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CODE VEIN is created by Bandai Namco Studios together with Shift and published on Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4 by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is an action RPG featuring vampires at the center of a post-apocalyptic world. It was released on September 26, 2019 to be precise. This is yet another title inspired by the Dark Souls series, which is set in an open world. You get to play the full version of CODE VEIN Free Download for PC, which you can get using the following link.

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CODE VEIN PC Download Free Full Version

You can play another great action RPG released recently, which is the full version of Greedfall download for PC.

Though it is inspired by Dark Souls series, CODE VEIN offers something different and sets itself apart from all the action RPGs that are following the Souls style mechanisms. You will see anime vampires that lust for blood, bringing out different concepts to the already crowded RPG market. The parts that are similar to other RPGs are the part that this CODE VEIN download for PC has a difficult time mastering, combat is one of them.

The story is something like this. When the world faces an apocalyptic threat, may people die because of it. Everyone who died has been brought back to life but with one big caveat, they all now crave blood. These beings are Revenants. Fortunately, you do not have to prey on the little remaining humans to satisfy your thirst for blood. You can feed on something called Blood Beads found everywhere growing on plants. Download CODE VEIN free for PC full version to know how this all works. The only issue you will face is, these Beads are not abundantly available.

CODE VEIN PC Download Free

Because of scarcity of these Blood Beads, you will need to find a steady source of them in order to survive. While you look for this source, you will be introduced to other areas of the world that will distract you from your main objective of survival. What these other quests are, you will get to know when you get your hands on CODE VEIN download for free. Let us know in the comments what you think about this campaign story.

The Revenants are divided into different classes depending on their Blood Code. This code will differentiate you from other Revenants. You are one of the special ones, who is not confined to a single Blood Code. This allows you to choose any class you want any time you want. This is very reminiscent of the classes of any typical RPG. More Blood Codes are unlocked the further you progress. You get to enjoy different abilities and powers depending on the Code you have. See which one you like when you get CODE VEIN PC Download for Free.

You can customize your character, even allowing you to cater to whatever style you want to adopt. Leveling system works on earning Haze, which you gain by killing enemies. Use the Haze to level up, get better weapons, upgrades and more. If you die, all the Haze you collected will be lost. If you are quick enough though, you can get to the location where you died to pick up your Haze. Since it is easy to gain haze, we did not feel the need to use it immediately. You can find what more things you can do with his Haze when you get CODE VEIN free download from this page.


As usual, we are not going too deep with this CODE VEIN review; we will let you experience everything on your own. Though it is inspired by Dark Souls, the last title of which you can find here, Dark Souls 3 download for PC, CODE VEIN does falter in many areas. Some aspects are a welcome addition, like the ability to change classes whenever you want; there are many other positives to look forward as well. If you are looking to play something different, then this anime style dark souls title is the perfect opportunity to do just that. CODE VEIN Download PC Free to enjoy the full version.

Downloading and Installing

Go to links page using the link from this page. Open Link 1 in any torrent client you want and finish the downloading. Go to the download folder and double click the ISO file to get a DVD of CODE VEIN. Run setup to install CODE VEIN. After doing that, open CODEX folder, copy all the contents of that folder, and paste it in the folder where you installed the full version of CODE VEIN PC download. You can start playing after that. Remember, if you are using an older PC, then you might have to give it some time to start, so be patient.

Let us know any issues you have in the comments, also your feedback about this title. We will be happy to help with any of your problems.

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