of the maps comes with great design so it doesn’t make you want to quit playing. Increasingly complex designs bring with them mechanics that you don’t see in the early part of the game. Grab the Dangerous Golf PC download and enjoy it as much as we are right now. It is now online in the full version form from the link given on this page make sure to follow the instructions given to install it and play.


The developers have done great job of making Dangerous Golf a lot more fun version of Golf. Smashing things up is something that will surely let you have some fun instead of the pure old boring golf. Stylish way to do stuff comes with its rewards here. Still you have to mind the angles and speed and trajectory if you are to truly succeed in golf and that is what Dangerous Golf free download is offering.

It is a lot more fun to smash things up as well as solving the puzzles along the way. It feels damn satisfying than traditional gold games to play Dangerous Golf PC download and addictive as hell.

Downloading and Installing

First thing we need to do is get μTorrent and Daemon Tools Lite software. Links for both are given on the sidebar use them and install the software. Now open the link given above to see many links to choose from. Choose any link and open it in μTorrent. In the next window, select a folder to save the files. This will give you an ISO file once you finish Dangerous Golf free download.

To use the ISO file we will use Daemon Tools Lite that we installed earlier. Go to the folder where the ISO file is located. Double click the ISO file and you will see a DVD of Dangerous Golf Game for PC in a virtual DVD drive created by the software. Open that DVD and then run setup to start the installation. Complete the installation and open the CODEX folder from the same location. Copy all files from there and paste them to the folder on your hard disk where you have Dangerous Golf installed.

You are ready to play after following the instructions given above. If you need help then ask in the comments below and we will help as soon as possible. Enjoy :)

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