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Civilization Beyond Earth

Civilization Beyond Earth PC Download

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Have you played Civilization V? If yes, then you will be waiting to play Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth immediately. This is the next title in the series of Civilization. Anything and everything that carries the name Sid Meier’s garners interest from everyone. So obviously this new version that too in a very popular and long running series was bound to get us and everyone else excited. Let’s see what this new title has brought for us. Let us first give you the good news, Civilization Beyond Earth PC download is here and you will get the full version for free. As you can guess from the name, the game starts out in space rather than earth. But the familiarity remains with building new cities, exploring new territories and conquering neighboring foes all included. Let’s not wait and get Civilization Beyond Earth free download from this post and install it as instructed below. If you would like to play the traditional version of Civilization then get the complete edition of Civilization V PC download full version for free.

Firaxis the developers of Civilization games have done some experiments with this new release. Some of them are good on their own but as a whole they are a miss in our opinion. But as with any game in this series there are always going to be a lot of things that work quite well. For that reason Civilization Beyond Earth is not a complete disaster. Following link gives you full version of Civilization Beyond Earth download for PC, use it to know how to or where to download Civilization Beyond Earth free for PC and follow the steps given under the instructions section in comments below to play.


Use This Link for Downloading

Civilization Beyond Earth PC Download Free Full Version


The first time you start Beyond Earth you are going to be in an unfamiliar environment. There are so many things that are different from the original Civ series that we feel a bit overwhelmed about the new options. The visuals have been upgraded to look the part of an alien planet and they sure are pretty to look at. Why are you still reading this when you can be playing by getting Civilization Beyond Earth free download from this page using the above link. If you want to play more of these turn based strategy games then get this XCOM Enemy Unknown download

In early part of the story you will be tasked to tame the wildlife so to speak or a perfect term would be ground aliens and see aliens. These aliens are much tougher than anything we have seen the series so far. But unlike the major initiate of the enemies in earlier Civs was to kill you here you will learn that the aliens sometimes ignore you and sometimes attack you with force at random periods of time. This means you need to be ready at all times and expect the unexpected anytime. Civilization Beyond Earth download for free is now online for your PC; make sure you watch the tutorial video if the steps given in instructions don’t make sense to you.

Civilization Beyond Earth PC Download

Once the initial phase is over the usefulness or rather the nuisance of these aliens can be completed removed by wiping them out. You might think they could have had a bigger and better role to play in the later stages of the game but unfortunately once you become strong enough with technological advancements they are rendered useless in front of you and there is no reason for you to keep them on the face of the planet anymore, even when you gain the ability to produce your own aliens. This was a real anticlimax in our opinion as we though there should have been a lot more use for these aliens either as allies or enemies. Full version of Civilization Beyond Earth free download is waiting for you on this page, why are you still reading this stuff when you could be experience it yourself.

Civilization Beyond Earth PC download is live on the links given above as well as below, use them to get the full version and enjoy it to the fullest till a full blown Civilization 6 is released in future. Would you be interested in playing a normal strategy title? If the answer is yes then look no further than StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty download given here.

The real battle happens on the map the same way it happened in Civilization 5, we are not complaining at all. One thing that is different and we like is the way the troops are upgraded, once you upgrade a technology the troops will be upgraded with them. This means it will reduce a lot of the micromanagement that the previous titles tasked us to do. You get bonus of either using your upgrade for faster movement or better attacking prowess. Sounds like an interesting background right? Play it yourself with Civilization Beyond Earth full version download on offer here.


One thing is clear; this is no full blown Civilization title. But with all the little things and new ideas implemented it surely will keep you interested a lot longer than any expansion would have. The addictiveness of the series is still to be seen with the way we were still playing it beyond our bed time. Go ahead and get the Civilization Beyond Earth download and let us know how you feel about this change in scenery as well as personnel.

Downloading and Installing

As usual you need to get jDownloader if you want to use the direct links or uTorrent if you want to use torrents. Get all parts from 1 box from direct links and download them in jDownloader. WinRAR is a software that will join these parts into the full version game DVD, as an ISO file by the way of extraction. Once you have the ISO file, install Daemon Tools Lite to mount the ISO by just double clicking it. You get the DVD of the game once you enter My Computer in the virtual DVD drive created by the software. Run setup to start installation and follow the steps given in instructions below to play it. So we have learned how you can get full version of Civilization Beyond Earth PC download for free.

If you need help regarding any issues then you can post a comment below and we will get back to you with a solution soon as possible. You can also leave feed in the comments (to make us feel better that is). Use the link given above or below to get Civilization Beyond Earth free download and start enjoying this somewhat new adventure set on distant planets.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    Civilization Beyond Earth Install Instructions

  2. oxense says:

    Thanks for the UL!

  3. Wazoo8 says:

    yes! thanks!!!

  4. ThePaladin says:

    I’m running with integrated gfx (AMD), minimum settings, 60hz @ 1920*1080 and it works like a charm.

    Booted first time, and so far, no problems in gameplay.

    Thank you for a awesome upload!

  5. Serenity2 says:

    Thanks a lot!
    Been waiting a long time for this.

  6. evolate says:

    sweet, thank you

  7. theSocomi says:

    worked fine

  8. darkwing says:

    To change the video settings you have to change them to whatever you want, accept and then re-run the game as administrator.

    Works like a charm after that.

  9. Cdata says:

    Working perfect in full HD on crossfire using mantle or DX11.

  10. laststop says:

    It is working 100% for me thanks you uploader

  11. RuDmAjStA says:

    It works multiplayer, we used evovle client (vpn), played a 3 hour session with no problems ;)

  12. TheFirm says:

    Seems like the low res bug is due to 144hz monitors, the game works fine on my 1080p monitor @ 60 hz but unable to change res on my 144hz screen…

  13. malvernkid says:

    Works perfect for me, thanks uploader!

  14. skaarung says:

    For those with missing dll file, I had the same problem and installing the “vcredist_x86.exe” file on “Sid Meiers Civilization Beyond Earth_CommonRedistvcredist2012” folder fixed it!

  15. cristoman says:


  16. TheWaiter says:

    Got the same dll issue as told above, also fixed it with the vcredist_x86 in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sid Meiers Civilization Beyond Earth\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2012

  17. ju says:

    New Civ \o/

    Much thanks uploader

  18. Amfidiusz says:

    How do I change the interface language? All I could find in the options was the audio lang. What file to modify?

    • Amfidiusz says:

      Got it! config.ini in the Documents folder, not the install folder with all the other files.

  19. thejoakim says:

    if u have 144hz u might need to play in windowed to run full resolution until there is a patch

  20. kraut says:

    Just FYI, this is actually Multi-Language.

    I could change the language option in the .ini file from the crack from english to german, and the whole game including audio is german now.

  21. oradul says:

    Thank you very much for the upload. Waited for this so much.

  22. dizz16 says:

    Hi all, working all fine with me. Had no issue with anything. Straight forward install, copy 2 files for crack and play…

    Thanks for the upload.

  23. thehealing says:

    For those having problems

    …go to install directory, do a search for 2012 and go to that folder. Install the executable there.

    Could be the whole deal to make it work.

  24. thehealing says:

    I’m running the game in 119Hz in 1920×1080 on my BenQ

    I didn’t have to do anything for that.

    Even on the lowest difficulty I get so many aliens they’re killinggggg meeeeee, am I terrible or am I terrible :P

  25. nikky says:

    works nicely
    thanks for this