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Cities Skylines Campus

Cities Skylines Campus PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Update: We have updated the links to now include Cities Skylines Campus and all DLCs and updates released previously. Cities Skylines is a city building title developed by Colossal Order & published by Paradox Interactive. It was released in 2015 March for Windows PC and for Mac OS X & Linux. Xbox One version was announced but we have not heard anything regarding this announcement in a long time. So following link gives you full version of Cities Skylines free download.

Use This Link for Downloading

Cities Skylines PC Download Free Full Version

(Includes Campus, Industries and All Previous DLCs and Updates)

Cities Skylines is addictive and a hell of a lot fun to play for a city building game. If you are into micromanaging stuff & want yourself a city building title then this is it, get Cities Skylines PC download from this page.

Following DLCs are included with this release

  • Campus
  • Industries
  • Parklife
  • Green Cities
  • All updates till Industries

As much as we would have wanted to keep it from comparing to EA’s SimCity released in 2013 we see many similarities to it once we started playing. Not only building stuff but other aspects like look and feel as well. But it all works in its favor and the developers have created a master city building title. We haven’t seen anything like this in over a decade from this genre. What are you waiting for? Grab Cities Skylines download for free and start building your cities. Cities Skylines does better everything that the EA’s city builder, SimCity failed to do. Large areas to expand, no DRM to keep you always online are the two major pluses for it.

Though there are no natural disasters to keep you on your toes means you can create beautiful cities without worrying that they will be destroyed. Creating a building just by the click of a button is really satisfying. Bulldozing things with like wielding the power of god is much fun as well. You play as the mayor as well as the creator of your city. See how this works by getting Cities Skylines download for PC from this trusted and working safe page.

Cities Skylines PC Download

Create roads and build buildings to occupy the nearby places of those roads. Create zones for commercial buildings, residential buildings and industries. Then provide them with services and utilities to generate tax income. This cycle increases the population and in turn unlocks new stuff that you can build. So repeat the cycle with the new stuff and unlock even more stuff. That is the gist of Cities Skylines free download offered here. This might sound some basic stuff, but take it from us, it is highly addictive. This game achieves a great balance between complexities as well as simplistic stuff.

The best thing about Cities Skylines is the scale of the maps. You start small i.e. about 4 sq. km. of space at your disposal. But then you are allowed to buy space nearby to add to the existing area doubling the area. You can buy adjacent land another 7 more times meaning the total amount of area for building you dream city goes from the modest 4 sq. km. to 36 Want to create a city of your dream? Then you will learn where to or how to download Cities Skylines free for PC.

Also look at full version of Anno 2205 free download offered here which is another great city building game, he latest one from the Anno series. This is another one of those addictive titles that you wouldn’t want to stop playing even into the long hours of the night.

In September of 2015 the developers released the first DLC in the form of After Dark. The updates to the game have already added plenty of stuff to the base title. With the After Dark DLC comes the day and night cycle. This cycle also affects all other aspects of the gameplay. So you will see less traffic during night time as well as less production. Find out what other areas as well as activities ate unlocked with Cities Skylines: After Dark free download from this page.

The next expansion pack that was released was Cities Skylines Snowfall. It was released in February 2016. This new DLC brings with it a weather system that will cover your cities with snow and rain. Snow and rain brings with it new challenges to manage your cities. As snow falls you get new vehicles that help you clear the streets as well as heating systems to keep homes warm. New vehicles for public transport are also included to keep your citizens moving. Go ahead and see what new things you get to experience with Cities Skylines Snowfall free download available online now on this page.


Cities Skylines gives you a master game to build the cities of your dreams, which is so much fun. Creating a city bustling with people that are going about their duties in the virtual world you created gives you so much joy. But creating a city and maintaining are two different things and you will have to master them both you want the city to prosper. No random events to keep you fine tuned to the surroundings but there are enough concerns to keep you busy. Grab Cities Skylines PC download is start building that city that you have had in your mind.

Want to look at another city building title then we suggest the highly enjoyable Tropico 5 PC download given here. The full version of Complete Edition comes with all the updates and DLC released for it.

Downloading and Installing

To get Cities Skylines free download first use the links from the sidebar to get μTorrent and Daemon Tools Lite and install them. After installing both open the link given above to visit the links page. This gives you a lot of options to choose from. Click any one of the links and open it with μTorrent and save the files on your hard disk. Completing the downloading gives you the full version DVD of Cities Skylines in an ISO file.

Now to use that ISO file we will use Daemon Tools Lite software that you installed earlier. Go to the ISO file and double click it. This will bring up a DVD in the drive created by Daemon Tools.  Open the DVD and start the installation by running the setup. Complete the installation and copy everything from the CODEX folder from the same DVD to the folder where you installed the full version of Cities Skylines PC download that you got from this page. Do that and you are ready to play.

If you have any problems or issues with any part of the process then ask us for help in the comments section. We will try to help you as soon as possible. We will also add a tutorial video soon that will show you how to follow each and every step easily. Till then enjoy the full version Cities Skylines download for PC for free by clicking the following button or the visiting the link given above.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    Cities Skylines Install Instructions

  2. Larara says:

    that was fast, thanks mate

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    That was quick!! Is it a multilanguage version?

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    Thank you!

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    At last! Many thanks :)

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    Thanks! It works.

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    Thanks! Got it for testing and I actually bought this. First one I bought in over a year I think…

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    seems to be working OK for me (win7).

  11. apexcz says:

    looks good, something that the fans of the genre were missing ever since simcity 4 (the latest simcity was the biggest pile of crap ever)

  12. xcristomanx says:

    Its awesome.
    If you really enjoy it, buy it. + steam workshop add ons..tasty

  13. JD45093 says:

    I haven’t played a game this much in I can’t remember how long. Remember to buy it if you like it, plus the workshop support is totally worth it! I bought it on sale.

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    Superb! Finally the “sim city” we wanted. Big up uploader!

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    This is great. 10/10 from me.

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    Works fine on my PC.

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    One of the Greatest i ever played, bought the original and all dlcs to present date.
    Cheap with lots of content, unlike EA companies..cof!

  18. Parath says:

    Thanks A Lot..!!

  19. Very says:

    Phenomenal game :) Maybe you should also add more DLC and updates because it’s been a while.

  20. Ja says:

    Hey, i just wanted to ask why the game doesnt open whenever i run it. it just loads then stops. idk why but its very irritating. help please

  21. Jessica says:

    Hey can you help? I just downloaded the game and It’s started to launch. At first it was working good. I pick where I wanted to build, but that’s when things started to not work. It’s really really slow and I haven’t downloaded anything on the laptop I’m using. Also it started glitching like it would exit out of the game then go back in the game, but really really fast. It would go in and out of the game.