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Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Update: Includes new Cooking Simulator Cakes & Cookies DLC. If you love cooking & want to enjoy it on your PC as well, then Cooking Simulator for PC is something you are going to love. Apart from some technical glitches that have been addressed in couple of updates, Cooking Simulator looks like something everyone will enjoy a lot. In fact, it looks like a real kitchen too and it is only one of its kinds simulators out there. Following link gives you full version of Cooking Simulator free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Cooking Simulator PC Download Free Full Version

(Includes Cakes & Cookies with All DLCs & Updates)

If you are more into arcade management style simulator, then we have full version of Overcooked 2 download for PC here.


Cooking Simulator Download for Free, Install and Play

Overcooked 2 mentioned above or other titles like Diner Dash are geared more towards the management of running a restaurant. But Cooking Simulator is the only one which is geared towards you being the chef in control. Even older titles do not come close the realism offered by this Cooking Simulator download for PC. As stated above, if you are looking for a game that lets you actually do the cooking, then this is the one you want.

Like other simulator titles, you are given plenty of choice and plenty of stuff to utilize the skill you possess to make the dishes you want. Go ahead and start experimenting with all the ingredients available as well as the equipment at your disposal to create your signature dish. Instead of taking it lightly and ignoring it as a game, you should give it your best to create the dish that you dream of creating. Download Cooking Simulator free for PC in full version form and enjoy the learning.

Cooking Simulator PC Download Free

The cooking itself feels authentic. Like, if you add stuff in boiling water, it will change the flavors to that ingredient. Fats from meats can also be used to give flavor to other items you are making. Different cooking mechanics give different results depending on the equipment you use. So, cooking on a grill or a pan will have different effect on the item and same with items cooked on fryer. So, you have plenty of learning to do and experimenting to do with Cooking Simulator download for free given on this page, whether you are in the sandbox mode or playing the campaign.

The items you use for cooking will react to the way you are cooking them and that makes perfect sense once you realize it works exactly like in real life. So, you can be creative and think outside the box and still get the desired result depending on how good a cook you are in real life, the real cooking experience will come in handy here. Even though the campaign takes its time to let you learn the ins and outs of the kitchen, it does still feel slow at times but it picks up later. All interested chefs should grab Cooking Simulator PC download for free from this page and start cooking.


Although the campaign is short and it does not include all the ingredients on offer in the game, it still is a good experience. Once you get in to the sandbox mode, you will have all ingredients and kitchen equipment that was not even part of the campaign. You have complete control over the entire process of cooking, from start to finish The visuals of the cooked items is one of the best looking things you will see. The one thing that we liked about the campaign recipes is that they can be created in real life by just following the steps you follow in the campaign. So, you can actually learn from it and also do experimenting with stuff and still create good dishes. If all this sound good, then you can go ahead with Cooking Simulator PC download.

Downloading and Installing

Use uTorrent to open Link 1 from the links page and save the ISO file on hard disk. Once you have the ISO file, double click it to get a DVD of Cooking Simulator. Open that DVD and run setup to install Cooking Simulator on your PC. Then again, go back to DVD and copy everything in the PLAZA folder and paste it to the folder where you installed the game on hard disk. After that, you are ready to play.

If you need any help with Cooking Simulator free download for PC, then use the comments section below to ask us your queries and we will help with any issues you are having with it.

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    Install Instructions

    Cooking Simulator Install Instructions

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    Help!! I have a windows 8 laptop and the downloading for me had been really smooth so I was sure the game would work until opening it, the game would just show the intro of the big cheese smn and then it will suddenly close :( what did i do wrong?

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      There are updates that come with it, read the instructions given at the bottom of the links page about how to install them.

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    After opening a game it freezes and closes down automatically….

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