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Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty WWII PC Download

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With Call of Duty WWII developer Sledgehammer and publisher Activision return with another title in the Call of Duty series. This time the setting is of World War II and it’s understandable after the disaster of the futuristically set Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare that they returned to their roots. This was released simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC in November of 2017. The following link gives you the PC version, use the link to get full version of Call of Duty WWII free download for PC.

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Call of Duty WWII PC Download Free Full Version


We also have Call of Duty Infinite Warfare download for PC on our site. You can try the last title from COD series from there.


Call of Duty WWII Download for Free, Install and Play

Call of Duty WWII is the fourteenth title to be featured in the COD series and the first one after World at War to feature World War 2 setting. The stories are centered around the European theater on the Western Front and focus mainly on the 1st Infantry Division. After last year’s disaster the developers must be happy to see positive review upon release of Call of Duty WWII PC download for free, which received good reviews from players as well as critics.

The single player did not receive the love as it was way too similar to the previous installments in the series and lacked any kind of innovation. However, the story, the zombie mode as well as the visuals all were given positive reviews. The theme of WW2 is not used properly in the single player campaign. The story is about friendship and drama rather than brutal action that WW2 was all about. Check out Call of Duty WWII download for PC for free which is now online for everyone and see what we mean by playing the single player camping.

Call of Duty WWII PC Download Free

As far as the marketing was concerned, it was promised to be a lesson for the new generation about the great war, instead we are treated to a melodramatic story that focuses on the characters rather than the greater issues. Call of Duty has always missed on the bigger scenarios focusing on characters themselves. So, it feels a drag to sit through cutscenes that you don’t want and never asked for. But COD games are always popular because of their fast action and Call of Duty WWII download for free for PC delivers that in abundance. Don’t expect the same quality as Call of Duty World at War.

After a long time in the series the health system returns to the finite health bar. Health will not regenerate on its own like in all of the modern day shooters. This is a welcome addition as it adds another dimension to the tension building. You will be looking for med packs like in the old days to get yourself fixed. You can carry some extras with you but run out of them and the enemies outnumbering you will definitely get you. See how you can survive the onslaught when you download Call of Duty WWII for PC for free.

One cool concept is that; your squad mates will act as resources for you. One of them will give you med-packs the other provided ammo and so on. This make sit feel a little better in the otherwise one dimensional campaign. With med-packs on constant supply you will be using them frequently, as frequently as the auto regeneration health system. So either way you won’t feel mortal any time soon in a COD title. Call of Duty WWII PC download is here; you can play it right now by following the instructions given below in the first comment.

The inclusion of QTE or Quick Time Events prevents some of the mission endings in a very wrong way. Instead of going to the peak they end in QTE which is a rather boring affair to deal with. Fortunately, the missions when in their prime are excellent and engrossing. The QTEs are left behind in the dust and make way for more surprisingly good action. You can grab Call of Duty WW2 free download and experience this change first hand.


Since Modern Warfare we have been waiting for an entry that truly depicts the Call of Duty series of the old. With Call of Duty WWII download for PC the developers have delivered just that. Only multiplayer can keep this from becoming stale though as the campaign is short, as is the case with almost all the latest shooters which rely heavily on multiplayer rather than focusing on an epic single player campaign. This along with the more dramatic story instead of large scale history lesson keeps this from being one of the best titles in the series. Still we are giving you Call of Duty WWII free download for PC so you can enjoy it and see if it’s worth spending your money to buy it.

If you like the story of friendship more than the actually depiction of historical events, then Call of Duty WWII will deliver excellently. It is one of the well-rounded shooters of this year and will deliver on all the fronts, that is why we recommend you to try Call of Duty WWII PC download for free from this page and decide for yourself.

If you want to check out the futuristic settings of the previous titles from the series then you can also try them as well, they are available on our site. Use the search and find them. Here is a link for one of them, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare download for PC.

Downloading and Installing

Download and install uTorrent and Daemon Tools from the links given in the sidebar. Use uTorrent for downloading using one link from the links page. Get the ISO and use it with daemon tools.  Just double click the ISO after downloading is finished (works only if daemon tools is installed). Run setup from the DVD that pops up and install Call of Duty WWII. Copy files from that same DVD as told in the instructions below to play.

If you have any questions, then we are here to answer them. Ask in the comments below for anything and we will help. Don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or any other social site so that your followers and friends and family can enjoy it as well.

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